CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP101 - It’s scary in Australia.

Its scary in Australia

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP101 - It’s scary in Australia

Australia has locked 900,000 people into their homes, with rules and restrictions, which are in some way more tyrannical than those faced in prison – in order to stop the spread of COVID. Ironically enough, when someone in prison is infected with COVID, our governments release prisoners from prison, and set them free – again, to stop the spread of COVID.

Excessive death data per 100,000 of the population out of Sweden has mirrored that of Canada, yet our public health officers have Canadians convinced that preventing cases and deaths, from or with COVID, are the only viable concerns. The massively escalated opioid/alcohol addiction crisis, directly leading to a substantial increase in death to the under 65 age demographic in Canada (and avoided in Sweden), seems to be considered a win for Canada and Canadian public health.

Lastly, I cover Part 1 of the tyrants handbook, outlining the step by step process every tyrant over the last 100+ years has used to seize power and terrorize their societies. Stalin, Hitler, Hussein, Kadafi and Uganda’s Idi Amin Dada, all followed the exact same playbook and steps while transitioning their societies into authoritarian dictatorships. The synergies with modern Canadian propaganda and resultant policy formation are obvious and astounding to watch unfold in real time.

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP101 – It’s scary in Australia.

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