Book Review - Don’t Burn this Book

Book Review – “Don’t Burn This Book”

“In case you hadn’t noticed, the left wants you to believe that the United states is a lethal cocktail of imperialism, xenophobia, toxic masculinity, and capitalist greed designed to enslave the masses.

“This is a fascinating take, considering the left also wants open boarders so that everyone can apparently share in the nightmare that is America.”

-Dave Rubin, “Don’t Burn this Book.”

I finally got around to reading this. About two thirds of the way through I am thus far pleased by Dave’s conversational writing style. This is a book written for everyday people who are concerned about what is happening in our country right now, with a good mix of friendly anecdotes and facts strung together in an easy to understand way. Dave’s calm and cool podcast manner comes up through the pages with the occasional humorous interlude, in a way that brings his clever yet curious grin into the back of my mind.

“Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason” is the perfect subtitle because this book can be very helpful for any beaten down, or recovering liberal who has, like so many of us, lost faith in the left wing due to the insanity of the illiberal, histrionic, misanthropic and authoritarian Nazi-like tactics of “Cancel Culture.”

On the other hand, Dave’s generous attitude also gives hope to the idea that out of all the shit, some flowers might someday grow back.

But just like with hard-core drug addiction, the current push for mindless “Meta-Marxism” (Ironically, the new “opiate of the masses”) must hit bottom first. How low that will go is anyone’s guess, but it is not over yet. As with all mob-rule pushes for Marxism throughout history, there will be hatred and blood. I hope I am wrong.

Do read this book!

Michael Allen, 08/30/2020 – the year of perfect vision (we hope).