CH1 MYL EP0044: Regenerate and Rejuvenate ~ Building Physical and Mental Health Immunity

Episode Highlight

 Join Leaha Mattinson as she speaks to guest Greg Bird about the modalities and technologies that are especially relevant during the pandemic, using biofeedback to reclaim health, and tapping into the healing powers of nature.

Quotable Quotes

 19.40 – 19.52: “It’s wrecking relationships… it’s decimating those families… it’s mind-blowing… to think how this virus has really affected us in such a way that we didn’t even expect”. (Greg)

22.20 – 22.32: “When our mental health isn’t good and we’re thinking thoughts that are on the not-so-optimal side, that’s affecting not just your own immunity but the immunity of the people whom you’re living with.” (Leaha)

41.50 – 41.54: “With neurology, things that fire together, wire together.” (Leaha)

55.27 – 55.31: “It doesn’t matter where you live; we are all looking up at the same big sky.” (Leaha)


 Fear Factor (1.54)

Greg shares how the theme of his family’s Easter dinner was fear, with Alberta reentering a lockdown. Leaha adds that people have been afraid for their immunity, worried about contracting COVID in what has been more than a year of the pandemic.

Is it the flu? Is it strep throat? It’s COVID! (3.24)

Greg recalls his trip to Houston, Texas in early 2020 from which he returned with a high fever, chills, sore throat, runny nose and heaviness in his chest. Undiagnosed for COVID, he visited his trusted acupuncturist who healed him after working on his energy meridians.

Fix you – and your qi (8.21)

Leaha identifies that the acupuncturist unblocked Greg’s qi, or life force energy and brought it back in alignment. Greg said the needles didn’t hurt, he slept better after and needed no medication to get better. He recommends everyone try acupuncture with an open mind.

Acupuncture vs. medication (10.33)

The last time Greg was similarly ill was when his kids brought home the H1N1 virus, and they were all sick with fever and chills. He tried Tamiflu and Ibuprofen, but the illness lasted for more than a week and made him take time off work for the first time in 5-6 years.

Immunity building is a skill (12.03)

Leaha notes that viruses travel the planet and make people sick but human immune systems get upgraded to fight the viruses. Greg explains that appropriate sleep patterns, staying active and eating healthy have helped him build his immunity.

Is the food good? (14.01)

Leaha laments that big corporations like Monsanto and Cargill have compromised food quality. She suggests assessing the bioavailability of nutraceuticals before consuming them. Her knowledge and research have kept her fairly healthy throughout her life.

The power of Qi Gong (16.51)

As a Qi Gong teacher, Leaha can practise self-acupuncture. She describes Qi Gong as a playful combination of yoga, meditation and weight training. She learnt medicinal Qi Gong from Lee Holden, which can be used to build immunity and alleviate pains.

Preserving life during the pandemic (19.27)

Greg’s colleague unexpectedly committed suicide during COVID. Leaha mentions that there has been a 300% rise in Canadian children attempting or committing suicide. She recommends mental health immunity programs for the self and community.

Are you feeling good? (23.51)

Greg encourages us to pick up the phone and ask our loved ones if they are okay. Leaha reminds us that our biggest task is to help people feel good at this moment, and find things to lift their mood, like the song Feeling Good by Michael Bublé!

Live long and prosper (29.08)

Greg reminisces that his favourite childhood show was Star Trek, and speaks about the body scanning machine he saw on it. That technology has now been made possible through biofeedback machines which help one take charge of their health!

Biofeedback for health (30.09)

The first time Leaha underwent a biofeedback scan, she had probes attached to her fingertips. The scan results showed her hurting vertebrae in red even though she had revealed no information. They were able to treat her well using the results. Greg had the same experience.

Reclaim your health (33.48)

Leaha explains that biofeedback scans help assess your aura, energy meridians, systems functionality, food sensitivities, pathogens and immunology in a matter of seconds. It is a useful tool to help take control of your health.

Ingenious healing (36.30)

The Genius Biofeedback app is a mobile app that offers a 2-week free trial. It analyzes your body, suggests appropriate healing modalities and plays balancing tones to help you correct any functionalities you didn’t know were malfunctioning.

COVID 19 (45.00)

Greg quips that COVID 19 is the new Freshman 15, where feeling low can get you stuck in a rut of weight gain and self-paralysis. Leaha adds that weight gain can also change your mindset about health.

Your child is watching (46.13)

Greg recalls having nightmares as a child from watching the show The Twilight Zone. He urges parents to pay attention to the media their children are consuming. Leaha warns that kids today are on their devices now more than ever, but biofeedback can predict any problematic proclivity.

Unplugging (51.18)

An antidote to the device addiction is spending time in nature, unplugged. Greg and Leaha are planning a Master Your Life camping trip to stargaze and discuss astronomy and astrology. Stay tuned for more updates on their travels!

Connection and community (53.11)

Leaha expounds on the importance of connecting with people during this period of isolation to build emotional immunity. She guides us to look for ways to take control of our mental health and create a sense of community.

 Stay in touch! (56.02)

Get connected with Leaha and Greg at They sign off with David Cook’s song Time Of My Life, reminding you to work towards making even this difficult time, the time of your life!

Master Your Life ~ Regenerate and Rejuvenate ~ Leaha Mattinson and guest Greg Bird chat about emerging health technologies for improving physical, mental and emotional health.