CH1 MYL EP0051 Recovery Road Episode 6 – Surviving the Death of a Marriage

Join Leaha Mattinson and Greg Bird as they speak to Kritika Fatal about her experience getting a divorce, and how she navigated it successfully with her ex-husband. 

Quotable Quotes 

 27.00 – 27.04: “Once your attitude is right, and you’re positive, you can take on anything.” 

 37.17 – 37.19: “When you are down, let yourself be down.”  

 47.33 – 47.36: “As a business owner, you’re always going to have levels of anxiety.” 


 Life before divorce (6.40) 

 Kritika recalls that since getting married in 2000, she had been very focused on her career and that there were struggles in the marriage. They separated 2 years ago and tried to balance their lives with 2 children. They decided it was the right thing for them to get divorced and the divorce was finalized in January 2021.  

 Divorce is difficult (8.35)  

 Kritika had a conversation with her ex about how difficult life was together, but getting divorced felt like a failure. There were many emotions surrounding the decision, so they vowed to focus on moving forward and positively uplifting each other in the best way possible. They were careful to shield themselves from external negativity. 

 Big girls do cry (10.22) 

 Even though Kritika had always been strong in the face of adversity, she recognized that her marriage ending would be emotional for her. She recommends telling yourself that it’s okay to hurt and feel what you feel for your partner. Drown out unsolicited advice and focus on what is good for you to heal.   

When your kids become your friends (12.18) 

 Kritika and her partner decided not to rely on conversations with each other to get through this time, so they could move on from each other. Instead, she turned to her children and allowed them to see her vulnerability instead of the businesswoman or in-control mom they had seen. She and her kids supported each other through a time that was hard on all of them. 

 Family first (13.59) 

Being East Indian, Kritika was aware of the stigma surrounding divorce, However, her parents and sister supported her. The times when Kritika couldn’t be there for her kids because she was processing her own pain, her sister was there for them as a neutral party they could talk to.  

 Breaking up in business (20.51) 

 Kritika and her partner had built a business together, which they had to work on dividing. She says they were great at work irrespective of the problems at home. Splitting the business was a sticky situation to be in, but their mutual respect and patience helped them through. They reached out to their clients through the process and managed to do very well individually too.  

 The power of positivity (25.57) 

 Kritika’s favourite core value in BNI (Business Network International) is positivity. She clarifies that positivity doesn’t make you immune to suffering, but it allows you to do something about it. Even though she still has many emotions to work through, she is able to feel happy and peaceful at the end of the day. 

 Getting through grief (28.21) 

 Kritika says she uses positivity to bolster her through the grieving process. She is mindful of the media she consumes, ensuring that nothing brings up pain within her. She also ensures that the people she interacts with are the ones that uplift her. She confesses to having become a workaholic through this time, but she loves her work and it keeps her happy.  

 Coping mechanisms (36.55) 

 Kritika assures that it is okay to feel low, to take a day off and not feel guilty about being down. Kritika went through a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights with loss of appetite and weight loss. However, her friends and fellow BNI members encouraged her to get her life back on track and slowly but surely, her appetite and zest for life returned.  

Master your life! (53.50) 

 Kritika signs off with the song Beautiful Day by U2, inspiring all of us to have beautiful days in our lives. Get in touch with her on Instagram and Facebook: @kritikafatal 

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Master Your Life ~ Recovery Road Episode 6 ~ Surviving the Death of a Marriage and Business