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Authoritarianism in Canada

Authoritarianism in Canada

Authoritarianism, by definition, is the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom. There are zero scenarios in society which accommodate a government stripping you of all of your rights and freedoms under the guise of public health and safety. The Canadians who demand you adhere to authoritarianism, else …

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CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP052 - Protect the children

Protect the children

Liberal politicians suggest our concerns over the normalization of paedophelia are conspiratorial in nature and a threat to our democracy. Meanwhile, those of us who are parents of young children are watching things which horrify us, all around us. Drag Queen Story hour in our public libraries, “love knows no age” snapchat filters, paedophelia as …

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Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP048

Everything is now mandatory, except facts

After 10 months of being told that herd immunity was mis-information and a far right conspiracy theory, the media, and their mindless lemmings are now preaching herd immunity. After silencing and censoring the worlds leading subject matter experts, for almost a full year now, the media has finally turned their sights back to herd immunity. …

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CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP047 - In the news today

In the News Today

As we laugh our way through the fall of Western Civilization The Times openly discusses how they “fortified” the US presidential election by intimidating and threatening corporate America via waging a Marxist revolution in the streets. As if they weren’t proud enough of this accomplishment, they openly boasted about how they managed t0 influence thoughts …

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Interview with Diane Bederman re BDS

Interview with Diane Bederman re BDS

I sat down again with Canadian author Diane Bederman. Today we discussed The American Constitution, their failures and their successes with respect to achieving their stated and intended values and beliefs. We delved into the recent Times article, which outlined exactly how the US election was rigged – errrr – cough – “fortified”. Diane expertly …

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The politicization of politics

The politicization of science

Today, every significant issue has become politicized via bastardized science, to the point where “science” is quite literally replacing religion in our society. I am personally not religious what so ever, but, this is untenable. Science which aligns with the ideological narratives of our political and media elite classes, is righteous. Opposing science is heresy …

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Monkey Slave Labour

Cancel culture rages on, as big brands line up to virtue signal their loyalty to special interest groups and grow their social credit scores. Forgetting that humanity has domesticated and used animals since we crawled out of the trees, and we frankly would not be here without such practices, PETA sheds light on the mistreatment …

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When Science is for Hire

When Science is for Hire

Dr David Fisman is a corrupt Epidemiologist working with the Ontario Science Table, the Canadian Shield and the University of Toronto. He is being paid by the Ontario Teachers Union to specifically enforce lockdowns and school closures – which are directly hurting and even killing our children. The soaring rates of Childhood depression and suicide …

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CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP035 - Doug Ford & Fake News, Pathological Liars

Doug Ford & Fake News, Pathological Liars

With official 2020 mortality rate data being made available from all over the world at this point – including Sweden, United States and Canada – clearly demonstrating that the overall 2020 mortality rate is barely representative of a “bad flu season”, one has to ask the question. Does anyone even die of old age anymore. …

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