CH1 MYL EP0042 Master Your Life ~ Shifting Gears on the New Recovery Road with guest Sacha Stone

Leaha Mattinson sits down and talks with Sacha Stone about world events, politics, “the jab”, “pedovores” and their upcoming projects. will be live this week (and developing) she shares this about the new creation and her passion to share with everyone on the planet, the resources from the past decades of her work and life:

“Master your life radio show started 7 years ago, the Master Your Life website is an “emporium”… it is the ultimate ever-evolving curation of the very best wisdom, resources and tools to create optimal health and wealth.
The brainchild of Leaha Mattinson after she received the diagnosis of an chronic, incurable, neurological, genetic illness, MYL endeavours to bring meaningful solutions and clarity to a world that can be chaotic and confusing!”
Says Leaha: ” I have been passionate about finding and bringing forward the best solutions to myself, family, clients and community because I truly know what the cost is when you don’t have access. The cost physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. And equally as important, the “ripple out.” So the Master Your Life Emporium houses all the great finds on my own journey, the “Stuff I Love!
I am constantly expanding, and when I or my community find “better,” something that gives a better result or is a better fit,  we try it out! We do “better” and share that “better” with our community in real-time on the new site.
We change lives and have fun and we want to invite you to join us.
A very cool feature of the new website will be your ability to potentially join us as a guest on the show. So check it out! If you’ve got a story that is inspiring, insightful and intelligent ~ we want to hear from you! And if sharing on a podcast isn’t your thing, that’s cool too, just get on our mailing list so you catch notifications of all the events we are producing for all of our community to benefit from.
At Master Your Life, we really just wake up every day and say, “if we can help just one person today it will be a great day.”  Whether that’s uplifting someone’s spirit, sharing  a life-changing product or service, or giving someone a platform to share an amazing story…we love it all!