CH1 Podcast EP015 - Fight or Flight

CH1 Podcast EP015 – Andrew Rouchotas – Fight or Flight

CH1 Podcast EP015 – Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight is a behavioural pattern deeply encoded into the DNA of all animals. Its existed for 10’s of 1000’s of years and is still clearly present in humans today. Even after 10’s of 1000’s of years of evolution, humans are still materially driven by this primal instinct, which is literally programmed directly into the neural network of the amygdala within your brain.

The purpose of our governments public health policies have absolutely nothing to do with saving lives. Rather, they have been designed to divide the population into conflicting groups based on nothing more than triggering their inherent and rudimentary fight or flight instinctual response. In this way, they can proceed with stealing our wealth and freedom, while we remain distracted and divided – debating case numbers, death rates and public health policies.

How is it possible that our government has spent $1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS without increasing and improving our healthcare infrastructure or capabilities, yet seemingly have enough money to massively scale out our medical quarantine infrastructure?

How is it possible that we have spent $1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS, yet 10’s of 1000’s of Canadians are falling into poverty and homelessness?

If we were really “all in this together”, we would be united in a common cause, and we would all be working towards a common goal – not at each other’s throats, and certainly not calling snitch lines on our neighbours for daring to gather with their families over Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Maybe masculinity isn’t so toxic after all. Imagine where we would all be if men were willing to give up all of the freedoms we’ve enjoyed in Canada because charging the beaches of Normandy had a 90% death rate.

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Podcast Notes

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WHO indicating 10% of the worlds population has already been infected –

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