A citizens response to Doug Ford

A Citizens Response to Doug Ford

CH1 Podcast EP008 – A citizens response to Doug Ford

So, Doug Ford yesterday, of course completely backed by our media, goes on an absolute tirade against protestors. The nerve of these people. Do they not know who I am? I am Doug Ford ! How dare you protest me, how dare you show up at my house and protest my policies and my actions. I am an authoritarian dictator dammit. You lemmings will obey. Why don’t you love me?

Only one problem Dougie, you are not a despotic dictator, at least not yet. You are still, as much as this irks you, accountable to the people. I know, I know, democracy and freedom can certainly be inconvenient at times. However, and until you can completely stifle freedom and democracy in this country and in this province, and as inconvenient as it may be for you to witness first hand just how upset the people are with your policies and your actions, unfortunately Dougie, you should at least pretend to care about democracy and free speech – you know, wouldn’t want too many people to wake up to your stupidity and realize just how corrupt you are. You should make sure you at least complete your dictatorial power seizure before you wake up too many people too quickly. That would after all certainly threaten your aspirations of being the Ontario Supreme Leader, where those daring to question your authority can be quickly jettisoned into the gulags where they belong. Until such time Dougie, at least try to play nice, and try to remember that you have not yet been crowned supreme leader.

So, lets break down Doug Fords comments here, and lets illustrate just how hypocritical and tyrannical this clown has become.

“We have the anti maskers showing up to my house again flying the flag upside down. That’s disturbing to say the least,”

Doug Ford – Disturbed Dictator

May I ask which part was disturbing Doug? Was it protestors showing up at your house? Did the thought ever cross that simple little mind of yours, that your actions are so egregious, that people are willing to protest outside your home in order to illustrate just how insane your policies have become and just how upset they are?

You realize how many Ontarians are suffering under your policies and your lockdowns? Do you realize that people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s have an 18x greater chance of dying from heart disease versus dying from COVID, even if they contract it. You think maybe taking away peoples ability to exercise and participate in various activities, or even their ability to go to a gym, has some questioning your motives? What are you telling us Doug? Sure folks, drink all the booze you can handle, smoke all the cigarettes you can handle. Pot? Sure, why the hell not, enjoy folks. Just stay safe from the Corona Virus. Wait what? you want to play hockey? or water polo? OR – heaven forbid, go to the gym? What are you crazy? Shut up, get drunk and high and enjoy your heart attack you yahoos. Just don’t you dare show up at MY HOUSE and whine about it. Hurry up and drop dead from that heart attack, and leave me to my very important work of becoming an authoritarian dictator. Got it? You dosh garnet anti maskers you !

Based on your follow up comment, it appears that what you actually found to be disturbing, was protestors flying the Canadian flag upside down correct?

“You don’t like our country and the flag, get going. Take off. Leave.”

Doug Ford – Aspiring dictator

Doug Ford is so frustrated by his lack of actual dictatorial powers, he instead demands all citizens daring to disagree with him, should leave immediately. Yes folks, you see, you are indeed the problem. If you don’t like the fact that Doug Ford is behaving like an authoritarian dictator, if you don’t like the fact that Doug Ford, despite the recommendations of practically every paediatrician in the world, and despite the recommendations of the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital, is forcing your children to wear masks across their airways, simply for the privilege of attending schools, which you pay for, you should take off you hosers, just leave.

Essentially, what he is saying is – I Doug Ford, aspiring dictator, cannot be bothered listening to the constant blithering of you insignificant tax payers, and I don’t give a damn if the scientists advise me that your children should not be masked, nor should they be forced to social distance, nor should their schooling be anything but normal for them – you know, if the best interests of your children’s health and safety actually matter to you – you will do as I command, or else. And since I am not yet actually a dictator, and am still simply an aspiring dictator, well – if you don’t like the policies I am implementing, and if you think your children’s health and safety is more important then my own aspiring aspirations of achieving full dictator status, you can just take off ok? Just leave.

Obviously, I’m completely offside here. Doug Ford is simply a patriot. The mere sight of a Canadian Flag upside down is just so disturbing to this Canadian Patriot, that he genuinely became this upset and flustered. Of course he’s not an aspiring dictator Andrew. Doug Ford is just clearly a passionate man, and when he perceived protestors were disgracing the Canadian flag, his inner Canadian Patriotic fire began to burn, and he lashed out towards the unforgivable offence found in Canadian citizens even suggesting that he was behaving like an authoritarian dictator. Even the mere suggestion that Canada is currently upside down was simply that offensive to a man as patriotic and loyal to Canada as Doug Ford is.

Its ironic though isn’t it. I mean one has to question where Doug Fords inner, sincere and overly passionate patriotic self was while Black Lives Matters protestors were tearing down the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald? I wonder why Doug Fords raging patriotism doesn’t surface when protestors label Canada, and therefore all Canadians, as systemically racist? You see, Dougie has no problem with those protesting Canada and Canadians. He has absolutely no issue with vandals tearing down our statues and rewriting our history so as to position Canadians as inherently and systemically racist. He has no issue forgetting the fact that Canadians, via the underground railroad, rescued 10’s of 1000’s of black people from slavery, or that Canadians immediately provided these folks with the freedom and equality guaranteed to all Canadians in this once great country. Rescuing slaves and giving them freedom and equality however, was not enough for Canadians. Canadians, in addition to rescuing blacks from slavery, and in addition to providing them instant freedom and equality, also provided these folks with a running start. Canadians gave freed slaves money and land, from which they could start a new life, and ensuring they received a real opportunity. This community ended up absolutely thriving in Canada. This is what being Canadian means Doug Ford.

So, where’s Doug Ford here? Doug Ford is perfectly ok allowing these protestors to tear down our statues, rewrite our history, and labelling Canada and all Canadians as “systemically racist”. Ironically, his passionate, uncontrollable patriotic inner fire isn’t triggered if protestors insult Canada, and call all Canadians bigots. Nope, thats perfectly acceptable right Doug? BUT – Don’t you dare fly a Canadian Flag upside down. Now thats crossing a line. Get the hell out of Canada you ingrates.

If you want me to take you even a little bit seriously Dougie, why not speak out against the Black Lives Matters agenda in Canada? Why don’t you tell these folks that if they hate Canada so much, they should just leave? How do you think that would go? Oh wait, we’ve already seen this play out haven’t we? You simply suggested that Canada was not “systemically racist”, and the media spanked you good didn’t they Doug? You apologized right quick, in 2 shakes of a lambs tail, for daring to suggest Canada and Canadians were not bigots and systemically racist correct? So, spare me your rhetoric Ford. We know the tail (being the media) is wagging the dog here right?

And look at you go Ford, praising your media overlords like a good little boy.

“Ford went on to praise the media, saying without journalists and reporters, the message wouldn’t get out.”

Lucas Casaletto – self righteous propagandist

Absolutely Lucas. Without our journalists and reporters, we would all be dead in the streets by now. Lets ignore the flagrant gas lighting from Lucas here, because the message buried beneath it is simply hilarious. Lucas will completely ignore the pleas from the WHO (World Health Organization) to cease these lockdowns. Lucas will completely ignore the fact that 140 MILLION people globally have already died, or will die, directly because of these insane public health policies. Lucas will completely ignore the fact that the worlds top epidemiologists, including, but, not limited to, Harvards Martin Kulldorff, recently signed and released the Great Barrington Declaration, clearly indicating that our public health policies, are killing more people, and by orders of magnitude over anything COVID could ever hope to accomplish. Lucas will completely ignore all the scientific data, which, beyond dispute, indicate wearing masks present no advantage (other than psychological) with respect to preventing a viral outbreak. Lucas will even ignore the warning, right on the packaging of surgical masks, clearly illustrating that they will not stop viruses. Lucas will even completely ignore that using cloth or fabric across ones airways, to supposedly stop the spread of a virus is simply laughable, and requires an intellect no greater than that possessed by a lemming to believe. Lucas will even ignore all the findings from recognized medical journals confirming as much. Like a good little propagandist, the narrative is king to Lucas.

What Lucas will do however, is tell you, out of one side of his mouth, how important the media and journalists are, how important his job is and how valuable his contribution to society is. Meanwhile, out of the other side of his mouth, he’s just a flagrant propagandist. Since he understands this quite clearly, and since he is unable, or unwilling to actually function as a journalist, he instead relentlessly gas lights his audience. Honestly believing we are all programmed minions, unable to even question his flagrantly sociopathic reflective behaviour.

“We know that wearing a mask outside healthcare facilities provides little, if any, protection from an infection.”

”In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic”

*Note from author – and this is medical masks they are talking about, lets not even get into the efficacy of wearing a piece of fabric across ones airways with respect to stopping a viral outbreak. Its beyond laughable

The New England Journal of Medicine – Universal Masking in Hospitals in the COVID-19 ERA

https://www.spiked-online.com/2020/10/09/lockdown-is-a-terrible-experiment/ – Article outlining the Great Barrington Declaration, headed by Harvards head Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff.

So, moving back to Doug Ford here, as I’ve honestly had it up to my eyeballs with self righteous propagandists like Lucas talking to us like we’re idiots, while perpetually patting themselves on the back and stroking their enormous, yet completely undeserved egos.

“People that are saying this (that the virus isn’t real), I don’t even know where they’re getting this from,” Ford said.

“This is real. As real as I am standing here. You can be a denier, you can be an anti-masker, whatever. This is a Democratic country and you can say what you want. But I am coming up here and telling you what I know through the facts,” he added.

Doug Ford – is he a liar or an idiot? or both?

Doug, no one is suggesting the virus isn’t real. To dismiss anyone opposing your aspiring authoritarian dictatorship as a crazy person who doesn’t believe the virus is real, is a pretty childish ploy here. What’s next? if I oppose you cancelling all recreational activities and closing all gyms, do I suddenly become a “heart disease denier”? Any other labels you want to create and have your propagandists eagerly disseminate?

Sorry Dougie, you don’t get off that easy here.

To be perfectly clear here Doug, what I am telling you is that your measures do not align with the actual threat. 10,000 people have died in Canada from this virus. Thats pretty much the same number of people who die each and every year from the seasonal flu. By the numbers Doug, you have a 2-3x greater chance of killing someone each and every time you get in your car, versus someone dying from COVID if I go to the gym, or if I play a game of hockey, or if I refuse to wear a mask. What’s next Dougie? You going to ban all cars?

Factually speaking, despite anything I can do to protect you Doug, lets face it, you’re kinda obese, and not by a little bit. You can close our businesses, you can force us to wear masks, you can even lock us in our homes, but, pragmatically speaking, the greatest threat you face with respect to contracting this virus, is your weight.

So, instead of bankrupting your citizens, closing our gyms and cancelling our activities, why don’t you instead force everyone, including yourself, to eat a proper diet and get plenty of exercise. That way, instead of destroying millions of lives to ensure you don’t contract the virus, you can instead ensure you survive the virus, even if contracted. My bad, I forgot. Aspiring authoritarian dictator and all. You would rather destroy millions of lives, versus getting your fat ass onto a treadmill. Gotcha

Your own minister of long term care, just last week, clearly indicated, that even in nursing homes, whos residents are simply the most at risk to this virus, the overall death rate this year, is barely significant over any other year. At best, by the numbers, this can simply be categorized as a “bad flu year”.


“Yet, a review of the data on deaths in long-term care shows that while the situation was bad, it may not have been as bad as first thought. None of that will be comforting to anyone who has lost a loved one being treated at a long-term care facility — as I and countless Ontarians have — but the numbers speak for themselves.”

Brian Lilley – The Toronto Sun

So Dougie, please, lecture me again.

“There is no agenda. I am the last guy in the world that would put up with that,” Ford said.

“I am here to protect the people of Ontario. I am going to protect your families, protect your kids at all costs. I will break down a brick wall for anyone to protect them.”

Doug Ford – aspiring dictator and flagrant liar

Really Doug?

Is forcing our children to wear masks, forcing our children to social distance and is making their schooling anything but normal – despite the recommendations from The Toronto Sick Kids Hospital – an example of breaking down a brick wall to protect our children?

Is forcing people to wear masks, which are completely useless with respect to containing a viral outbreak, an example of breaking down a brick wall to protect us?

Is shutting down all recreational sports, and shutting down all gyms a better example of the protection you are offering us? (seemingly completely ignorant to the fact that your public health policies will kill 10-20x more people then you are pretending to be saving)

Is closing down all businesses and bankrupting 10’s of 1000’s Ontarians each and every month your way of protecting us?

With friends and protectors like you Doug Ford, we certainly don’t need enemies. Do me a favour Ford, you jackass. If you want to be a dictator so badly, keep going. Likely no one will be able to stop you. But, don’t you sit there, like the pompous self righteous idiot you are, and dictate to me what I must think, or what I am allowed to say, or how I am allowed to protest.

I am a proud Canadian and I could give a rats ass if you like what I have to say. What I will not do however, is sit idly by, while a power hungry civil servant presumes the authority to lecture his constituents like they are children.

If you don’t like the mean words people are saying to you Doug, maybe – oh I don’t know – change your behaviour.

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