CH1 MYL EP0061 Regenerate and Rejuvenate Episode 8 with Steve Scholl

Episode Highlight 

Join Leaha Mattinson as she speaks to Steve Scholl of Community Shield about building immunity against COVID-19 and his efforts in improving the health of communities and rehabilitating convicts.  

Quotable Quotes 

38.26 – 38.34: “We all have to do our own little part, whatever we can, to help accomplish that… goal to help the world get better.”  

39.18 – 39.26: “If we can make a difference, that’s what life’s all about to us. If we can help anybody, that’s what we want to do.” 


Community-focussed approach (1.02) 

When the pandemic hit, Steve and his business partner, who had always had a philanthropic focus, began supplying masks to hospital districts and to other doctors and clinics. Wanting to help in more ways, they reached out to their network of contacts and resources of 25 years, and the time and money their hedge fund afforded them, to expand their reach to underserved communities worldwide, providing PPEs, tests, vaccines and therapeutics. 

The world around COVID (5.03) 

Steve laments that many companies are trying to take advantage of consumers in this vulnerable time. When COVID becomes common like the flu, Steve wants to explore how to manage health in the face of it and is encouraged by the quick development of the vaccine. “Whether you believe in vaccines or not, you see what we can do as a world when we really need to come up with solutions”, he notes. 

Build immunity, shield community (8.52) 

“When we live in this world, we have literally hundreds of millions, maybe more of microbes that are trying to kill us”, Steve observes, and that we only have our immune system to fight against it. No treatments will work if the immune system doesn’t, even if they succeed in alleviating some symptoms temporarily. Community Shield works on shielding the community by developing the immune system.  

Therapeutics and vaccinations (14.08) 

Steve shares that India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, had to temporarily stop all exports to address the vaccine shortage within the country. Therapeutics, however, are easier to transport and can be self-administered. He partnered with TSI after discovering their suicide-detection blood tests, clinical research-backed biomedical devices and high-quality neutraceuticals which boost the immune system to protect against diseases like COVID. 

Transformative healing (28.58) 

Steve personally experimented with two of TSI’s nutraceuticals, NanoStilbene™ and QuadraMune, to see if they worked better together or instead of each other. While he claims that different combinations work for different people, the immune-boosting effects of both keep him youthful and stress-free about microbes. His business partner found his joint pains and body aches of many years almost disappearing with QuadraMune 

Dr. Prison (39.46) 

Steve began a nonprofit called Dr. Prison in 2004, to prepare people going to jail for the first time through one-on-one counselling with those who have been incarcerated. They use simulated scenarios that they can expect in prison, and discuss tools to deal with those occurrences. They also learn about addictions and how a supportive environment after the prison term can help people integrate back into society.  

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Master Your Life – Regenerate and Rejuvenate Episode 8:

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