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Ch1 MYL EP0047 Therapeutic Solutions for Immunity, COVID, Cancer, Concussions and More!

Join Leaha Mattinson as she speaks to Tim Dixon, the CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International Inc., about nature and nutraceuticals, the biotechnology available to beat COVID, cancer and concussions, and the way to preventing suicidal ideation and ensuring wellness. 

Quotable Quotes 

 15.25 – 15.30: “If you have cancer, it’s natural killer cells that kill the cancer.” 

 16.39 – 16.46: “To have really good immune health overall… our biome and our gut need to be in good condition as well”.  

 45.04 – 45.12: “It’s funny when you’re facing your own mortality… what… you’ll tolerate and what you won’t.” 


 Reestablishing health (1.58) 

 Tim’s company, Therapeutic Solutions International Inc. (TSI) is a publicly traded clinical-stage biotechnology company, with a cellular division and a nutraceutical division, both complementing each other. The nutraceuticals are designed to either upregulate or downregulate the immune system. As immunologists, they look at the immune system, even if it is dysfunctional, as a tool to re-establish health, as seen in the case of many COVID patients. 

 What nature has in store (3.36) 

 Tim explains that even an asymptomatic person could be a carrier of the virus and infect others so everyone is working towards improving their immunity. He cites nature as a great source of immunological nutrition. When you eat an orange, you would metabolize all of the vitamin C in it, but if you take a 1000 mg tablet of vitamin C, you would only metabolize 190 mg. However, he claims that some molecules need to be taken in larger quantities than what nature provides.  

 Developing immunity against COVID (7.38)  

 QuadraMune™ is in a 500-patient COVID-19 clinical trial to test immunity against the disease. In the 1st phase, TSI found that even at 4 times the recommended daily dosage, it had no adverse effects. It is a synergistic blend of pterostilbene (anti-inflammatory agent), sulforaphane (enzyme activator), epigallocatechin gallate (lung-protector), and thymoquinone (time-tested anti-viral precursor and cure-all), which boosts cancer-fighting natural killer (NK) cells. 

 The wonder drug (16.39) 

 QuadraMune™ has been found to work in tandem with the gut biome and correct dysbiosis. It is also being used by TSI’s subsidiary, Campbell Neurosciences, in research on suicide prevention. Combined with the diabetes drug Metformin, it has been shown to fight many viral infections. Along with Minocycline, it reduced blood clotting that has caused many COVID patients to die of major blood clotting in their organs.  

 Detecting suicidal ideation (21.29) 

 Campbell Neurosciences has now discovered how to detect suicidal ideation before it occurs and if it is being masked by observing the neuromodulators and neuropeptides in the brain. Using the Campbell score, blood drawn from a patient with suicidal ideation can reveal the imbalance of the inflammatory markers. Clinical trials of this method have been successful and have created a new path towards identifying suicidal ideation.  

 Preventing suicide ideation (24.27) 

 Campbell Neurosciences works with a therapeutic model to correct suicidal ideation using liquid/capsule molecules that can cross the brain-blood barrier to help them circulate in the brain easily. Another delivery is using cellular platelet-rich plasma intranasally, stomo-vascular rejection fraction cells or stem cells through appropriate delivery methods to prevent suicide ideation and usher in wellness.   

 Wellness is the key (30.11) 

 Tim laments that for too long, we have focussed on managing our diseases instead of bringing about wellness. He urges the listeners to understand what is going on in the body, what are the areas that need attention and what are the ways in which we can help ourselves without running to the physician first. He recommends doing your own research about nutraceuticals before purchasing them, understanding the bioavailability and benefits of that method of delivery.  

 Cancer immunotherapy (34.14) 

 Tim speaks about their product NanoStilbene, whose diluted product is used as an intranasal supplement. The liquid crystals have been found in studies to be more effective than the powdered crystals, being more bioavailable and lasting longer in the bloodstream. As a potent anti-inflammatory antioxidant, studies have shown it makes cancer drugs like Herceptin more effective by stimulating NK cell production. 

 Correcting concussions (44.35) 

 Tim mentions the disease that plagues football players who suffer concussions, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which causes them to commit homicide or suicide. Using the intranasal supplement has shown to make a difference in their condition too. It has also been found effective in deactivating microglial cells which produce inflammatory proteins in the brain, making people suicidal or murderous. 

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Leaha Mattinson and Tim Dixon, the CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International Inc., talk about nature and nutraceuticals, the biotechnology available to beat COVID, cancer and concussions, and the way to prevent suicide ideation and more!