CH1 Podcast EP004 - Science, Logic and Reason have left the building

All Science, Logic and Reason have left the building

CH1 Podcast EP004 – All Science, Logic and Reason have left the building

Watching society crash back into the dark ages is certainly something to behold. Back to a time where sacrifices were made to sun gods in order to fend off droughts and people got a cold, because well, they were cold.

Mandatory masking is something I can simply not accept in our society. Everyone please spare me the mindless authoritarian group think when it comes to this subject. If you think a mask is protecting you, you wear a mask. Where I draw the line is when mindless indoctrinated lemmings feel they possess the moral authority required to demand I wear a mask, or my daughter wear a mask – you know for their safety. These same people who smoke too much, drink too much, eat like crap and don’t exercise. These same people who refuse to give up their cars, even though 3-4x more people will die from driving related incidents each and every year, vs deaths from COVID. If you are going to try and self righteously impose such measures on others – from your perch of perceived moral privilege – under the guise of “your safety”, you better damn well know what you are talking about. In a similar fashion, our various “Ministers of Public Health” better be following actual science – not this ritualized paganistic ideology attempting to justify this authoritarian nonsense on society.

COVID-19 is not the first “pandemic” humanity has faced, and it won’t be the last. I used the “scare quotes” around the word “pandemic”, as by every possible definition of the word, COVID-19 does not meet the requirements for a classification of “pandemic”. Factually speaking however, whether COVID-19 meets the requirements for its current classification or not, is completely irrelevant. Language however does matter, and this is just yet another example of how indoctrinated zealots modify the definition of words in order to accommodate their narratives. We can see such alterations to the definition of common words all the time. Sadly for us, every time this has been done throughout history, it doesn’t end well for the population which allows language and words to have their meanings altered. Why for example are the definition of so many words being altered with respect to COVID-19? For example, when, in the history of medicine, have we ever “quarantined” healthy people. Quarantine is the isolation of sick or infected people in order to stop the spread of a virus, or bacteria or pathogen, etc. Locking healthy people in their homes is not “quarantine”, it is, by definition, house arrest. Again, words, and their actual definitions matter. They matter a lot.

Anyone with a background and education in Biology, have known from day 1, that our handling of COVID has been completely ridiculous. Forcing citizens – the general public – to wear masks has zero basis in scientific reality. There is simply no scientific or medical justification for this absurdity. I know at this point, I am going to get people listing off the studies which demonstrate the viability of wearing a mask with respect to stopping the spread of a virus. None of these studies existed prior to COVID (you should maybe ask how and why that is), and all of those studies are fundamentally and scientifically flawed. They are pure nonsense. The scientific method exists for a reason, and I will not even entertain the discussion of “scientific studies” created from an ideological perspective with a pre-determined objective in place. The actual science here is irrefutable. Wearing masks, at best, may, in some very specific scenarios, provide some protection from spreading a virus. They are functionally useless in society as a whole. The fact the mask laws simply state “something” has to be worn across your face and airways, is completely laughable. A piece of fabric, or a bandana or a scarf or hand knitted “whatever” provides absolutely no one, any protection from anything. Though, I will concede that the psychological benefit and perception of safety is likely an important factor for some people. That however, is not my responsibility. You deal with your psychological issues with your psychiatrist, and leave me and my family out of it.

There are however 100s and maybe 1000s of studies, done over decades, which simply invalidate the use of masks, even surgical masks, with respect to preventing the spread of viruses. For pete’s sake, there is a warning right on the freaking boxes that these masks do not stop the spread of viruses. Surgeons and dentists wear these masks to prevent bacteria and other contaminants from entering open wounds – and they are trained to the point of abuse on how to properly apply and wear those masks, and they are mostly working in controlled environments. I think simple scientific understanding is a real issue here. A viron (virus molecule) is measured in “microns”. A COVID-19 viron for example measures at 0.012-0.5 MICRONS. I’m simply not sure how else to explain this. You either understand the scale of a viron relative to a surgical mask or a piece of fabric, or you don’t. This entire notion of “droplets” carrying the virus, although technically scientifically accurate, again is demonstrative of altering language and definitions of words in order to accommodate a narrative. The best example I can provide, and men will definitely understand this better than women, but, its like taking a leak through a chain link fence. Sure, a tiny fraction of the virons exhaled in the droplets may be unlucky enough to stick to the fence.

But, what happens if you keep pissing on that spot on that same fence, over and over again all day? the fence just gets dirty and, well, smelly. except in this case, you are breathing in the air thats passing through that fence. The fence will also catch other particles you are exhaling, and these are much bigger particles, so the fence will catch more of these. This time, throw chunks of mud at that fence. You are exhaling them for a reason and you should not be breathing them back in. The fence will also catch other particles in the air and trap them, or particles from your hands, or even worse from the floor where you picked that mask up from, or from the air in your car when you hang it from your rear view mirror. Now imagine someone cutting the lawn and having the grass cuttings fly through that wet, sticky, fence. You are breathing in the microbial equivalent to piss droplets, chunks of mud and blades of grass – during your normal daily usage of the mask – at least with respect to how most people use it.

This would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. We used to understand such simple concepts. Feminists, prior to selling their souls and their movement to radical ideologies, used to point out the suffering and oppression woman in Sharia Law Muslim countries faced wearing masks across their airways for hours at a time. The health risks and health issues suffered by these women is extremely well documented – and now we are masking OUR CHILDREN.

All the way back, a mere 5 years ago, in 2015 in Canada, nurses sued, and won, for the right not to be forced to wear masks, IN HOSPITALS, even during Influenza outbreaks. This was for surgical masks. Lets not even discuss fabric masks and how absolutely laughable that notion is.

Experts testified that it was illogical to force healthy nurses to wear masks, and Hayes concluded the masks were not protecting patients or nurses from the flu.

“The sad part about it is it was giving our patients a false sense of security, and we knew that,” said Haslam-Stroud.


There is simply no explanation for mandatory masks in our society, except ideological and political ones. As bluntly as I can put it, thats not good enough. When this obviously is not about the science, you must start asking – what exactly is this about? The fact I can wear a scarf across my face and meet the “public safety” standards, is beyond ridiculous. The fact I can go to a restaurant and am only in danger of spreading a virus when I’m standing up, and therefore must wear a mask – however, I am perfectly safe while sitting down, would require the removal of my pre-frontal cortex to believe. Closing bars and restaurants at 10PM or 11PM or whatever, and someone validating that a businesses hours of operation, in any way what so ever, impact the spread of a virus – well… I don’t think even removing my entire brain would be enough to convince me thats based on any real science.

How about these poor kids in Saskatchewan – who simply want to play an instrument. Well, lucky for these children, their teachers and the public education administrators and public health officials are clearly demonstrating how to successfully de-evolve back into a chimpanzee. Their solution was simply to cut a slit in the masks – thereby allowing them to play their instruments, while still wearing a mask on their face. Tell me again this is about a virus?

Students in a Regina high school band class say the simple act of playing music together gives them a sense of normalcy, despite major changes to the way schools are run in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I love playing music. It just feels like home, I guess,” said Aiyana Yowin, a Grade 9 student at Sheldon Williams Collegiate.

Students rehearse inside a large auditorium, sitting two metres apart. They all face forward and blow into their brass and wind instruments through holes cut in disposable surgical masks. Those instruments — including clarinets, trombones, tubas and saxophones — also have masks over the end where the sound comes out.

Even the instruments are wearing masks

Our politicians are drunk with power. At this point, they are literally mocking us and laughing at us. Ontario Premier Doug Ford calls us “yahoo’s”, while he’s caught on film not wearing a mask. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cancels Easter and Thanksgiving for everyone, except himself, and then possesses the gall to post pictures of his families Easter celebrations on Social Media. THEY ARE LAUGHING AT US. They are also robbing us blind while doing so. When the rules don’t make sense, the only rational approach is to stop obeying the rules. This is NOT communist China, at least not yet anyway. Free people are responsible for their own actions and their own decisions. We all very well understand the risks, we all very well understand the death rates, and the specific demographics most susceptible to this virus. It’s time we all act with a bit of common sense, and a bit of bravery. Our children’s future literally depends on us. These politicians let our most vulnerable be slaughtered alone and miserable in nursing homes. Don’t think for a second that all this nonsense isn’t being played out so as to avoid being held accountable for those travesties. Protect your vulnerable, but for heavens sake, I implore you – put a stop to this nonsense before its too late.
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