Are we at war with China

Are we at war with China? Would we even know?

Honest questions for everyone.

I’m speaking specifically to the people wearing masks, those staying locked in their homes and those participating in the destruction of our small business and private sector.

I’m speaking to the people who are demanding additional lock down measures, and those shaming and condemning anyone not willingly participating in the various COVID lockdown measures.

I’m speaking to the people collecting government, tax funded salaries and benefits – who would rather stay home. You know who you are. You’re the people who believe COVID is an imminent threat, even while our hospitals sit empty and the death rate is less than 0.02%.

I’m also speaking to those who shame anyone who understands this is a mass media and politically generated panic – but yet are complicit to the narrative because it’s advantageous to you.

What exactly is your plan once the small business sector collapses? When the tax payers, who pay your salaries, are gone. How exactly do you expect to continue to be paid?

These are the simple questions. Let me ask you more complicated questions:

What if it turns out that China took control and influence of the WHO and purposefully pushed Communist China public health policies to all member nations?

What if it turns out that China also has infiltrated our politics to various degrees and had public health officials placed in positions of authority – via the WHO – in various countries. What if these public health officers, despite the advise of medical professionals all around the world, pushed their authoritarian public health policies onto our country, as well as, all WHO membership countries?

What if the US recognized this and as a result, not only defunded, but also disjoined from the WHO?

What if the communist infiltrated WHO, provided cover for their communist China overlords, by first telling us the virus was not a danger to humans, was not communicable between humans and didn’t present a danger to our countries?

What if the WHO called us “racist” and “xenophobic” if we closed our borders to China while the virus was spreading across the globe?

What if Communist China is absolutely thriving today, while all WHO membership states are watching their economies collapse? What if Communist China are purchasing the national debt from the countries massively growing deficits resulting from COVID lockdown measures and taking financial ownership positions of WHO membership nations?

What if China’s economy was collapsing just weeks before COVID was spread globally as a result of a lost trade war against the US?

What if Communist China was planning this all along, and simply rushed their schedule along because the US president absolutely destroyed them in a trade war – and nearly bankrupted them – just weeks prior to the virus being released?

What if all of the above is true?

With the exception of proving the virus was purposefully released upon the world (and we are pretty close to proving this is indeed true) – and other then proving ministers of public health were planted by the Communist Government of China (although extremely suspicious) – every other question above is, at this point, a statement of fact.

Even assuming the final piece of the puzzle – being the virus was purposefully released – the fact remains that we have been clearly influenced by Communist China and are flagrantly implementing Communist China Public Health Policies.

What if you’re absolutely ridiculous for wearing a mask and staying locked in your home?

What if you’re hurting your children by masking them for hours every day?

What if our media and our public health ministers are lying to you – and on purpose?

What if we are at war, and the new war is cyber and political warfare – combined with viral warfare?

Just some food for thought
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