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In Part 2 of this Financial Wellness series, Leaha Mattinson and Greg Bird, CEA talk about the origins and effectiveness of 7-generations planning. They also delve into forgiveness, practicing the Golden Rule, writing your own obituary, character traits of Superhero’s, tools to build Family Ties that bind (not ones that gag) and the connecting and motivating force of music! Come join us for this enlightening conversation and maybe even find a song or two to add to your playlist of awesome.

7-Generations Planning and Financial Wellbeing Part 3 Live on Monday January 4th, 2021 at 3pmMDT on my Leaha Mattinson YouTube Channel

7 Generations Planning: Reconciling and Building Conscious Legacy in Families, Community and the World

Father of four and Financial Advisor Gregory Bird, CFA, CEA (Certified Executive Advisor) shares his personal experiences with almost “losing it all” physically, emotionally and mentally and how to rally during challenging times. Leaha and Greg delve into the underpinnings, values and operating principles of greatness ~ the ‘rallying spirit’ that every human being who wants to access can for meeting their personal and financial challenges.

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A bit more about Part 1 of this series: Greg and Leaha talk about the right and responsibility of being the Patriarch or the leader in your family. What he has learned from his family lesson, the important catalyzing questions that he asks himself and that you can ask yourself to get clarity on what is your “why?” And as if that’s not enough…he also shares resources and clear place to begin working on your financial plan right now!

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