CH1 MYL EP0054 Recovery Road Episode 8 ~ Manipulation for Good with Hypnotist Colin Christopher

Join Leaha Mattinson, Greg Bird and special guest Corporate and Personal Hypnotist Colin Christopher as they discuss overcoming life-limiting fears, increasing confidence and gaining the skills to help you in all of your interpersonal relationships.

Quotable Quotes

 15.10 – 15.15: “There’s opportunity to sort of manipulate people in one way, in a good way or a bad way, depending on what you do.”

20.02 – 20.13: “Whether you’re programming intentionally or whether you’re programming by accident, you’re always being programmed by your surroundings, by your environment and how you’re reacting to it and how other people are reacting to you.”

28.38 – 28.46: “Intentionally you got to work at bypassing the gatekeeper so you can impress your subconscious mind the way you want to.”

54.32 – 54.38: “When I’m safe, everybody else is safe, and that’s when I can connect and communicate with somebody.”


 Hypnotism for sales (1.05)

Colin met Greg at a BNI (Business Network International) meeting and they connected over complementary business goals. Colin identified an opportunity to work on improving the psychology and mental framework of salespeople. He went on to conduct a sales training workshop for senior financial advisors where he used his knowledge of hypnotism to help them improve their performance, even in adversity.

Are you chicken? (5.20)

Colin shares a story of a woman who visited him to rid herself of the fear of birds since she was working on birds in a taxidermy class. When Colin put her in a hypnotic trance, he regressed her back to the first interaction she had with birds and she revealed that they were chickens. He guided her through some exercises to help her release her childhood fear and enabled her to pass her taxidermy course.

Hypnosis explained (10.50)

Colin describes hypnosis as “an altered state of awareness where your subconscious mind is allowed to impress itself or express itself”.  While the impression is internal and unique to each person, the expression is external and is visible to others observing a client undergoing hypnosis. Impression helps create the expression, and many techniques are used to impress the mind to achieve the desired expression.

The gatekeeper of your mind (12.45)

Colin explains that the mind is divided into the subconscious and the conscious. The conscious mind is the level at which we operate and engage it in our waking state, while the subconscious mind is the background that interprets and stores what the conscious mind receives. The conscious mind is the gatekeeper of the unconscious, so when it is bypassed and rendered ineffective, the subconscious mind can be programmed any way we like.

You are being programmed (19.50)

Hypnosis is a tool to take control over how your mind is being programmed, says Colin. It can help you understand which factors in the environment are manipulating you and what you can do about it. Hypnosis can be used to alter and improve behaviours to reach desired personal and professional outcomes and instill habits that will take you close to your goals. Recognizing how your environment is programming you can help you have a say in the process.

Colin’s journey to hypnosis (21.55)

 Colin’s drama teacher used to lead the class through a relaxation exercise. Once when she was sick and absent, his friend recommended that he lead the relaxation. He had no prior experience, but he decided to try it with the encouragement of his classmates. He copied what his teacher did and hypnotized the entire class for relaxation. While he doesn’t recommend people trying it without training, this experience led him to become a professional hypnotist.

How to use hypnosis in your life (27.34)

Colin reassures us that the conscious mind acts as the gatekeeper so your subconscious mind isn’t influenced by everything you come across. However, you can use that to your advantage, too. By intentionally bypassing the gatekeeper, the subconscious can be impressed any way you want. The challenge is that when you are asleep, the gatekeeper is not engaged and the subconscious mind stays vulnerable to impressions.

The mind in addiction recovery (29.15)

Colin has worked with clients with different kinds of addictions to different substances – from alcohol, nicotine and drugs to gambling. He says that the mental aspect of addiction can be resolved in hypnosis by impressing the subconscious mind with new decisions and habits. However, even though someone may have resolved to recover, there can be physical barriers to recovery with withdrawals.

Internal inspiration, external motivation (31.28)

Colin outlines the difference between inspiration and motivation. He explains motivation as coming from an external source such as a motivational speaker. Inspiration, however, is internal and is more sustainable. He draws the analogy of a car, where inspiration is the battery that powers it while motivation is the jumper cables. He can help those with the internal desire to change, but not if they have no desire to do so.

Freedom from limitations (32.39)

Colin enjoys working with people with phobias and helping them live their lives to the fullest. Helping someone overcome their fear of flying enables them to travel, for example. The most pressing need of people, however, is connecting with others without preconceptions and biases. Colin uses hypnosis to help people do well in networking events, build comfort, safety and trust, and create relationships from a foundation of self-awareness and self-understanding.

Emotional Mastery (36.30)

Colin once helped a finance professional deliver an estate cheque to a widowed mother. Even though it was an emotionally charged and difficult task, he trained her to tap into her emotions and energy and channelize them in a way that made her confident to carry it out, enabling her to see that her job was to help people. He describes it as “manipulation of that emotional connection but in a good way”.

Masks and manipulation (40.20)

Colin says that hypnosis helps in getting rid of “the masks and the airs” we put on as we go through life so we can be true to ourselves. Even though people are authentic according to their abilities, there is a tendency to layer fakeness over that authenticity. He discounts that by assigning the responsibility to what we learn in school, practising wearing different hats and losing sight of the person underneath.

You’re falling into a deep, deep sleep (42.20)

Colin says that pendulums were used way back in the 1800s as objects to focus on to distract the gatekeeper, but modern hypnotists use their voice and conduct the process asking the clients to close their eyes. It is a more sensitive process today. However, he doesn’t disregard props as they can be effective in stage shows. The outcome the hypnotist is working towards determines which props are used.

The AAA trick to networking (43.56)

Colin shares a networking strategy called AAA, in which you ask someone you meet at a networking event a psychology question, to pick which profession they would like to pursue and explain the personality traits associated with each – astronaut (calculated risk-takers), actor (center of attention) or accountant (play by the book). This helps distract their conscious mind and helps develop deeper connections.

Anchor into your happy place (53.22)

Colin asks his clients to do a task in their mind under hypnosis – like writing a letter and putting it in one’s back pocket- to create an anchor. He says the anchor keeps you in the place you have reached in your subconscious mind and can help you find your way back. It builds confidence and the strength to move forward into healing instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything being experienced.

Stay in touch! (56.27)

 For more such insights from Colin, visit his website and call or email him.

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Master Your Life Recovery Road Episode 8 ~ Leaha Mattinson, Greg Bird and Hypnotist Colin Christopher