CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP020 - Double Rabbit Punch MaFunGool

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP020 – Double Rabbit Punch MaFungool

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP020 – Double Rabbit Punch MaFunGool

Lets use the National Post here to demonstrate just how corrupt and malicious our media have become. How they drive narratives to form opinions – and more horrifyingly – outcomes. This ladies and gentlemen is how freedom is lost. This is how democracies crumble into tyranny. Anyone naive enough to fall for this nonsense, anyone lacking even the minimal self respect required to at least think for ones self, you know, to form your own opinions – are directly complicit in the outcome we are seeing.

National Post – June 25th 2020 – Stuart Thompson

Some experts have speculated that outdoor transmission is so rare with COVID-19 that even a highly risky event like a protest (Black Lives Matter) is relatively safe, especially compared to large events held indoors.

Stuart Thompson – National Post

Shockingly however, by the time December came around, Don Braid, again with the National Post, seemingly believes the science has now changed. Based on nothing more than the political leanings of those participating in protests.

It almost defies belief that the premier would exempt anti-mask demonstrators from the new mandatory rule that limits outdoor gatherings to 10 people

Don Braid – National Post

Don Braid, an actual “journalist”, with a straight face, will tell you that Black Lives Matter protests – AGAINST CANADA AND CANADIANS – are perfectly safe. Meanwhile, those protesting our governments policies are “anti-masker” terrorists who represent a grave threat to public safety.

These dangerous individuals should have their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms stripped, and they should be arrested and charged accordingly.

For his crimes against democracy and freedom, I bestow Don Braid, with the prestigious double rabbit punch mafungool propagandist of the year award.

I also found the absolutely PERFECT job posting for Don Braid.

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP020 – Double Rabbit Punch MaFunGool

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National Post – during Black Lives Matter protests – June 25th 2020 –

National Post – during anti-government protests – Dec 2020 – Don Braid –
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