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Case Study: How The Marxist Radical Left infiltrates Canadian Politics – Marci Ien

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When discussing Marxist concepts, we need to understand the primary and underlying philosophies of Marxism are predicated on real or perceived inequities within a system. These inequities must be positioned as “systemic” in nature, and can only be addressed “systemically” – which is a not so clever way of indicating the system itself must be dismantled. Simply questioning ones personal accountability or non systemic explanations with respect to outcomes, is synonymous to committing an ideological deadly sin. Marxism relies on tensions within a system, thereby driving division, hate and conflict. This is accomplished by defining “group/s” and assigning those “group/s” into either an “oppressed” or “oppressor” role. Once groups have been identified and categorized, propagandists are able to drive consistent conflict between and amongst these groups in order to achieve influence, and ultimately wealth and power. Enter opportunistic ideologues, who are able to take advantage of their “oppressed” identity within the current game of Marxism society is playing, and very dangerous people can quickly rise to positions of power. All that is required, assuming of course the proper group identity, is pledged fealty to ones Marxist overlords. This is demonstrated by persistent and repetitive virtue signalling, regardless of the cost to your moral character and reputation and regardless of the costs others must pay in order for your value and loyalty to be demonstrated. Under Marxist insanity, you are rewarded by your fellow revolutionaries for ignoring ethics and values – and even the truth – as long as your words and actions align with the desired objectives. The louder you devalue your moral character, and the more vicious you are towards those who refuse to participate, and the more clearly you can demonstrate your moral bankruptcy, the more quickly you will rise amongst the ranks of the Marxist revolution. As such, concepts such as “diversity and inclusion” and “white privilege” are pragmatically nothing more than dog whistles layered upon a culture, providing those who wish to benefit from, and participate in the Marxist revolution, tools they can use to become initiated into the movement. The louder a black person screams about the “systemic oppression” they face, the more likely they are to be accepted into the ranks of the revolution. This is how you can see rich, powerful black people like Lebron James and Oprah Winfrey screaming loudly about “systemic oppression”. After all, all the wealth and power in the world will be useless if they are on the wrong side of the revolution. Instead of using their wealth and influence to draw attention to issues in our poorest neighbourhoods, instead of using their influence and wealth to enact change within our educational system, or provide commercial and entrepreneurial opportunities in our poorest communities, they instead choose to tell kids they are doomed within a system, simply based on their skin pigmentation. After all, only the complete destruction of our entire system, the same system which blessed them with wealth and fame, the same system which is responsible for the highest standard of living, and the greatest distribution of wealth ever experienced in the history of our species, will suffice. A white person can also participate in the revolution, by shamelessly proclaiming the white privilege they have been blessed with. They must degrade and devalue their own personal accomplishments and the ancestral sacrifices made by those who came before them, those who provided them the actual privileges they have benefitted from in their life – but, that seems like a small price to pay in order to be accepted into the revolution.

To watch this process play out in our society is simply astounding. Its an absolute marvel to watch. Granted, its akin to watching a horror flick and fruitlessly screaming at the idiot who walks alone into the farm house looking for their friends, only to be slashed to pieces by a chainsaw wielding maniac.

Enter Marci Ien.

Marci Ien is a black Canadian of Trinidadian descent. I am not sure which “systemic racism” she has suffered in her life, but, it certainly didn’t prevent her from graduating Ryerson University with a Journalism degree, nor achieving a successful career in Journalism. Maybe she should apologize to the million or so Muslim Uyghurs who are currently enslaved in China. I would hazard a guess that they may scoff at the notion of Marci’s perceived systemic suffrage in Canada.

What did Marci choose to do with her success and power? Has she used her platform to bring attention to the horrific policies which perpetuate welfare traps in our minority and poor communities? Has she brought to light the real “systemic” oppression faced by the LGBTQ community or women in Sharia Law Muslim countries? Has she used her platform to educate Canadians that Uyghur Muslims are currently enslaved in China and used as slave labour within the supply chains of some of the worlds largest companies (Nike, Apple, etc)? Has she pointed out the hypocrisy of the NBA and star athletes like LeBron James screaming “systemic racism” in the US and Canada, while profiting of the backs of Uyghur Muslim slaves within their sponsors supply chains? Well of course not. Marci is too busy using the platform she’s been blessed with virtue signalling her fealty to her Marxist overlords. She of course is being massively rewarded for her lies and deception, but like every deal with the devil, it comes at a great cost to herself, her families heritage and her country – the same country which provided a daughter of black immigrants, a women of Trinidadian descent such success and fame, within a single generation – while she labels that same country, and the people of that country, systemically racist against her.

Under the oppressive systemic racism Marci faced in Canada, she rose through the ranks of the Canadian Media, and by 2017, she became a co-host of a show called “The Social” on a major Canadian TV network. By 2018, Marci was using her platform to virtue signal the oppression she faces in Canada. Instead of supporting our Police Officers, instead of promoting the amazing work they are doing in our poorest communities and instead of interviewing people in these communities to learn how grateful people in that community are for the police, and how many lives they save each and every day – people of all colours, races, ethnicities and religions – Marci instead chose to use her platform and influence to start a war with the police. Afterall, how can she further her career and how can she gain even more from the country and the people who provided her everything?

Marci uses her massive platform to accuse Toronto Police of being “racist” against her. Her claim is that she was pulled over, on 3-4 occasions, apparently for no other reason than her skin pigmentation. In each instance, she was let off with a warning. This apparently infuriated her and she felt compelled to use her platform to scold the police and accuse them of being racist. Marci is shamelessly forgoing any personal responsibility and demonstrates literally zero moral vigor. She is willing to virtue signal her oppression at all costs, and use her platform, which ironically and simultaneously disproves her claims by its shear existence, to loudly virtue signal the “systemic racism” narrative required to appease her ideological masters and leverage her already privileged position into more wealth and power.

“I’m frustrated. I’m angry. I don’t deserve this. Not now, nor the previous times I had been pulled over,” Ien wrote. “Who you are doesn’t matter; it’s what you are. If you are black in Canada, you are subject to a different standard and, often, seemingly, different laws.”

Marci Ien

The police of course dispute these charges. Charges of racism should not be laid frivolously. Doing so simply dilutes the meaning of the word, and completely disrespects and lessens the experience and suffering and believability of those who legitimately suffer from the prejudice and discrimination caused by actual racism – both in Canada and around the world.

Of course Marci, being the ideological coward that she is, understands full well that the Marxist infiltrated media in Canada will jump to her defence. You see, journalists are no longer the hard working, blue collar hero’s, who were tasked with defending free speech and holding governments accountable for their actions and their policies and educating the public with their best interests in mind. Journalists are now accredited via Universities, where Ideologically motivated professors, are quick to indoctrinate their students with Marxist, identity politics rhetoric.

Just read this article that the Toronto Star published, flagrantly providing cover for Marci Ien once the police spoke up, completely invalidating her claims. The brotherhood of journalists will go to any lengths to protect their comrades – even at the price of their own dignity.

You will first notice the author of the above article, Shree Paradkar. Repeatedly showered with accolades for her extensive, flagrant and offensive virtue signalling. Carrying an almost humorously deceptive title of “race and gender columnist”. I would ask Shree if she’s ever written about the soaring male suicide rate? How about the struggles of poor white kids growing up in trailer parks? The Marxist “sleight of hand” is clearly on display here. Shree’s actual resume should read “a radical feminist and black activist who is actually nothing more than a thinly veiled Marxist propagandist”. The evidence of this is clearly witnessed throughout this article above. This idiotic article was somehow approved by the Publishers at the Toronto Star. Shree runs to the defence of Marci, perpetually demonstrating her willingness to sabotage even her own IQ, in favour of driving the divisive Identity Politics narratives she’s bound to, while salivating at the opportunity to validate the asinine behaviour of her colleague.

“Then Toronto Police Association chief Mike McCormack swooped in with a spectacular bit of you-asked-for-it-ism, tweeting an excerpt from a 2005 Globe and Mail interview of Ien where she said she liked speeding.“

Shree Paradkar distorting the truth to demonstrate her narrative

Shree dishonestly tries to discredit the chief of the Toronto Police Association, Mike McCormack, with what can only be described as delusional journalism resulting in the self righteous melodramatic creation of yet another “ism” label, specifically designed to discredit and dismiss the comments of someone daring to disagree with the narrative – “you-asked-for-it-ism”. Filtering through the ideological nonsense being spewed here, the actual take away from this quote is that the chief of the Toronto Police Association is clearly telling you that Marci has a long standing history of driving recklessly, and self admitted as much back in 2005 (13 years prior to this incident).

“You failed to stop at a stop sign,” a tweet by Staff Supt. Mario Di Tommaso read in part. “It was dark. Your race was not visible on the video and only became apparent when you stepped out of the vehicle in your driveway.”

His views were echoed by Deputy Chief Shawna Coxon.

“We are accountable,” she wrote on Twitter. “The whole event (incl. the traffic infraction) is on camera. The ethnicity of the driver is not visible until after she was pulled over, when she exits the car.”

Toronto Police Executives completely shattering Marci Ien’s narrative

Instead of drawing a rational conclusion, like any sane thinking reasonable person would, Shree is obligated to continue with the ruse at all costs. The narrative must be adhered to. Marci must be a victim. Literally under the proof of video evidence. Even with Marci’s self confession years earlier indicating she is prone to speeding and other reckless driving behaviour and even with an extensive and documented history of driving recklessly and being let off with warnings by the police. Make no mistake about it, the police choose to let Marci off the hook with simply a warning so as to avoid being labelled racist by a public and influential media personality. Never underestimate a professional Marxist. Marci screamed racist every time she was pulled over, resulting in nothing more than being issued a warning, and Marci had no issue claiming that even receiving a warning was also racist. Simply put, there is literally nothing the police could have done to avoid being labelled racist – other than ignoring her driving infractions and not pulling her over at all. Shree however mindlessly jumps to the defence of Marci and the narrative. Shree clearly demonstrates her contempt towards her audience and her complete disregard for even the possibility that her audience possesses an IQ greater than that of a knat.

“How easy it is to disrupt the innocent Black person narrative.“

“She said this in 2005. Therefore she must deserve being pulled over three times in 2017-18.”

Shree Paradkar

Seamlessly disregarding video evidence showing Marci running a stop sign. The black person must be innocent and this must be racism. The simple notion that Marci is still being pulled over so many times, 13 years later, is actual proof that Marci’s reckless driving is still actually an issue here, and the fact race has absolutely nothing to do with this is completely lost on Shree. The thought never even crossed that lemming mind of hers.

In fact, Shree goes through extraordinary measures to explicitly disregard the definition of racism and programmatically redefine the word ”racism” itself, simply to validate her insanity and her Marxist identity politics marching orders. She does this not once, not twice, but and incredible thrice ! Each subsequent effort escalating in ridiculousness.

1) “Racism isn’t just about intent. It’s also about outcomes.”

2) “Racism can occur without anyone having to be a racist — or without someone being actively prejudiced against a person of colour.”

3) “A Black person could be stopped five times by five different police officers, without any officer consciously disliking Black people.”

Shree Paradkar being wilfully obtuse, a simple 3 step guide

Unfortunately for Shree, and as much as she insists and demands we acknowledge her extremely flawed representation of racism, nothing which occurred here is evidence of racism. In order to be racist, by the very definition of the actual word “racism”, the outcome must be influenced by a persons race. A person must be discriminated against because of their race and the outcome must be influenced directly because of the race of the person involved. Its completely irrelevant how creative, ridiculous and repetitive Shree became describing this scenario as racist. She possesses absolutely zero evidence demonstrating any actual racism. Yet another Marxist sleight of hand. If the actual definition of a word contradicts your narrative, simply redefine the word to suit your needs.

• n.The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.

n.Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

n.The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes.

Definition of Racism

The only racism witnessed here is illustrated in the fact that Marci, despite her extensive record of recklessly driving, and despite video evidence proving she continues to drive recklessly, and despite using her massive platform to launch fake allegations against the Toronto Police department – she remains uncharged, she has not even received a single ticket, and her victimization position is validated by her fellow members of the media. Meanwhile, no other person, of any other race or colour would have been afforded such privileges. Lets not even bother discussing the public safety risks Marci exposes society to by perpetually speeding and running stop signs in residential neighbourhoods, and lets not even mention that traffic related incidents are responsible for 3 times the number of deaths, each and every year in Canada, vs the current pandemic we are all currently dealing with. We aren’t asking Marci to stay locked in her home, or drive with an onboard computer to monitor her driving habits. We are simply asking Marci to be a better driver and for Marci to acknowledge that she should be pulled over for driving carelessly, and that the police are simply doing their job. Marci is instead flagrantly demanding the privilege to drive recklessly, even in residential neighbourhoods, and demanding police not even pull her over, no matter how many lives she puts at risk with her driving habits. After all, a police officer even daring to pull her over, will be labelled as “racist” on her national media platform.

Ironically enough, Marci herself, is an actual racist. An important attribute one must understand about radical Marxist identity politics ideologues, is that they reflect all of their own behaviours onto others. Another flagrant Marxist sleight of hand. In 2019, on her Canadian daytime talkshow, “The Social”, Marci and her guest Jessica Allen, proudly demonstrate their flagrant racism against “white boys”. Typical and cowardly tactics, where they can flagrantly spew identity hatred towards the group they have identified as the “oppressor” class within their Marxist framework.

“ Allen told viewers that she doesn’t “worship at the altar of hockey” and found in her experience that those who did “all tended to be white boys who weren’t, let’s say, very nice.” “They were not generally thoughtful, they were often bullies, their parents were able to spend $5,000 a year on minor hockey – $5,000 is a lot of money,” Allen continued in Tuesday’s panel discussion. “You can do other things besides spending your time in an arena; you can go on a trip and learn about the world, see other things, eh? The world is a big place, maybe get outside of that bubble. And for me, Don Cherry is the walking, talking representative of that type.””

Marci Ien cheering on Jessica Allens flagrant racism against “white boys” on her Canadian daytime talkshow “The Social”

Now lets apply the actual definitions of racism to the comments made by Jessica Allen on Marci Ien’s national TV show.

• n.The belief that race accounts for differences in human character… – CHECK

n.The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes. – CHECK

You see Marci Ien and Jessica Allen. You are, by the very definition of the word, racists. Like all ideological Marxist monsters, you simply reflect your behaviour onto others, and you go so far as to redefine the word racism in order to validate your insanity.

So, full circle here. Why am I even bothering discussing brain dead racist morons like Marci Ien, Shree Paradkar and Jessica Allen?

Its critically important Canadians begin to understand how the radical Marxists operate, and how they penetrate our society, our culture, our children’s minds and our politics. “Diversity and Inclusion“ sure does sound nice – and fair. Canadians are generally good people. If we feel that a group of people are not getting a “fair shake”, we want to help them. But, beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. These malicious ideologues do not care about women, they do not care about people of colour – honestly, they do not care about anything except their desired objective. Their ONLY objective is to divide Canadians into groups, drive their radical ideas in order to perpetuate hate and conflict, and place their ideologically aligned people into positions of real political power. Their only objective is to steal Canadians freedom and wealth. This is nothing but an elaborate heist, perpetrated countless times, and all over the world, over the last 100 years. You will notice, as this process proceeds, more and more Canadians will sink into poverty and more and more wealth will flow back into the hands of our government officials and the mega corporations aligned with them. This heist has taken on many names over the years – but, its all fundamentally the same process. “Oppressed vs Oppressor” groups, a “privileged class”, “systemic” issues requiring the dismantling of the system and ultimately conflict between those groups, enabling ideologically aligned minions to steal positions of power by completely bi-passing due process and completely disregarding the requirement for equality of opportunity and completing disregarding the meritocracy required to sustain a healthy democratic society. Communism, socialism, Nazism, Mao’ism, Stalin’ism, etc… are all the exact same game, repetitiously and opportunistically perpetrated against unprepared and/or vulnerable societies.

This is very easy to prove, however, it relies on you simply believing your own senses. Its apparently quite simple to convince you to ignore your own lying eyes and ears. Simple Propaganda has proven to be especially effective against the human mind.

Has Marci Ien been exposed for the lying race baiter that she is? Has she lost her voice and her platform for openly supporting flagrantly racist rhetoric on her platform? Has she been reprimanded for making false accusations against our cities Police Department, and impacting their ability to serve and protect our citizens? Well, of course not.

Marci has however been rewarded. She has been rewarded for lying, she has been rewarded for forgoing her morality and she has been rewarded for manipulating the truth and proclaiming her loyalty to the revolution. She has sold her soul and expects to be rewarded with her fair share of the great Canadian wealth and freedom heist.

Marci is being parachuted into the Toronto South riding as a Liberal Candidate, and is almost certainly guaranteed an MP position in Canada’s parliament in the very near future. She has zero qualifications for such a role. Marci is a “black woman” within our current Marxist framework and she is morally malleable towards the marxist insanity infiltrating our country right now – apparently, these are the only characteristics required for success within our modern system. She possesses zero associated experience or qualifications and pragmatically zero merits, but yet, Marci will surely be elevated to a power position promptly within our politics and government (minister of XYZ) and her appointment will be lauded by the media – solely based on her race and gender. She has proven her fealty, and is now being rewarded.

Worth mentioning, the last 2 people parachuted into this riding were Bill Morneau and Chrystia Freeland. Bill Morneau has been linked to countless scandals in Canada, involving 100’s of billions of dollars, and left Canada in debt by more than $1 TRILLION dollars over what he inherited. Chrystia Freeland was rewarded for her loyal work in the media previously, and is now the Minister of FInance in Canada. She possesses zero qualifications for such a role and is openly negotiating corrupt energy deals with hostile foreign countries, while proudly talking about wealth re-distribution (flagrant communism) in Canada. Bill Morneau and Chrystia Freeland, will be very wealthy people once they leave Canadian politics. What may I ask has either Bill Morneau or Chrystia Freeland accomplished for the Toronto South riding they were parachuted into? The community is generally comprised of black and minority families, is excessively poor, struggles under enormous violence, crimes and substance abuse. Marci Ien is simply following in the footsteps of Chrystia Freeland. Where morality is thrown out the window and replaced with ideology and lies. Ideologically aligned Marxists all gain unearned wealth and power, while record number of Canadians slip into poverty and despair – all the while, being called names and told how horrible they are.

As a final closing statement here, I would be re-miss if I didn’t mention that this phenomenon is not a partisan discussion. The Conservatives are also guilty and complicit in this process. However, it is fair to say that the Marxists have more deeply infiltrated the Liberal and left leaning parties within Canada. This is not your fathers Liberal Party. Their followers however are so indoctrinated, and so spiteful, that they will reflectively lash out and attack once this conversation appears to be at all partisan in nature. They protect their Marxist overlords to their last breath and scream their virtue signalling compliance as loudly as possible, hoping they too can exchange their morality and the truth, for acceptance, wealth and power.
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