CH1 MYL EP0063 Regenerate and Rejuvenate Episode 9 with Tim Dixon

Episode Highlight 

Join Leaha Mattinson as she speaks to Tim Dixon, the CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International Inc., about dementia, brain injuries, PTSD and the supplements to fight these and live a long, healthy life. 

Quotable Quotes 

6.12 – 6.18: “The immune system and the brain are interconnected and the gut is interconnected with all of it.”  

9.44 – 09.45: “The brain is completely plastic.” 

12.35 – 13.39: “It’s one thing to just think ‘I feel 40’ but what are you doing to take care of yourself?”  

28.04 – 28.29: “For the most part, people who right now are 50/60/70/80… they’ve eaten pretty well through their lives. Especially if you’re in your 80s… you didn’t live on McDonald’s, you weren’t raised on McDonald’s but we have generations that have been raised on these fast foods and … that’s terrible.”  

46.01 – 46.10: “I think we should make stuff that works and not pretend… otherwise… You’re wasting your time if you are.”  


Dementia is more than forgetfulness (1.43) 

Tim cites the production of certain proteins in the brain which “eat the cells up” as the reason for various degrees of chronic neuroinflammation, giving rise to dementia. Even though forgetfulness can plague anyone, it can become more profound with age. Dementia is pronounced forgetfulness and requires a clinical examination. TSI’s subsidiary, Campbell Neurosciences is exclusively focused on brain issues.  

How to prevent dementia (4.50)  

Conditions like dementia can diminish the quality of life too, bringing with it stress, shame or guilt, Tim observes. However, we can take some preventative measures like eating right to ensure the gut is in balance with the body, sleeping well, exercising and slowing down. Working too hard without a vacation “wears down our immune systems” but reading can keep the mind stimulated and active. 

Secrets to staying young (11.50) 

Tim feels hopeful about medical advances and research which can help prevent ageing. He lives with a young mindset, takes actions to keep himself young and doesn’t let age bog him down. His product NanoStilbene, a nanoparticle formulation of pterostilbene found in blueberries, is a potent immunity builder. Its intranasal delivery ensures quick uptake into the bloodstream and whole-body distribution to deactivate brain microglia and prevent inflammation.  

The trauma of brain injuries (20.54) 

Tim’s focus of research has been chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) caused by repeated traumatic brain injuries. This is connected with other brain conditions that are associated with microglia activation and inflammatory proteins like interleukin 6 which destroy the brain matter. He shares the story of a football player whose memory and cognition had been impaired after a concussion but a few months of taking NanoStilbene™ restored his functioning. 

Supplements to fight PTSD (28.01) 

Tim would like to see military personnel take NanoStilbene™ to prevent their hyperactivated microglia from manifesting PTSD through brain inflammation. Since the concentration of the molecule is not available through diet, Tim believes supplementation is necessary to stop damaging inflammation. Another product, QuadraMune™ has been found to reduce inflammatory molecules in the brain.  

Data-backed results (36.23) 

Tim’s company has collated subjective data through samples and anecdotal feedback, and objective data through clinical trials for their products, and they found NanoStilbene to have more bioavailability and potency than other supplements on the market. QuadraMune™ boosts immunity to help fight against diseases like COVID-19. An asthmatic patient who took this product for immunity building also found his asthma improving.  

Live a long life, well! (47.08) 

Tim’s aunt turned 101 last week, and besides good genes, she takes care of her food, exercise and mind. He believes all those factors are important in ensuring a good life, and that “whatever years we have, we can have more.” 

Master your life!  

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Master Your Life – Regenerate and Rejuvenate Episode 9:

Dementia-Nutraceuticals and Therapeutics-Treatment and Prevention of Dementia with Tim Dixon