Attention Canadians

Attention Canadians

Attention Canadians

From Stats Canada –

94% of COVID deaths were those over 65. The vast majority in long term care homes. Those who died from COVID-19 “may have been at a high risk of dying over this period regardless of the pandemic.”

Also according to Stats Canada, lockdowns killed more people (and by a lot) versus COVID itself for those under 65 –

“Based on the newly updated provisional dataset released today from the Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database, from the end of March 2020 to the beginning of April 2021, an estimated 62,203 deaths were reported among Canadians aged 0 to 64. This represents 5,535 more deaths than expected (excess deaths) were there no pandemic”

What this data literally (not subjectively) means is…

According to the governments own data and their own reports, we killed 1000’s of people under the age of 65 by locking society down. We also didn’t protect those over 65, and the vast majority of people over 65 who did die, would have likely died regardless – with or without the pandemic.

HTTPS:// – 60,000 of the worlds leading subject matter experts, told us, from the very beginning, all we needed to do is protect the elderly and the vulnerable and live our lives normally, or with minimal/targeted restrictions as required.

The Government of Canada , their official Stats Canada Data and reports, have verified this to be true. You don’t have to guess. You just need to read the official government data and their official reports.

It’s time every Canadian face the reality around them. The only reason you’re wearing masks and participating in this madness is because the TV, media and politicians told you to. You were frightened, and politicians took advantage of it to seize more wealth and power for themselves. Is anyone surprised our politicians and media would behave this way? Seriously?

You are hurting and killing our children, and at record rates. You are bankrupting our business owners – these people are your friends and family. You are allowing them to now segregate people into “vaccinated and unvaccinated” – ie the compliant vs the non compliant. You are facilitating authoritarianism.

You are doing so for no other reason than you are told to do so and you are dutifully obeying.

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