CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP018 - Why Canada must privatize healthcare

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP019 – its time for Canada to privatize healthcare

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP019 – Its time for Canada to Privatize Healthcare

This is how socialism always turns into tyranny.

Our government has become so corrupt and so inept, that even prior to this public health crisis, they were unable to properly handle our health care requirements. Massive delays for even simple procedures has been the norm for years and years at this point.

When greater than 50% of our taxes go towards healthcare, and when we have spent our way to a $1.5 TRILLION DOLLAR national debt, we must at least start asking where our money has gone.

How is it possible that our most senior civil servants retire so wealthy, while our healthcare system was, and continually is, on the brink of collapse. Our healthcare system was so massively mismanaged and corrupt, that even the slightest spike represents an impending collapse.

I imagine its easier for our politicians to avoid this discussion entirely. Instead, they will argue that we must all sacrifice now, so that our healthcare system doesn’t collapse. As they strip more and more freedoms away from us, they blame us for the complete ineffectiveness and impending collapse of our healthcare system. How dare you go to the gym? You are the reason we must continue these lockdowns. How dare you have family over for Thanksgiving? See how selfish you are! You are putting lives at risk, and now you will ruin everyone’s Christmas.

Truthfully, its much easier to blame the tax payers and turn the tax payers against each other. I imagine a full investigation into our horrifically inefficient healthcare system and tracking and auditing the associated money trail would likely be something the vast majority of our public servants would prefer to avoid.

CH1 Podcast – Andrew Rouchotas – EP018 – Its time for Canada to privatize healthcare

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