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CH1 MYL EP0049 Regenerate and Rejuvenate Episode 4


Episode Highlight 

 Join Leaha Mattinson as she speaks to Steve Scholl of Community Shield about fear, his work with reptiles and wild mammals, boosting one’s immune system to protect against COVID, beneficial nutraceuticals and mental wellness.

Quotable Quotes 

 11.28 – 11.34: “Humans are born with only two fears… the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.” 

 12.34 – 12.40: “Something you can’t see, feel or touch, that makes you sick and can kill you is pretty fearful.” 

 21.08 – 21.20: “Everybody is understanding that doctors, government… all those things that we used to depend on that gave us health security… is now really up to us.” 

 40.42 – 40.57: “It’s an amazing… connection… between your gut health, your immune system and how that really controls everything that’s trying to attack your body.” 


 Spurred on by COVID (1.33) 

 When COVID first came to light, Steve and his business partner of 20 years began investigating ways to help and started a company called Community Shield, a telemedicine provider for home testings, therapeutics and nutraceuticals. Even though they too felt the fear and gravity of the situation, it planted the seed for meaningful innovation.  

 The power of networks (4.13) 

 Steve and his partner reached out to their existing contacts – people they had done business with before, medical professionals, chemists, communications specialists – to create a way forward during the pandemic. After conducting research and understanding testing, they developed their offerings. 

Like Steve Irwin (6.58) 

 Steve shares that he is interested in venomous reptiles and has worked with pharmaceutical companies to test if the venom of offspring has the same attributes as parent venom, which is used to synthesize blood thinners like Warfarin. He has also worked on other critical illness medications for Alzheimer’s and AIDS. 

 Should we be afraid? (9.22) 

 Steve respects the powers of dangerous animals but he knows how to conduct himself around them in controlled conditions. He has also worked with big cats in hostile situations, being called in for drug raids where they were guarding the stash. If you work with the tendencies of the animal, you can control the situation, and not feel fear, he states.  

 COVID, on the other hand, is a situation that is harder to gain control over, since you cannot see the virus, Steve claims. This may increase helplessness since people would be paranoid about any of the several ways in which they can come in contact with the virus – keeping their windows open, receiving mail, visiting people, etc. 

 Unburden your immune system (18.34) 

 In the course of his research, Steve discovered that our body can have internal inflammation without us realizing it, which burdens the immune system. He realized that by changing what we ingest, we can take responsibility for healing the inflammation and reducing the load on the immune system so it is free to fight other illnesses.  

 Nifty nutraceuticals (24.50) 

 Swimming through the plethora of information on the internet about supplements, Steve finally discovered nutraceuticals, which are geared to deal with inflammation and boost immunity. He found they helped with his sleep and digestion. He recommends taking steps to improve your own health so you can protect yourself and others, especially during COVID. 

 Powerful partnership (32.47) 

 Steve points out that cancer treatments also include immunotherapy today. Recognizing that each person’s immunity reacts differently to disease, Steve came upon Therapeutic Solutions International Inc.’s QuadraMune made from vegetables and herbs scientifically proven to improve immunity. He found it improved his sleep and concentration and reduced aches. 

 His company Community Shield has entered into an agreement with Therapeutic Solutions International Inc. Steve is wowed by the clinical research conducted by them, their patents, the attention to detail at their facility, and the knowledge base of the CEO, Tim Dixon. This partnership strengthens the focus on immunity and leveraging that to make wellness accessible. 

 Mental well-being (41.22) 

 Steve blames the negative “barrage of information” around us for the panicked, on-edge, fearful state of mind we live in. Since beginning QuadraMune, he feels calmer and protected, which helps him feel healthier emotionally and psychologically. “The results I feel physically make me feel more confident emotionally as we relate to the COVID threat”, he shares. 

 Take the first step (47.33) 

 Steve encourages the listeners to conduct research on factors that affect mental and physical health. Especially during the pandemic, there are different psychological triggers that magnify ill-health. He suggests taking the first step towards mitigating the problem instead of falling back on addictions.  

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Steve Scholl of Community Shield about fear, his work with reptiles, boosting one’s immune system to protect against COVID, nutraceuticals & mental wellness.