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CH1 Podcast Leaha mattinson EP003 – What to eat with mark bittman and dr. david katz

Leaha sits down with bestselling author Mark Bittman and physician David Katz to cut through all the noise on food, health, and diet to give you the real answers you need.

What is the “best” diet? Do calories matter? And when it comes to protein, fat, and carbs, which ones are good and which are bad?

Mark Bittman and health expert David Katz answer all these questions and more in a lively and easy-to-read Q&A format. Inspired by their viral hit article on Grub Street—one of New York magazine’s most popular and most-shared articles—Bittman and Katz share their clear, no-nonsense perspective on food and diet, answering questions covering everything from basic nutrients to superfoods to fad diets.

Topics include dietary patterns (Just what should humans eat?); grains (Aren’t these just “carbs”? Do I need to avoid gluten?); meat and dairy (Does grass-fed matter?); alcohol (Is drinking wine actually good for me?); and more. Throughout, Bittman and Katz filter the science of diet and nutrition through a lens of common sense, delivering straightforward advice with a healthy dose of wit.

Master Your Life
How To Eat – All Your Food and Diet Questions Answered – Mark Bittman and Dr. David Katz

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