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Double CCG Sequencing

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP092 - CCG Sequencing

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” – Voltaire

People have often asked me why I am willing to fight mandatory masking so aggressively. The answer is once we accepted such scientific absurdity, once we accepted the suspension of disbelief, in order to “keep us safe”, we permitted ourselves to believe other absurdities. Outdoor transmission of a respiratory virus, “asymptomatic spread”, surface transmission of a respiratory viron and now, natural immunity being completely discarded as a dangerous conspiracy theory. The end result has been the destruction of our civil liberties, direct and indirect harm to our children and the devastation of our free market society and economy. As we clearly and flagrantly drift dangerously into socialism and authoritarianism.

Dan Lett, with the Winnipeg Free Press, fancies himself a “free press journalist” and openly celebrates the arrest of the leader of an opposing political party – IN CANADA. Dan Lett didn’t seem to mind Justin Trudeau breaking lockdowns and public health policies to participate in Black Lives Matter protests. He didn’t call for his arrest. Heck, he didn’t even question it. He in fact celebrated the BLM protests, hypocritically proclaiming them completely safe with respect to public health and safety. Dan has stayed silent as Palestine/Israel protests are waged in Manitoba, apparently representing zero threat to public health and safety. A politician with an opposing political platform however, is celebrated when arrested – you know, for public health and safety. Today I educate Dan with respect to the definition of the “free press” versus state funded Pravda propagandists.

Meanwhile, our “free press” is refusing to even ask any questions with respect to the double CCG sequencing in the COVID viron. They will not question the misinformation passed onto the Canadian public by the World Health Organization (WHO). Nor will they ask why a military officer from a hostile communist foreign country applied for a COVID-19 vaccine patent prior to the pandemic or how strange it is that they mysteriously died shortly thereafter. Heaven forbid they ask why China closed Wuhan to all domestic travel, yet allowed Wuhan international travel to stay open – all the while insisting to the WHO that travel was perfectly safe and that COVID was not even transmittable amongst humans.

Since Dan Lett with the Winnipeg Free Press won’t do his job, you know, as a self proclaimed member of the “free press”, I will.

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP092 – Double CCG Sequencing

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Historical reference of pandemic handling –

Chinese military official applied for a COVID patent,  prior to the COVID pandemic and then mysteriously died –

Communist China and the World Health Organization (WHO) –

USA (and Canada) seem to be culpable in using tax dollars to fund gain of function research –

World Health Organization loyalty to the Communist China Government –

Canadian government planning full surveillance on 28M Canadians –