Marci Ien - Marxist

Case Study: How The Marxist Radical Left infiltrates Canadian Politics – Marci Ien

Marci uses her massive platform to accuse Toronto Police of being “racist” against her. Her claim is that she was pulled over, on 3-4 occasions, apparently for no other reason than her skin pigmentation. In each instance, she was let off with a warning. This apparently infuriated her and she felt compelled to use her platform to scold the police and accuse them of being racist. Marci is shameless forgoing any personal responsibility and demonstrates literally zero moral vigor. She is willing to virtue signal her oppression at all costs

Canada is falling to Marxism

Canada is Falling to Marxism

I have received some criticism from various people over the use of my terminology. That’s not communism Andrew, what you are describing is socialism, or fascism, or totalitarianism or – well – you understand by now. I typically do not bother debating semantical terms with people, and rather, choose to be happy that people are beginning to understand something is very wrong in our society today and that we are trending away from free market capitalism, freedom and democracy and dangerously towards indentured servitude to our political masters.

critical race theory

Social justice Ideology in a few nut shells

A hopefully digestible short version of the social Justice Ideology for dummies: Social Justice ideology (rooted in Critical Race Theory) teaches that ethnic identity and skin color determine who and what is good and right in our society, Reason, or critical thinking are NOT necessary because of the original sin of “whiteness.” Social Justice ideology positions …

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Are we at war with China

Are we at war with China? Would we even know?

What if Communist China is absolutely thriving today, while all WHO membership states are watching their economies collapse? What if Communist China are purchasing the national debt from the countries massively growing deficits from COVID lockdown measures and taking financial ownership positions of WHO membership nations?

Communist China Infiltrating Canada

The Communist China Infiltration into Canadian Tech and Canadian Politics

I have been putting off writing this post for quite some time. I do not apologize for the length of this post. I could literally write a book on this subject. So, I have filtered it down as much as possible without sacrificing the bare minimum you would need to understand the situation, we as …

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