CH1 MYL EP0059 Regenerate and Rejuvenate Episode 7 with Master Lee Holden

Episode Highlight

Join Leaha Mattinson as she speaks to Lee Holden about his docuseries, The Superhuman Experience, training our minds to become superhuman, and harnessing our energy for our health and wellbeing.

Quotable Quotes

6.32 – 6.48: “Too frequently, we’re… looking to the external to try to change other people, change the external circumstances when if we change first our internal, we really have a whole different way in which life shows up for us.”

13.56 – 14.03: “We really need to have experiences to distill wisdom, otherwise it’s just in our heads.”

20.50 – 20.57: “Meditation is the mirror to your mind so that you can start to work on your thinking process and your consciousness.”


Being superhuman (4.25)

Lee is the producer, content curator and narrator of the docuseries The Superhuman Experience, inspiring stories of people who have achieved their greatest potential. Lee believes we all have a seed of potential within us, which needs to be nourished for self-actualization. The ‘experience’ is meant to educate, inspire action and help people design their lives wilfully.

East meets west (9.22)

The people featured in the docuseries who can manipulate energy were discovered by travelling to the Himalayas, China, Russia and other places across the globe. Lee then interviewed scientists, researchers, doctors and thought leaders in the energy space to uncover how these techniques can help viewers achieve results in their lives and as a global consciousness.

How do you know? (13.52)

Lee believes that information is not enough and that transformational learning only takes place when that knowledge is experienced and becomes wisdom, then skill sets, then capacities. Stress comes from a misinformed perceived danger, and we need to practice to develop a positive perspective to guide our life force energy.

Qi Gong and meditation for life mastery (18.27)

Lee claims that the first step to mastering your life is energy mastery, harmonizing the energies of our inner and outer worlds. The docuseries explores how people go within to control how energy is manifested externally. Qi Gong is an ancient practice to hone our mindset to manage stress, while meditation helps streamline the thoughts you want to manifest into reality.

Breathe deeply, live well (26.01)

Lee explains that although we can’t control many systems in our body, the breath is under our control. You can use the breath to control the stream of thoughts in your mind, guiding it away from its default of negative thinking. “We’re either in survival mode or we’re invested in our happiness”, Lee says, so we must veer towards our wellbeing through breath control.

Tools to train the brain (29.18)

Lee explains that while the brain makes up only 3% of body weight, it uses 25-30% of the oxygen we breathe. We need to harness the power and influence the brain has for optimal results. Lee suggests trying the off-beat techniques of Qi Gong and meditation to unlock energy that we haven’t tried before to get different results than what we may be currently experiencing.

You are only as old as you think (33.30)

Lee observes that children often discuss what superpower they would like to have since their imagination is not limited. However, education and upbringing shut it down and even though our brains continue to have neuroplasticity, we don’t develop our skills beyond a point. Using the brain’s agility to learn and garner wisdom gives a different perspective to ageing.

The serious business of not being serious (38.02)

Lee offers Qi Gong teacher training, which encompasses energy, mind, movement and breath. You can use the lessons in enhancing your own life or also teach it professionally or to family and friends. The 16-week self-paced program, complete with live Q&As, masterclasses, personal coaching and a Facebook community, is designed to help you learn while having fun.

Stay in touch! (45.40)

You can access Lee’s Teacher Training course on his website. Also, check out the docuseries The Superhuman Experience on people who have developed superhuman abilities by cultivating their energy.

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Master Your Life – Regenerate and Rejuvenate Episode 7:

Superhuman Experience with Lee Holden