CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP029 - #BeAuthentic


CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP029


Are you brave enough to be an Authentic Person and an Authentic Business?

Since it is no longer possible to separate business from politics, and since politics are now completely intertwined with business – the way I see it, we have 2 options. 1) perpetually live in fear, virtue signalling the messages and sentiments we are told we must support, hoping the cancel mob will come for us last or 2) refuse to participate in the madness and speak your truth.

So, I’ll go first.

I do not care how much or how little melanin someone possesses in their skin, nor whether you are male or female or identify as something else entirely. I will refer to you however you ask to be referred to, but, I will not feel badly if I presume your identity or if you feign outrage at the latest identity modification and linguistic interpretation I may or may not be aware of. As an individual, I judge you solely on the content of your character. As a business owner, you are judged by your overall value to our business. I will hire the best person available for the job, and I will promote those who have earned a promotion. A diversity quota means absolutely nothing to me. I will not create special rules for any person within our company. We are all responsible professionals and we all have a job to do. We all know when we are treating someone poorly or when we are treating someone well. No company should allow people to treat other people poorly, nor allow people to expect preferential treatment based on group identity. Ironically enough, and accomplished completely organically, we have an extremely diverse make up within our company. I think if proponents of social justice would just shut up, they will find that the world is organically diverse and the only ones creating hate and division are themselves and the policies they tyrannically enforce.

Tech giants have become purely political and its absolutely horrifying. Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, Republicans or Conservatives, its absolutely abhorrent to silence and de-platform those possessing differing political opinions from your own. This will do nothing except continue to lead to even more violence, and by both sides.

I think its completely unacceptable that in a free, democratic country, where each and every person is guaranteed equality of opportunity and non discrimination under the law, our government is perpetually creating laws and policies which are explicitly discriminatory. I also find it unacceptable that a government perpetually speaks of group identity instead of identifying Canadians or Americans who need help, regardless of group identity. If all they see is identity, how can they expect the people to be any different?

Twitter doesn’t have the right to silence their political adversaries, while they allow communist China to openly promote the sterilization of the Muslim Uyghur women on Twitter. This combined with the forced internment of the Muslim Uyghur men, is effectively resulting in the extermination of that entire race of people in China in a single generation. Twitter does not have the right to silence so many with opposing political voices while they allow the government of Iran to openly speak of exterminating Jews and the State of Israel, on a near daily basis on their platform.

If Twitter wants to behave this way, they certainly cannot team up with Apple, Google and Amazon to destroy their competition and take them offline – as they have done with Parler. The big tech giants cannot be permitted to selectively and ideologically target businesses and individuals for erasure from the public square, while simultaneously ensuring all competition is destroyed. Watching our largest corporations donate billions of dollars to social justice causes like Black Lives Matter and labelling all of their customers as bigots, as they themselves are utilizing Uygur slave labour from China within their supply chain is completely untenable. This is tyrannical hypocricy and this is dangerous.

If you are a business owner, its time for you to #BeAuthentic. “I may not agree with what you say, but I defend your right to say it” (Voltaire). Do not accept being forced out of business by governments or big tech tyrants. Do not sit back and hope the cancel mob gets you last. Align yourself with vendors and partners who will not turn around and judge you tomorrow over something you said last week, or last year or 10 years ago. Align with partners and vendors who share your values. Not those who virtue signal nonsense out of one side of their mouth, while insulting you and working to bankrupt you out of the other.

Here at Cartika, we believe in your right to free speech. We will defend your rights. If the cancel culture mob comes for you, your data and your business will be safe on the Cartika infrastructure and platforms. Our rules are simple. Do not break the law. Our only other rule is that we do not allow pornography on our networks. We openly admit that our rule against pornography is breaking our own free speech narratives and directives, but, that is a moral compass we hold within our company and we stand by our right to do so. We also ask those who point out this hypocricy on our part to note that, unlike the tech giants, we are not actively working to cancel our competition if they choose to allow pornography on their networks. We are also being quite upfront with this policy.

This level of tech tyranny, in my opinion, is simply not acceptable. Technology was supposed to benefit humanity, not reduce us to ideological slaves, even to the point of flagrantly stripping our fundamental rights to free speech and our rights to fair and free market competition away from us.

On a related note, since I am a human being, constantly evolving, growing and changing – I maintain my right to change my mind. I may or may not change my opinion re something above, or on everything above. That is my right, and that is a normal characteristic of a human. If any of my opinions however offend you, I do not apologize and I do not care. That is your problem, not mine. I am however quite willing to enter into a reasonable discussion and debate with you if you disagree with me. If I do change my mind on any of the above, I will modify this letter accordingly, annotated with the appropriate date and time.

So today I challenge you. I challenge all business owners. Those who have been devastated by COVID lockdown measures. Those who have been devastated by tech tyranny and those who are afraid to speak, in fear of being cancelled. Take the #BeAuthentic challenge and speak your truth.

Andrew Rouchotas, Cartika CEO


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