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CH1 MYL EP0048 Recovery Road Episode 4: The Secrets to Thriving in 2021

Episode Highlight

Join Leaha Mattinson as she speaks to Greg Bird about the four strategies to ensure healthy relationships, bodies and minds in 2021.

Quotable Quotes 

 16.32 – 16.35: “Don’t let it fester… If you’ve got something to say, time it.” 

19.22 – 19.34: “An important thing to do… is have that savings… whether it’s for your retirement, whether it’s just a rainy day fund, emergency savings or just to take that proverbial trip to Disneyland.” 

20.44 – 20.46: “Those who play together, stay together.” 

31.51 – 31.54: “We are human, we all mess up; nobody’s perfect.”  

42.43 – 42.57: “2021, I believe, is a year for change. We’ve already had the shock and awe of 2020, we’ve all adapted, we’ve all developed these new skill sets that we never had before – how can we work together going forward to accomplish those dreams?” 


 Putting faith first (7.38) 

Greg shares a survey he conducted amongst couples and families who had been together through good and bad times asking them for secrets to healthy relationships. The answers can apply to other people searching for stability in their relationships through the pandemic. The first secret to healthy relationships, he found, was faith in God and each other. Leaha suggests understanding your belief system and how that matches with your partner’s. 

Communication is key (11.34) 

The second secret, Greg discovered, is communication. He speaks of a 92-year-old man who had met him for financial advice but did not bring his wife along for any of the discussions. Greg advised him to include her so she would be aware of what to do when he is gone. Leaha urges us to share our feelings more than our thoughts to improve the dynamic of relationships, picking a time when you are in the right frame of mind to talk. 

The smoking story (15.21) 

Greg knew a couple whose first big fight was over smoking. They realized that they were spending more on cigarettes a month than their car payments. However, it provoked the positive decision to quit. They were able to support each other to make a change and allocate the remaining money to savings. Leaha commends the couple for saving wisely instead of switching over to another addiction like she has seen many do. 

Participating in projects (20.27) 

The third secret, informs Greg, is to work together as a team on projects, be it playing cards, solving a puzzle or painting a picture. Leaha states that raising children is the biggest unifying project a couple could undertake. While some families have become distracted with earning money, she warns against the regret of not spending the time you have with family well. Greg suggests taking on home improvement projects as a bonding exercise. 

56 years of projects (23.23) 

Leaha talks about her parents being a shining example of love deepened through projects. Her father has Huntington’s disease, yet he worked with her mother to put in the back patio in togetherness, tenacity and tenderness. They complement and support each other and show deep appreciation for their relationship. They have strengthened their bond through such projects over 56 years of their marriage.  

Picture the dream (26.01) 

Greg urges us to use a vision board to manifest our dreams. Leaha points out that hieroglyphs were the first vision boards! In her book, Silver Linings, she talks about the importance of visualization and how easy it can be. Most of the wishes she had on her vision board have come true. This year is a good time to decide what you would want your life to look like in every area without anybody else’s influence on what it should be, she says. 

Home sweet home (28.11) 

Greg claims that one of the biggest dreams people have is owning their own home. He recommends taking the necessary steps and instilling good financial habits to create a plan which will automatically allow you to save for a down payment. He recalls a brother-sister duo who was able to make a down payment for a condo while still young because they had started saving early. “The sooner you start the better; don’t wait”, he remarks. 

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Forgive and forget (31.21) 

Greg reveals that the fourth secret is forgiveness and recommends the book Forgiveness by Mark Sakamoto. Leaha speaks of self-forgiveness as an important precursor to forgiving others. Grudges are held in the soul, and they wear us down to where we can’t do other things in our lives and manifest as physical or mental ailments. She urges us to let go of the past and move forward with a clean slate and positive self-talk.  

Stop separation (36.05) 

Greg expounds on the importance of forgiveness in salvaging relationships, especially when it comes to financial mistakes. He believes couples should reconsider the impact of separation, both fiscal and emotional, before taking rash decisions. Leaha has observed that some couples take breaks from each other to prevent emotional outbursts, like a week away in a hotel. This year is a good time to let go of any negativity in relationships, she states.  

Finding good mentors (45.19) 

Greg shares the results of another survey he conducted amongst people who had thrived in 2020, which revealed having a good team and mentor as one of the important factors of doing well. Leaha adds that in her 30 years of coaching, she has seen that people who have coaches that have achieved what they are aspiring to, do well in life. She advises everyone to look for mentors who have achieved the results they seek.  

Sweet dreams (48.33) 

The second way to thrive is to care for your physical and mental health. Leaha explains that the body cleans and heals during sleep, and a lack of it causes overeating, memory gaps, low energy and poor decision making. Greg has followed her advice and listens to meditation music to sleep well. Leaha warns against watching TV or listening to songs with negative lyrics before sleeping since the brain absorbs all of it into the subconscious.  

Network to thrive (53.17) 

The third way to thrive is to fall back on a circle of trusted friends and family. Greg and Leaha have both been able to make new connections through the podcast, and they cherish the opportunity to share authentic advice and guide them to mastering their lives. Leaha comments that connecting with others is a good way to learn about diverse viewpoints and test that against what we consider reality.  

Stay in touch! (57.28) 

Greg signs off by sharing the lyrics of the song Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Byrds, remade by Pete Seeger, inspiring us to remind us to time our lives for good. For free financial advice and more great insights about surviving and thriving in 2021, reach out to Greg on social media or email him at! For any questions about health and wellness, contact Leaha by coming to the Master Your Life website!

MYL Recovery Road Episode 4: Leaha Mattinson speaks to Greg Bird about the four strategies to ensure healthy relationships, bodies and minds in 2021.