CH1 MYL EP0050 – Recovery Road Episode 5 – Willingness to Evolve

Quotable Quotes 

 9.01 – 9.10: “Confidence does not only come from outside; it’s internal knowingness that who you choose to be is the valid way.” (Jacky) 

 11.25 – 11.27: “Life… opens up to people who are confident.” (Leaha)  

13.04 – 13.10: “Sometimes, getting your nose bloodied in life or in business can be a very very valuable asset if you look at it from what you’ve learned.” (Greg)  

17.41 – 17.52: “If I can be myself and help other people be themselves, the world will have… very few problems. Why we have problems today is because we’re not ourselves so we’re always trying to be other people.” (Jacky)  

27.09 – 27.14: “If you’re not compassionate towards yourself, what makes one think we can be compassionate with others? We don’t know how to.” (Jacky)  

39.19 – 39.27: “To be free from our mind is one of the… critical parts in our life that’s why they call it overthinking, they don’t say over-feeling.” (Jacky)  

58.24 – 58.30: “Society has evolved technology-wise, but personal life-wise, not as much.”  


 The Charismatic Movement (6.45)  

 Jacky laments that “in society, we’re very caught up in what we can see rather than the things we cannot see”. You need not be the most talkative person to exude palpable energy. For him, being charismatic means knowing oneself and owning oneself, and radiating energy from the centeredness of the self. 

 Charismatic Characteristic 1 and 2: Confidence and Maturity (9.00) 

 Jacky identifies confidence as emerging from being oneself without any external influence like peer pressure. As a child, he was not influenced by peer pressure, and as an adult, he has owned his mistakes, leading him to be confident. He clarifies that confidence doesn’t mean being ignorant either, but open-minded. 

 Charismatic Characteristic 3: Humility (13.15) 

 Jacky is of the opinion that humility is a choice to acknowledge the talents and abilities you have been given, otherwise, you get caught up in pride and ego. He gives the example of being trained by his accountant to run his clothing business, the lessons of which he accepted humbly. Humility to him comes from “knowing and choosing to be rooted and grounded in one’s core”. 

 Charismatic Characteristic 4: Substance (16.30)  

 Jacky is self-aware and acknowledges the skills and talents he possesses. He has never felt compelled to fit in with society and has chosen to be himself. When you are yourself, you can help someone, but if you are lost, you cannot help others find themselves. Helping others is about understanding what they are looking for in life. 

 Charismatic Characteristic 5 and 6: Communication and Listening Skills (19.10) 

 Leaha talks about communication as being talking and listening, catching and receiving. She brings attention to how phones have hijacked communication channels. Her recommendation is to make agreements with the people around you about device usage. Use your hands to give and receive love, not hold your phones, she quips. 

 Charismatic Characteristic 7: Compassion (24.25) 

 Jacky urges us to take care of ourselves and love ourselves because we can only pour from a full cup. If we don’t know how to be compassionate because we have never practised that with ourselves, we won’t be able to show compassion to others. However, we have been taught the reverse, to care for others first.  

 Charismatic Characteristic 8: Self-monitoring (27.55)  

 Jacky says that we can find all the answers we need within ourselves if we only look. Other-awareness becomes amplified with self-awareness, and this can help us reach our dreams and goals alongside helping others fulfill their vision. Self-monitoring will make you aware of the magic within you to inspire the magic in others.  

 Charismatic Characteristic 9: Self-improvement (34.35) 

 Jacky talks about a time when his girlfriends would criticize the way he dressed. He could have chosen to let his ego kick in, but he stayed open-minded to prevent himself from blocking their ideas and therefore blocking his own growth. He recognized that he needed to make a change and not be afraid of the unknown, which allowed him to evolve into the person he is today.  

 Charismatic Characteristic 10: Positive Body Language  

 Greg defines positive body language as being warm, open and positive, making eye contact, smiling, and being endearing and authentic. Jacky says energy arises from within when you are being yourself, which helps solidify your body language. You could make a Hyundai look like a Bentley but it would never be one, he explains.  

 What Men Want (45.30) 

 Jacky remarks that men are taught to understand what women want but not the other way around. According to Jacky, men want three things and in this order: a challenge, sex, and appreciation. If you hold yourself back from the man for fear of getting hurt, the man will do the same, and you will not have a sincere relationship.  

 Have The Man and Keep Him Too (51.00) 

 Jacky observes that as a relationship progresses, women invest their emotions in it, and stop challenging the man. If you have sex too quickly, the man will not look at it as relationship material. If you are tired of this game and become resentful, the man will not be receiving appreciation, and the foundation of the relationship is shaken. 

 Stay in touch! (58.15) 

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Master Your Life - Recovery Road - Episode 5 - Willingness to Evolve