Andrew’s COVID Response

Conspiracy Theorist ? Here’s my Response

So apparently I’m the conspiracy theorist. I pushed out content in an attempt to educate people on the definition of “flattening the curve”. For my efforts, I was ridiculed and insulted. “People like you” are the problem they shrieked at me

So, let me get this straight

The COVID death rate is factually far lower than we were told when we initiated COVID lockdown measures

COVID targets specific demographics. People over 55 with pre existing medical conditions comprise 90% of the deaths

We have already watched our elderly be slaughtered in nursing homes

Going to the beach, visiting your dying family, going to church or your place of worship, or giving your loved ones the dignity of a funeral is too dangerous for COVID. Afterall, we must all sacrifice to “stop the spread”

BLM protests on the other hand, are strongly encouraged and pose no risk to spreading COVID

Meanwhile, we are MASKING our children to “stop the spread”. It’s almost as if we forgot that we’ve always known the health risks associated with women who, for cultural reasons, wear fabric across their airways. I’m old enough to remember, all the way back to a few years ago, when feminists used to scream about how oppressive it was for these women to wear fabric across their airways and suffer the associated health consequences. Hair loss, dental issues, serious lung issues, high miscarriage rates, high seizure rates in new born babies, etc. And now suddenly we are masking OUR CHILDREN – you know, to stop the spread of COVID

We are moving 1000’s and 1000’s and 1000’s and 1000’s of people onto permanent government assistance

The private sector is being destroyed. Small business is dying

The Toronto Mayor is officially “Defunding the Police”

I thought all of this was about saving lives. If we save just one life, it will all be worth it right? That is what we were told

So, riddle me this Batman

Why is the excessive death rate, over and above COVID, soaring in Canada?

Why are deaths from murder, suicide and overdoses soaring since the COVID measures were implemented?

Why are the #1 and #2 killers of Canadians not being diagnosed or treated? Heart disease and cancer diagnosis have dropped 80% because of the COVID measures. All of these people are not being diagnosed or treated and will die

Why are we accepting deaths, by an order of magnitude, over anything COVID could possibly do and patting ourselves on the back

Our deaths are soaring. The only deaths we’ve stopped are COVID deaths. Those seem to be pretty much gone

Our small businesses are being destroyed, our unemployment rate is soaring, our debt is soaring

And I’m the freaking conspiracy theorist

Give me a break
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