The hypocrite Doug Ford

Attention Doug Ford

Can we all please let FordNation know how we feel about his hypocritical pandering?

Attention Mr Ford,

On this WorldSuicidePreventionDay, you continue to enforce increasingly draconian “public health” policies.

You’re watching suicide rates soar, in direct correlation to, these aforementioned “public health” measures.

It is unconscionable that you possess the prerequisite gall to promote suicide awareness, while being responsible for the ongoing policies ultimately resulting in these tragedies.

You are directly complicit in these deaths Mr Ford.

We the tax payers hold you personally accountable for the massive loss of life resulting from these authoritarian policies – which disproportionally impacts people of all ages, all races and all genders struggling with mental health conditions.


The families of the 1000’s who already have succumbed, or who will succumb, under the pressures of your draconian “public health” policies
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