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ch1 podcast leaha mattinson ep002 – the matrix is real with David icke

The Matrix is Real. David Icke discusses “masking,” and what’s behind the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown and economic crash. With the pressure to “go along,” how do you maintain your sovereignty? When you know what’s really at stake, how do you not?

In this interview writer, public speaker and former goalkeeper/sports broadcaster David Icke talks with Leaha about freedom of speech vs. freedom to conform and the control of information in today’s world through ‘ghost banning’ censorship.

**DISCLAIMER** 1. This is an unedited conversation with often labelled ‘professional conspiracy theorist’ David Icke. We don’t necessarily agree with all of David’s theories but thought it would be hypocritical for us to cut it.

David shares his thoughts on social media the fear of what other people think about yourself, how to overcome it and surround yourself with the right people who can support you. He also talks about life, human body, consciousness, fulfilment in life and what the word “disruptive” means to him. Whether you agree or not, some of these theories are fascinating.

Master Your Life
The Matrix is Real

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