Authoritarianism in Canada

Authoritarianism in Canada

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP053 – Authoritarianism in Canada

Authoritarianism, by definition, is the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.

There are zero scenarios in society which accommodate a government stripping you of all of your rights and freedoms under the guise of public health and safety.

The Canadians who demand you adhere to authoritarianism, else be labelled as selfish, are glaring hypocrites. They are disrespecting their ancestors and cowardly destroying their descendants futures.

Trudeau demonstrates his flagrant disregard towards the rights of Canadians as guaranteed within our constitution, yet is very careful to adhere to the rights of foreigners under the Vienna convention. He demonstrates zero willingness to condemn Communist China for systemically committing genocide against an entire race of people in China, while perpetrating flagrant communist identity politics narratives against Canadians, labelling all Canadians as sexist, misogynistic bigots.

Not to be outdone, Doug Ford invests $2.5 Million of your tax dollars in wearable tech to track you and control your behaviour.

Physicians have an ethical obligation to not participate in any program which violates their patients fundamental rights and freedoms. Any Canadian Doctor or Public Health Officer who is enforcing public health measures at the expense of your constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, is flagrantly breaking the hippocratic oath they are bound to as medical professionals – PERIOD. Thankfully the list of Canadian Doctors willing to stand behind these values, and their oaths, is growing.

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas – EP053 – Authoritarianism in Canada

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