CH1 MYL EP0056 Recovery Road Episode 9 Coming Into Alignment

Episode Highlight

Join Leaha Mattinson and Greg Bird as they speak to Janice Baskin about her courageous fight with cancer, her perseverance to run a marathon and her commitment to align her life with her values.

Quotable Quotes

2.39 – 3.02: “Sometimes, people feel like if I give to you, therefore, you will give to me, and I like to think about it a little bit more like a big swirling pool of giving where I give to you and maybe you give to somebody and then they give to somebody and somewhere in that big cosmic chain of everything that’s happening, it comes back to you.”

6.37- 6.53  “I think that’s what makes someone a leader is not to tell people what to do but to show them the path and then… by sharing stories and by sharing your own experiences and then asking them to come along for the ride with you.”

7.19 – 7.25: “My favourite thing in the world is leading a group of people or watching a group of people do something that they didn’t even know was possible.”

9.12 – 9.23: “A lot of us, we sell ourselves short and we don’t give ourselves credit for the things that we are so capable of especially when we connect with other people.”

36.10 – 36.15: “Marriage is about communication, and when you work together, it’s even more about communication.”

43.58 – 44.08 “I think it’s super important that we… not walk around with a group of ‘yes’ people, that we have people in our lives as well that will disagree with us in a respectful way.”


Givers Gain, Relaxers Succeed (1.20)

Janice Baskin was recently awarded the highest honour by BNI (Business Network International), the Givers Gain Award. She explains that ‘givers gain’ is the core philosophy of BNI, which she has inspired other members with, and there is much to gain by giving selflessly, both in business and in life. She also stands by the idea that rest and relaxation are an integral part of a successful life, and that we don’t have to be constantly working to have a good life.

Leading The Biggest Loser (8.03)

Janice talks about leadership as inspiring people to do their best. She recalls watching the TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’ and feeling awed by the challenges the participants took on which helped them see that they could succeed at what they thought was an insurmountable task. She believes that everyone has the potential to do more than they believe they can, and a good leader helps them recognize that ability.

The Cancer Cocoon (9.25)

When Janice was 34, she was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer and struggled through a very long period of radiation, surgery, external devices and chemotherapy. She claims she spent a lot of time withdrawing from the world, feeling sorry for herself. She began to take steps to take control of the situation, not wanting to ever live that life again. She decided that she would do everything she could to “live life to the fullest”.

Random Acts of Kindness (12.35)

Janice discovered the goodness of humanity when she stepped out of her shell. People who had never met her but had heard her story would drop food outside her door. One day, her ex-boss from 3-4 years ago, called her to let her know she was thinking about her. Janice says that it was these small moments that made her see the wonderfulness of the world, and that “people are incredible if you let them in”.

Building Better Relationships (14.05)

Janice says that sometimes people pay lip service to the idea of building relationships, assuming that liking or commenting on a social media post is doing the job. She states that identifying a few people in your life whom you connect with you on a deeper level, sharing thought and values, is important. Having a community has been the foundation that has supported her during her recovery, in her business and in her mental health.

The Cross Cancer Community (16.40)

Janice was a part of a medical study researching the benefits of exercise in treating colorectal cancer during her treatment. 5 days a week for 8 weeks, she would work out with other patients, a group of 70-75-year-old men. They would encourage her to work out when she felt tired, and she would chat about life, children and politics with them. In them, she found the sense of community she had been looking for since her diagnosis.

Run Janice Run (21.30)

Once Janice was declared cancer-free, she decided to run the Boston Marathon. She needed to qualify for that race by completing another marathon in 3 hours and 40 minutes. When she couldn’t complete the Holbrook, AZ desert marathon in time, she ran the Phoenix, AZ marathon next year and qualified. In 2019, she ran the Boston Marathon, which was “humbling and incredible and amazing”.

Tik Tok on the clock but the party won’t stop (26.13)

Janet and her husband Chris love using social media, especially Tik Tok, to promote their business, Camelot Interiors, which they joined forces on to spend more time together. They express their true selves, and the audience loves it! Their social media strategy is to have a good time, send positive vibes, promote good causes, and if business comes along, they celebrate, but the aim is just to be themselves.

Working In Love (32.40)

When Janice joined her husband in the business, she came from a background of having been an employee. She claims that it was a big challenge to accept the “feast and famine of being a business owner”. Another challenge was the new perspective she brought to an 11-12-year-old business causing some differences of opinion in how to run the business, but they work on enhancing their communication each week.

Marketing Makes Modifications (36.20)

Marketing has been the biggest change in the business since her joining, Janice observes. Due to the changes in the market and the homebuilding industry in Edmonton, they have ventured into different markets like commercial and retail. They rely on social media to spread the word instead of littering the neighbourhood with flyers. BNI has also been a great way to network and generate business leads.

No Man (42.40)

You might have a problem if you are the only person in charge of the ideas in your company, says Janice. She recommends finding a community of people whom you can trust but who don’t share the same belief systems as you. These people can make your ideas better by challenging them and providing a different perspective. “If everyone is just telling us what we want to hear, we don’t grow”, she remarks.

The Little Eyes Are Watching (44.17)

“My biggest thing with my kids is that they might not ever listen to the things I have to say but they will always see the things that I do”, Janice notes. She, therefore, works to set a good example for her children. Her youngest son asked her how she manages to stay positive when things don’t go her way, and she was surprised that he had even noticed. She tries to infuse their lives with support, positivity and encouragement.

Nama-stay Away From Negativity (49.55)

Being positive was a critical skill that Janice honed during her battle with cancer. During her meditation, which she says is “about learning to watch your mind and the impact it is having”,  she focuses on not feeling overwhelmed by the thoughts that arise. While during cancer she may have allowed her mind to believe the story of negativity, she now works to notice it and allow it to pass.

The Alignment Problem (52.31)

Janice feels discord when she does something which doesn’t align with her values and pays attention to any action that makes her feel disconnected. She quit drinking a few years ago because she did not like who she became each time she had too much to drink. She continues to make small changes in her life which bring her more into alignment with who she is, making her feel in flow with the universe.

Stay in touch! (57.49)

Janice is active on Instagram and you can DM her on @janicebaskin or @camelot interiors. She signs off by sharing the song Here I Go Again by Whitesnake to inspire us to chase after what we want!

Master Your Life- Recovery Road Episode 9:

Coming Into Alignment with Janice Baskin