CH1 MYL EP0052 Roadmap to the Realms Episode 1 ~ The Balance of the Universe

The balance of the universe with Ancient Astrologer Krasi Attasio

Quotable Quotes 

 4.41 – 24.47: “Every day, I learn from people’s horoscopes. It’s amazing how many things you discover in people’s horoscopes and then you learn.” 

 38.44 – 38.50: “Every single thing on earth is ruled by a planet or a star.” 

 44.38 – 44.43: “How can we be experiencing joy when we do not know what is grief?”  

 44.56 – 45.08: “If we feel now that there is too much darkness, which is overwhelming our reality, always, the laws of the universe are such that balance will be achieved.”  

 49.05 – 49.28: “With our thoughts, we also create our reality because the speech and the thoughts are extremely powerful. So with our thoughts, with our speech, we can create a beautiful reality without fears because the fears are also being projected on us through media and… we can avoid it… simply by deciding not to follow.”  


 The history of astrology (1.20) 

 Krasi claims that astrology is the first and most ancient science credited to Hermes Trismegistus and his incarnations in modern-day Bulgaria, Romania and Egypt. These could be accessed by translating the cuneiform tablets which spoke of mathematics, astrology and astronomy. However, only people of true blood were allowed to be astrologers then but this knowledge has now become accessible to the masses. 

 Knowledge for good (6.44) 

 Krasi believes that knowledge can be used for both good and bad purposes. You can enrich your knowledge and help others, and make changes to your own life too, once you know the details of your horoscope. Even though astrology may be spoken of as an occult science, occult only means hidden, and not bad, so we can choose to only access the divine parts of this occult knowledge. 

 The shoulders of giants (7.38) 

 Sidereal astrology is the branch of astrology that Krasi practices, which is based on the positions of the stars and planets in the sky. Cyril Fagan is considered to be a pioneer in sidereal astrology, though Krasi points out that all astrologers have built their knowledge base upon the research of Ptolemy, which he arrived at by making modifications to the zodiacs of the Babylonians.   

 Astrology never changes (17.49) 

 Even though many variations of astrological theory exist, Krasi states that real astrology never changes. Observing the sky, the phases of the planets, the effect of the sun and other stars, and the influence they have on our lives is the crux of astrology. It highlights the connections of humans with the sky and the earth and is meant to guide us in the direction of a greater understanding of our lives.  

 Good and bad planets (19.21) 

 Krasi differentiates between malefic and benefic or benevolent planets. Mars and Saturn are considered to be malefic, or bringing bad luck, whereas Jupiter, Venus and Mercury bring blessings, abundance, love, money and connections. However, Saturn teaches us discipline and shows us the areas of our life that need work, with its rings representing the boundaries we need to draw.  

 Venus and the Italian Opera (25.06) 

 The reason so many great opera composers like Rossini, Bellini and Puccini were born in the same era, is that Venus rose for the first time as an evening star at that time, says Krasi. The astrological effect of this was the production of some of the most beautiful music ever heard. In a few hundred years, we could have a revival of this era with the repetition of similar astronomical configurations.  

 The era of Aquarius (28.28) 

 Krasi explains that we have been in the era of Pisces for 2000 years and we are about to enter the era of Aquarius. Astrology looks at years and months as cycles, and there are cycles within these cycles too. Even in the era of Pisces, we entered the mini era of Mars in 2015. The era of Aquarius will be defined by an awakening, greater self-awareness, finding ourselves, radical changes, and new technologies. 

Change your destiny (38.04) 

 Krasi mentions that in ancient times, jewellery was not just worn for vanity, and every gemstone had a purpose. The science behind creating talismans clearly states the effects of the components and what they can do synergistically. Talismans can be used as remedies for planets not being in the correct houses in your birth charts, to help you live a good life and empower you to change your destiny. 

 Live in the light (44.13) 

 Krasi guides us towards accepting the darkness, to help us appreciate the light. She also recommends we wait out this difficult time, which also has an astrological reason. The universe always moves towards equilibrium and with time, balance will be achieved. She urges all the listeners “to remember that they are creators, not to lose their unique essence of human beings”. 

 Stay in touch! (47.27) 

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Master Your Life ~ Roadmap to the Realms Episode 1 ~ The Balance of the Universe with Ancient Astrologer Dr. Krasi Attasio