Master Your Life Regenerate and Rejuvenate Episode 2

CH1 MYL EP0045 Regenerate and Rejuvenate E2 – Quantum Biofeedback for Activating Your Innate Healing Ability

Episode Highlight 

 Join Leaha Mattinson and Greg Bird as they speak to Ryan Williams about biofeedback, the body’s way of communicating with you, and the technology to master your health and wellness. 

 Quotable Quotes 

 1.44 – 1.51: “You have… the… innate ability to try to find ways to… take charge of your own health.”  

 3.38 – 3.51: “What’s been exciting is that over the years, things have evolved, technology has evolved and… as …technology has evolved, things have gotten better, quicker, cheaper and faster and obviously… smaller.”  

 7.43 – 7.48: “Everything in the universe has its own energetic vibration or its own resonance.” 

 42.24 – 42.36: “There’s no one way to treat the body… Whether you are a homeopath or an acupuncturist, we’re all trying to get to the same point, we’re all trying to do the same thing. And there’s no right or wrong way, it’s just a different way to get there.” 

 48.02 – 48.07: “Don’t be so dogmatic about your belief system; just be open to new experiences.” 


 It’s a Mobile, Mobile World (1.40) 

 Ryan has been involved with quantum biofeedback for over 15-20 years since he first came across a computerized stress detection system using electric impulses. As a self-confessed ‘tech junkie’, he has spent most of his adult life developing ways to analyze the body and use technology to improve health and has now developed a mobile app for biofeedback. He quips that we have stepped into a sci-fi world with devices being our friends. 

 Alternative vs. allopathic medicine (6.52) 

 Ryan explains that alternative medicine ascribes an energetic vibration to everything in the universe. Acupuncture uses needles as conductors of energy across the 12 energy meridians of the body to work with the qi (energy) which becomes blocked in sickness. Allopathic medicine looks at the body as composed of chemicals and uses other chemicals to treat the body, whereas alternative medicine uses the body’s own energy to heal itself.  

 Biofeedback, then and now (10.35) 

 Ryan traces the origin of quantum biofeedback or information coded biofeedback to traditional biofeedback machines costing $15-30,000 which used electrodes attached to the body to measure heart rate, brain activity, etc. and use mindfulness techniques to gain control over them. Modern biofeedback involves stimulating the body with energetic signatures to evoke a response from the bodily systems and determine the state of health based on those responses. 

 Pioneering a biofeedback app (16.40) 

 Ryan had many speech impediments as a child, so he has always been fascinated by communication, whether spoken or of the body. In 2010-11, he claims he had a brain download of how to turn expensive biofeedback machines into a mobile application. Despite difficulties, he was able to find the right people and solutions, and within 8 months, turned his idea into the world’s first quantum biofeedback app, which stimulates the body’s innate healing ability. 

 The voice (20.41) 

 Ryan recognizes the voice as a form of biofeedback, to understand the emotional and cognitive abilities of a person. By capturing a complex voice pattern, analyzing it using an algorithm to create a simplified voice frequency and comparing that with many energetic signature readings can reveal a set of probabilities that can be analyzed by biofeedback practitioners to assist in improving the person’s health.  

 It’s genius! (28.11) 

 Ryan’s app is interactive and easy to use, and a typical session is between 20 and 45 minutes. It provides visuals to help users understand and tap into their own healing abilities. It also provides a holistic perspective on your health, and unbiasedly suggests the modalities that are right for your body as it changes. You can download the app on a 2-week free trial and get started on your healing journey!  

 More of less, and less of more (36.49) 

 Ryan clarifies that the app detects stressors, but does not diagnose conditions. When the body is stimulated with electric signatures, the responses generated help identify imbalances and the body can be stimulated into regaining balance. He uses the example of homeopathy, which uses substances to override the body’s natural defence systems to remind it to fight. The app similarly reminds the body of its tremendous healing and self-regeneration capacity.   

 Feedback for biofeedback (39.17) 

 Ryan urges listeners to conduct independent research about the app, even though many users have referred the app to their network. He has come across many success stories from the use of his app, which he finds humbling. He credits the users of the app with the success and upgrades to the software. It is through use and feedback that more knowledge and insights have been programmed into the app to evolve it into its latest version.  

 Take charge of your health (42.45) 

 When you use the app, you will be given a brief summary and the high and low items in your health. When you decide what you want your ideal state to be, the app plays balancing tones to help your body reach that goal. Ryan suggests using the app to take charge of your own health, and to step into the world of health technology. You can find this app and other wellness tools on the Master Your Life website. 


Master Your Life ~ Recovery Road Episode 2 - Quantum Biofeedback Inventor Ryan Williams Talks with Leaha Mattinson & Greg Bird