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CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP029 - #BeAuthentic


#BeAuthentic Are you brave enough to be an Authentic Person and an Authentic Business? Since it is no longer possible to separate business from politics, and since politics are now completely intertwined with business – the way I see it, we have 2 options. 1) perpetually live in fear, virtue signalling the messages and sentiments …

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Hippocratic Oath

Hippocratic Oath

Open Letter to Canadian Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners When the scientific method is replaced by political ideologies, and our medical professionals react to political climates instead of acting in the best interests of humanity and fundamental human rights, unthinkable atrocities are sure to follow. When the scientific method and the hippocratic oath are ignored, the …

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When scientists were snitches - Ryan Imgrund

When Scientists become Snitches – Ryan Imgrund

Ryan Imgrund is a Canadian Biostatistician who snitched on, and attacked Canadian MPP Randy Hillier for defying COVID lockdown measures. Ryan works within data models, predicting death numbers based on variables like case infections, case infection rates and death rates. He aggressively pushes lock down measures, and completely ignores the more complex variables involved in …

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CH1 Podcast EP024 - Andrew Rouchotas with Mordechai Nisan

Andrew Rouchotas with Mordechai Nisan

“Certainly Politically Correct thought-terror confines our ability to portray and expose the left in the fullness of its warped manifestations. It is unreasonable, unrealistic, and shameful to the core. It must surely be one of the most astonishing cases of cognitive dissonance – when facts contradict ideas – in human history.”
– Mordechai Nisan

CH1 Podcast EP023 - Press Progress

Press Progress

I originally raised the alarm back in October, when on Canadian Thanksgiving, a Canadian citizen was charged for a violation of our public health policies. It was done explicitly to target an organizer of protests, but, was camouflaged at the time, as Canadians would not have tolerated such behaviour. Fast forward a few months, and today, we are openly charging organizers of peaceful protests, without even a whimper from the Canadian public. Our media are flagrantly permitted to slander good, law abiding, tax paying citizens of Canada, simply for protesting our governments policies.

Shaming and Snitching

Shaming and Snitching

Now that vaccines are available and the risk re COVID is extremely well understood. It’s time to return to basic principles

This irrational group think, hive mind, “we’re all in this together” – when we clearly are not – nonsense needs to end

The government and the media (but I repeat myself) need to get out of our lives and it’s time for people to make their own choices, their own decisions and determine their own levels of acceptable risk

Most importantly. It’s time for businesses to open their doors and for people to decide if they are comfortable returning to normal and if they want a vaccine or not in order to do so

This is something nobody seems willing to discuss

This is something nobody seems willing to discuss We know that this virus almost exclusively kills the elderly, and especially those in long term care facilities Yet, instead of protecting our vulnerable, we choose to hide in our homes. We shutter our businesses and we mask our children – all because we are afraid of catching a virus that, for the rest …

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Washington DC this weekend

Washington DC this weekend

Predictably, the official media narrative, the official story – is these “stop the steal” protestors are a threat to public health and safety – and of course, violent. This is the same media which portrayed Black Lives Matter protests as zero threat to public health and safety and “mostly peaceful”