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CH1 MYL EP0031 The Quantum Conversation with Sacha Stone

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The Quantum Conversation with Sacha Stone

Episode Highlight

Join Leaha Mattinson as she asks Sacha Stone to share his thoughts on quantum mechanics in matter recreation, the recreation of the self during COVID, and how we can create utopia from this seemingly dystopic reality we are in.

Quotable Quotes

“I certainly think that everyone ought to be focussed on having a wonderful time on the planet despite all of the tyranny.”

“Government no longer serves the living.”

“Courage is atman, is truth, is standing in truth and conscience, and going out protecting and defending right action.”

“The more I move into right action and pure truth, and step away from the fiction consciously by uncoupling and disentangling and disidentifying from the form filing, from the taxing, from the penalizations, from the complete malfunctioning of the social construct and step away from it consciously, as a divine active consciousness, the more I do that, the more I am able to manifest the outcome in my life and then in the greater fields of expression.”

“The state apparatus is being used by a pernicious and malevolent agenda to destroy and destruct a good technology innovation coming to market to help mitigate the damage being done to people and families and living systems by weaponized frequencies, 5G in this case.”

“If you outlawed advertising, you would immediately have a return to a reputation-based currency which is those people who make good apple pies will sell their apple pies and those who make shit apple pies won’t. And that’s entirely as it should be.”


Creating matter, Star Trek-style

Sacha speaks about a lesser-known news headline about the patent for an anti-gravity crop that alters the space-time continuum around it. For the last 75 years, this technology has been in development by the government but the larger public is not aware of this. Sacha explains an experiment he has been working on with 3 scientists to rebuild mitochondria to reconstruct matter by accessing the wireframe of all matter.

Who let the fruit flies out?

Sacha uses the example of fruit flies to demonstrate how matter is manifested. If you take a bleached and sterilized apple to the 89th floor of a new uninhabited building in Singapore and place it in a bread box of the clean kitchen, you will still find hundreds of fruit flies buzzing around it in 3 weeks. The fruit flies manifest because “all life forms ultimately have the propensity and the capacity to pop into reality”, he explains.

COVID and self-realization

Sacha reflects on what COVID means for the world. He urges people to awaken within, even when the world seems like a bad dream. Reconvening with the self, he claims, is the genesis of atman and helps us establish a connection with universal intelligence. The spirit is pure truth but ritualistic behaviour veils that truth. He urges people to question their practices and beliefs and find the truth hidden under them.

Five obstructions for 5G protection

Sacha recalls when one of his technologies to protect people from 5G frequencies was obstructed by many parties including private industry, the police, broadcasting news agencies, bad press and therefore the public. Sacha is launching a Vanguard Technologies Group to help distribute safe technologies to people without the roadblocks of red tape. “Contribution needs to become the backbone again of the social economy”, he insists.

Why advertising should be banned

Sacha claims that 85% of all advertising and marketing today is fraudulent and deceptive. Children are pornographised to sell clothes or cosmetics, and company tie-ups mean you can only access services that your insurer covers. Sacha hopes to announce the creation of an island micronation by 2022 with a small population where advertising will be forbidden, and only the highest quality goods will be sold.

Usery equals dystopia

Sacha states that when profiteering is at the heart of the matter, it leads to the unfair dispensation of value, inflation, competition, deception, and eventually dystopia. He takes inspiration from nature to guide his actions, making sustainable choices and only using what is needed. “All of the laws [of nature] are in front of us if we can just observe them. Live according to those”, he recommends.

What utopia could look like

Sacha lists two benefits to living according to nature’s rules. The first is a spike of your creative genius and recollection of what you wanted to use your potential for in this life. The second is your get into alignment with your consciousness. “Once your creative spark, your creative genius and your consciousness are locked, the rest is called anchoring patterns of perfection into this world of manifesting heaven on earth”, he predicts.

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Master Your Life ~ Leaha Mattinson and Sacha Stone ~ THE QUANTUM CONVERSATION