CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas with Leaha Mattinson - EP018

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas with Leaha Mattinson – EP018

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas with Leaha Mattinson EP018

Adamson’s BBQ clearly brings into focus the horror which is representative of socialism gone too far.

While big brand, government aligned corporate entities – such as Walmart, Costco and Home Depot operate unimpeded, a small business owner like Adam Skelly has had the full force of the state sicked on him. Licensing departments, zoning departments, fire safety departments and public health offices.

Of course, for defying the state, determined to sell smoked meat, the man was labelled a threat to public health and safety. They literally sent in an army to deal with this threat. In pure gestapo fashion, 100 police officers, along with mounted police, were called to subdue this grave threat to society. The man has been fined, charged, arrested and imprisoned. All because he dared to oppose the state. All because he dared to sell smoked meat under a small brand, not endorsed or supported by the government.

Meanwhile, a local Toronto Barber Shop is granted a permit as an “essential business”, because they sell oranges.

Truthfully, Adamson BBQ owner Mr Skelly, flaunted his rights and privileges to the government. Embarrassing them and coaxing them into a reaction. Even more truthfully, the state has shown themselves for the power hungry monsters they have become. Free and Democratic societies do not accommodate a state deciding smoked meat is a public health and safety risk, while a barber shop selling oranges is essential.

This is authoritarianism.

The only thing more disgusting than the actions of our state, are the lemming, mindless minions, who support our hypocritical and tyrannical overlords. Those dutiful shrieking at anyone in noncompliance. Those repeating the propagandist media’s labels like well trained parrots – all while collecting their cheque from their authoritarian government overlords.

There are zero scenarios in a country like Canada which accommodate such government overreaches.

Geopolitically, Communist China should be concerning to absolutely everyone right now. If this is not Communist China, why does our society suddenly resemble them so closely?

CH1 Podcast – Andrew Rouchotas with Leaha Mattinson – EP018

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