CH1 Podcast EP024 - Andrew Rouchotas with Mordechai Nisan

Andrew Rouchotas with Mordechai Nisan

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas with Mordechai Nisan EP023

“Certainly Politically Correct thought-terror confines our ability to portray and expose the left in the fullness of its warped manifestations. It is unreasonable, unrealistic, and shameful to the core. It must surely be one of the most astonishing cases of cognitive dissonance – when facts contradict ideas – in human history.” – Mordechai Nisan

Lets discuss the global congruency of the radical left. Their flagrant intolerance for anything right of Karl Marx. Their shear disdain for any opinions differing then their own. Their shameless hate filled labelling of those who dare oppose them. Their unholy alliance with the mainstream media and the hostile, communist nations which control them. Their cult like following, who blindly adhere to their narratives, no matter how illogical and asinine. Their very clear intentions to vilify and criminalize every action taken by opposing political leaders, while themselves being guilty of the most atrocious of crimes.

From Conservative Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, to Donald Trump, the media playbook is clearly defined and predictable. In Canada, we can witness the same phenomenon, where Conservatives are perpetually and viciously slandered in the media. Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star, describes Conservatives as follows, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Erin O’Toole is more left leaning than Trudeau’s father could ever imagine.

“Since Erin O’Toole won the leadership, the Conservative party has increasingly become the home of far-right conspiracists, COVID-19 anti-vaxxers, emboldened hard-line gun lovers and politicians spouting anti-socialist hysterics” – Bob Hepburn, Toronto Star

This is the same media who will label Dr Leslyn Lewis, daughter of Jamaican immigrants, a racist and a sexist – an example of dangerous far alt right conspiracy theorists which represent an existential threat to democracy.

Everything about the modern left has been radicalized. They do not care about gender or race – all of their posturing is nothing but reflective gas lighting. Ignore their red herrings and push through to the real issue. This is a fight over ideas. This is a culture war. This is a fight for freedom vs tyranny, for freedom of speech vs Orwellian Ministries of Truth.

You no longer need to guess. They have exposed themselves for the psychopathic radicals they truly are – and for all to see.

How else do you explain a black woman being labelled as racist and a sexist, for nothing other than her political affiliation?

How else do you justify an ideology which insists you forgo all science, logic and reason, and accept that gender is a social construct, while they simultaneously demand women be promoted to positions of power because of their gender, rather then their merit?

Single party tolerance has crept into our zeitgeist. It is a dangerous and horrifying slope to be sliding down. Its become all encompassing – in our media, our entertainment, our politics, our educational facilities and even our professional sports.

2021 must be the year we push back. 2021 must be the year we stand strong. 2021 must be the year we laugh at them, for the morons they truly are – horrifically labelling all contradictory opinions, simply for daring to possess the requisite nerve of disagreeing with them. 2021 must be the year where we practice our freedom of speech, no matter the costs – as the costs to our children and grand children will be greater than we can bear.

Mordechai Nisan was born in Montreal in 1947. He earned a Doctorate in Political Science from McGill University and, after moving to Israel, taught Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem from 1976-2010. He has been affiliated with a number of academic and public institutions and has authored a wide array of books.

I sat down with Mordechai to discuss his latest book, “The Crack-Up of the Israeli Left”

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas sits down with Mordechai Nisan– EP024

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Podcast available on all of your favourite podcast platforms (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc). You can also listen to the podcast in your browser directly from the platform.
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