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CH1 MYL EP0023 Personal Wealth Sailing Through the Divorce Storm ~ Smoothly, Serenely and Stronger

Personal Wealth Part IV: 7 Generations Planning Sailing Through the Divorce Storm with Greg Bird and Kritica Fatal.

Considering divorce? Could divorce break you mentally or could it be the source of getting back your life stronger than ever? Whether you are a man or a woman it could really break our mind and our bank account. It could harm our children in the present or the future even though that’s not what most of us want.

Divorce is heavy on peoples minds and there are a wide variety of wishes and ideas on just how to handle it as successfully as possible when so many people are affected. In this episode we are talking about one couple who may just have got it right. So, Stay tuned to this discussion and let us know your thoughts! We are here to reply to your comments which you can send to, Greg at and, Kritica at

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Sailing Through the Divorce Storm…Smoothly, Serenely and Stronger! Personal Wealth with Greg Bird and Kritica Fatal