Michael Allen

Why yet another long-time liberal is voting for Donald Trump

I cannot, in good moral conscience, vote for Kamala Harris (nor can I believe that an old, worn-out, life-long-lame-duck politician like Biden is anything but a place holder) because of her dedication to placing divisive, totalitarian Leftist identity politics over and above the sovereignty of the individual—the main component of Classical Liberalism and Modern Conservatism responsible for the creation of our, not perfect, but ultra-prosperous Western Societies, which have, in the blink of an eye over the course of human evolution, provided more equality of opportunity for more people than ever before. And the best is yet to come.

critical race theory

Social justice Ideology in a few nut shells

A hopefully digestible short version of the social Justice Ideology for dummies: Social Justice ideology (rooted in Critical Race Theory) teaches that ethnic identity and skin color determine who and what is good and right in our society, Reason, or critical thinking are NOT necessary because of the original sin of “whiteness.” Social Justice ideology positions …

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