CH1 Podcast EP007 - Down with the sickness

Down with the Sickness

CH1 Podcast EP007 – Down with the sickness

Normally when I get attacked on Twitter, my modus operandi would be to write an article, and record a podcast, mocking the nonsensical jibberish people vomit onto the various social media platforms. Twitter especially, is a platform, which because of its limited tweet length, is essentially, a platform practically designed to create conflict and division. Although I openly admit that I take great pleasure in ridiculing the absurdity of peoples responses to some of my tweets – and I fully acknowledge, that if you search back through some of my own tweets over the years, I am absolutely certain, I have been, and will be again, just as guilty of this phenomenon – today, I want to take a different approach here. Canadians need to understand that COVID represents an existential threat to Canada. However, the threat is not the virus. The real threat to Canada is our corrupt media and our corrupt and incompetent politicians and ministers of public health. So today, I am going to review a tweet I posted, as well as a few of the responses received. My intention here today is to present an argument and information to people, to hopefully, at least get them to reconsider their position and to at least start asking some questions.

Global News, or as I like to call them, Goebbels News, is a flagrant Communist rag tag. They are nothing more than unapologetic, radical left propagandists. There is no journalism here. The article they published here is purely, narrative focussed rhetoric. Goebbels News had the nerve to publish an article, on Canadian Thanksgiving, justifying and promoting the ARREST of a Canadian Citizen for organizing, and participating in, peaceful protests against our public health policies. More shockingly however, is the number of Canadians who agreed with this drivel.

No matter what you believe with respect to our governments handling of COVID, one thing is certain, it is simple to tell the difference between journalism and propaganda. Journalists ask questions. A Journalist would present both sides to an argument. They would question the authority of the police arresting a Canadian Citizen. Even if they concluded that the arrest was warranted (which it isn’t), they would review both sides of the discussion and ask the difficult questions. Propagandists on the other hand, deliver a narrative, with a specific intention and a pre-determined outcome and conclusion and message in mind. Just read the article Goebbels News published about this incident and decide for yourselves if this is journalism, or propaganda. No matter which side of the COVID debate you are on, you are not being honest with yourself if you cannot recognize this article is nothing more than a hit piece and flagrant piece narrative driven propaganda.

I think we all owe Chris a debt of gratitude, regardless of what you may or may not think of the man and his tactics. Personally, I didn’t approve of all of Chris Skys (Chris Saccoccias) tactics. However, I am now rethinking that position. Chris has exposed the ultimate goal here. Comply, or else. This is, no matter how you look at it, forced compliance with the state, and ultimately, compliance is being forced at gun point. This coming from the same government that is working so diligently to disarm Canadian citizens and take their guns away. I’m sorry, but, if a government is clearly demonstrating their intention to use guns (which is literally what they are doing when they send the police), against Canadian Citizens who are peacefully protesting against them, I think I’ll keep my guns – thank you very much. This is, no matter what spin the media and their indoctrinated lemmings put on it, the precise definition of a tyrannical government.

Although the majority of people agreed with my tweet above, as expected, with respect to our handling of COVID and our public health policies, responses were certainly divided and polarized.

Hello @Sonnyjames22. I apologize, however, I think I have my facts perfectly straight. Maybe, just maybe, instead of attacking me (which you really didn’t do here, so no harm no foul), you should start demanding accountability out of media – and especially those funded with our tax dollars. Again, regardless of what you think of this man and his tactics, the end result, is a Canadian Citizen, was arrested for non compliance to our public health policies, on Canadian Thanksgiving. He was actually arrested for organizing peaceful protests against said policies. The fact he protests loudly, and in a manner which can only be described as “in your face”, is completely irrelevant. I understand your perspective, and I know exactly what you are going to say here. This is a pandemic, and he is putting the lives of others at risk, therefore, although I would normally support someone who is peacefully protesting, no matter how rambunctiously, this is different.

Well @Sonnyjames22, how exactly can you determine which peaceful protests are permitted and which ones aren’t? If this is about a virus and a pandemic, shouldn’t all protests be disallowed? May I ask how come Black Lives Matters protests are not only allowed, but also encouraged by our Politicians and our Ministers of Public Health? If I recall correctly, we were all locked in our homes to prevent the spread of COVID, while the Prime Minister was appearing at Black Lives Matters protests correct?

In fact, Black Lives Matters protests weren’t always even peaceful were they? These protestors, referenced in the article below, defaced and damaged statues. Destruction of public property is not representative of peacefully protesting. Yet, these folks were not even charged with a crime, and were simply released.

Heck, more recently, Black Lives Matters protestors completely tore down the statue of Sir J.A MacDonald. Yet, not a single peep from our media condemning this protest, nor was a single organizer or a single person committing vandalism, and damage to public property arrested or charged. This protest was clearly not peaceful, and one can only assume that, with respect to COVID infections, this protest would be just as dangerous as any other protest correct? Or @sonnyjames22, is your position that the Corona Virus believes in the Black Lives Matters movement so innately, that it simply chooses not to be communicable, or a risk to public health and safety, at their events?

Honestly @sonnyjames22. Are you seriously telling me, that your formal position on this subject matter, is that someone peacefully protesting our public health policies is a criminal, however, people not peacefully protesting, but rather, vandalizing public property, are perfectly acceptable? Based on what? Nothing more than what they are actually protesting? Put differently, are you suggesting that this pandemic is only dangerous to society during specific types of protests? whereas other protests, specifically those against the government, are to be frowned upon, and enforced by the state with the force of a gun? Is this honestly the position you are defending?

Or is the position you are taking, that all people, regardless of physical or mental health exemptions, should be arrested for travelling, or participating in society if they do not wear a mask? Or does this only apply if said person is organizing and participating in protests against our governments policies?

Hello @Bodiesbybruno. I apologize, but, I do not believe I am “confused” with respect to the meaning of freedom. Maybe @Bodiesbybruno, you simply need a refresher on the actual definition of the word “freedom”?

absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

Dictionary – Definition of Freedom

So, let me ask you a question @Bodiesbybruno. If your government is enforcing public health policies because of a pandemic, literally by force of a gun, are you obligated to comply? Lets assume I agree with you here (which I don’t), but, for the purposes of this conversation, lets just agree to agree on this point. So, if you do not mind, a quick follow up question here. If the government is permitted to take away your legally guaranteed rights and freedoms, and the government is permitted to prevent you from peacefully protesting – I mean – if the threat of the virus is so significant where these laws must be enforced at gun point, why exactly are they being enforced selectively? Based apparently on nothing more than the root political and ideological narrative behind said protest? How is it possible that a Black Lives Matters protest, even when its not peaceful, is totally acceptable, and even attended, promoted and endorsed by our politicians, by our media and by our public health officials? However, a peaceful protest against the government itself is suddenly hazardous and dangerous with respect to public health? Seriously @Bodiesbybruno, this doesn’t even trigger a single question in your mind? No tingling spidey senses what so ever? This sounds perfectly ok and reasonable to you?

Did the government or our media ensure every person or organizer at the Black Lives Matters protests were not supposed to be in quarantine? Even if such an incident occurred, would it have been reported? How would we even know? Do you believe it would have even been investigated? How do you think our politicians and media would react if an organizer of a Black Lives Matters protest was arrested? Do you not think its convenient that an organizer of protests against the government is being targeted so specifically? Do you know which countries permit state approved protests, yet, using their media as engines of propaganda, disapprove of protests against the state and selectively determine which protests are lawful and which ones are a threat to public safety? Do you know which governments arrest organizers of protests against said government and their policies but allows and supports protests which are ideologically aligned with their political narratives? Well, until recently, only countries like Communist China or N Korea operated this way. Now apparently, this is considered acceptable in Canada as well.

I’ll address the element of “foreign domination” below, however, what is described above, is by any definition imaginable, an example of “subjection to a despotic government”, and therefore, and again, by the very definition of the word, is an example of, and is directly indicative of, an unacceptable loss of freedom, and must be aggressively opposed by every Canadian.

Hello @newph (“com’on newphie”). I saved your comment for last here, and will spend the most time on your comment. Although this is difficult, and I understand that, I am not criticizing you personally here. I am simply trying to get you to at least start asking some questions.

Do you really think our public health policies are about protecting others? Do you really believe this is about saving lives? Considering the established death rate of this virus, which pretty much almost exactly matches and aligns with the death rate associated with the seasonal Influenza virus – are you suggesting that we implement these policies now each and every year during flu season? 2-3x as many people die, each and every year, from driving related accidents. By the numbers, each time you get into a car, you have a 2-3x higher probability of killing someone vs the probability of someone dying from a COVID infection if you disobey our public health policies. Should we now ban all cars and ban driving completely? you know, to protect others? Heart disease kills 15-18x more people each and every year – and – since COVID is significantly more dangerous to those with comorbidity’s such as obesity and heart disease, and since my actions are such a threat to the health and safety of others, and since I am now responsible for the health of others, should others not be forced to maintain a specific diet and exercise regime? After all, if I am not allowed to travel, or carry on with my normal life in order to protect your life, should you not also be forced to be responsible for your own life and ensure you are in tip top shape? Logically, whether you live or die from a COVID infection, is much more reliant on your physical condition, versus, lets say, actually contracting the virus. If you are obese, and as a result, have an underlying heart condition, you are much more likely to die from COVID, irregardless of what I do or do not do. As a result, if you are going to force me to stay locked in my home, force my business into bankruptcy and force me to wear a mask in order to protect you from yourself – is it not reasonable for me to demand that your diet is appropriate and that you maintain your cardiovascular fitness levels within acceptable parameters? I understand this is more difficult with all recreational activities cancelled, and all gyms closed down, and I would assume this comment would innately trigger something in peoples brains – BUT, I digress.

I’m asking you honestly @com’on newphie, do you think your ancestors charged beaches in Normandy so that you would now justify arresting people who organize and protest government mandates they feel are draconian and despotic? While those protesting “state approved” narratives, were not only permitted to do so, but, are applauded for doing so? So, protesting Canada, calling Canada and its people “systemically racist”, presents absolutely zero risk to COVID transmission? Our media, our government and our department of public health openly support and promote such protests. However, protesting the same public health policies being ignored with respect to Black Lives Matters protests, is so egregious, that it requires the arrest of such individuals and the state enforcing its will with the force of a gun? This is honestly your position?

You are correct however @com’on newphie, this isn’t difficult to understand, so, allow me to map this out for you. I find timelines particularly effective for this sort of discussion. Real journalism still exists in this country, but, you need to pay attention. If all you do is read the sensationalized headlines and politically guided narratives from shameless propagandists and foreign influenced media outlets, unfortunately, you are left extremely misinformed and horrifically misguided – this is not at all surprising, as that is the explicit and desired objective with the maliciously intended propagandist tactics you are seeing practiced here.

Literally, a few months prior to the Corona Virus being unleashed on the world by Communist China (either wilfully or by accident – but, this is a conversation for another day), Canada completely shut down our Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN). This meant that Canada became solely reliant on the World Health Organization (WHO) and Communist China for all our information and all of our policies regarding the handling of COVID.

Globe & Mail –

Apple News Link –

When it came to the novel coronavirus, this meant prioritizing information provided by the Chinese government and the World Health Organization over potentially valuable clues from “informal” sources that might better indicate how aggressively the virus was spreading, and what steps are needed contain it. Such information, known as open-source intelligence

Grant Robertson – The Globe and Mail

As I am sure you are well aware @com’on newphie, China and the WHO flagrantly lied about the Corona Virus. They lied about its existence. They then lied about its transmission, insisting it wasn’t even contagious to humans. They then lied about its severity and insisted it was racist and xenophobic to refuse travellers from China. They also lied about the appropriate public health policies required to address such an outbreak. Ironically enough, Canada is now a nation in collapse, as a direct result of our public health policies. Our private sector is being decimated with 10’s of 1000’s of businesses closing each and every month in Canada. 100’s of 1000’s of people are being moved to permanent government assistance. Our debt is ballooning into trillions of dollars (and ironically enough, Communist China is buying all of that debt). Meanwhile, Communist China is absolutely thriving.

Following this sequence of lies and deceptions from the heavily Communist China influenced WHO, the United States, and several other countries disjoined from the WHO, and began both defunding the WHO and demanding accountability from the WHO before funding and participation could be resumed.

Ironically enough, and following the dismantling of our own Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN), Canada was in trouble. Lacking our own internal expertise, resources and processes, Canada made the fateful decision to double down our commitment to the WHO, and increased our funding by almost $1 BILLION to this organization.

This locked Canada into the policies and procedures of the WHO – which ironically enough, exactly mirror the public health policies practiced in Communist China.

The WHO however, began restructuring its organization. They had been clearly exposed for being heavily under the influence and control of Communist China, by several significant governments around the world. So, they began the process of re-shaping their organization. They actually went out and hired/promoted the Architect of Sweden’s COVID public health policies.

Sweden if you will recall, was the first nation to withdraw from the WHO. They flat out refused to participate in lockdowns or mandatory masking, calling the WHO approach (paraphrased) “a draconian approach to public health, and not indicative of public health measures practiced in democratic and free societies”. Sweden now, for the record, is pretty much completely done with COVID. They never did implement mandatory mask laws, nor did they ever implement mandatory lock downs. Their suicide rates, unlike in Canada, never did soar. Their overdoes death rates, unlike in Canada, never did soar. Their businesses, unlike in Canada, are not being exterminated by the 10’s of 1000’s every month. Again, unlike in Canada, their national debt is not soaring into the Trillions of dollars, and 10’s of 1000’s of people aren’t becoming homeless and succumbing to poverty each and every month.

Maybe @com’on newphie, you simply are not aware of the Great Barrington Declaration? No surprise really, for some reason, and these are the questions you should start asking yourself, our media choose not to cover such important stories. Led by Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff, along with the who’s who of epidemiologists around the world, signed and released a declaration opposing our despotic public health policies. According to the worlds leading experts in this specific subject matter, our COVID policies are DIRECTLY resulting in doubling the number of people falling into poverty, both in Canada, and globally – and thats just in the last 6 months. They go on to explain that 140 MILLION people have died, or will die FROM STARVATION, as a direct result of our COVID public health policies. They go on to talk about the millions and millions of lives which are being, or will be lost, in countries like the US and Canada, from suicides, drug overdoes, homicides, cancer and heart disease – as a direct result of our public health policies. Tell me again @com’on newphie how this is all about saving lives?

It should be of no surprise to anyone, that in an attempt to reshape its reputation and its policies, the WHO chose to distance themselves from the flagrant Communist China public health policies they were previously promoting. Instead, they chose to hire and promote those who support more common sense and less draconian public health policies – public health policies much more indicative of those traditionally practiced in free and democratic countries.

Dr. David Nabarro from the WHO appealed to world leaders yesterday, telling them to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method” of the coronavirus. He also claimed that the only thing lockdowns achieved was poverty – with no mention of the potential lives saved. “Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer,” he said.

Dr David Nabarro – World Health Organization (WHO)

These revised recommendations from the WHO are clearly calling for a change in our approach. Draconian, FLAGRANT Communist China public health policies, are to be replaced by a more common sense approach. That being, protecting the vulnerable and allowing the virus to spread across those in the population which are not considered to be at risk. This ultimately was always supposed to be the objective and approach. Factually speaking, this approach and outcome has always been completely unavoidable. If you remember back, all the way back to when this insanity started, the original stated objective was to “flatten the curve”. Flattening the curve, explicitly, and by definition, means that the same number of people will get sick, and the same number of people will ultimately die – just more slowly please, so that our hospitals do not become over run and our medical professionals have a chance to learn more about the virus, and hopefully and potentially, save some additional lives which may otherwise have been lost. “Flattening the curve” was never meant, nor should it ever have evolved into, a process where Canadians are treated like citizens in Communist China.

So, after listening to the WHO and the recommendations from Communist China the entire way, why are we now ignoring the recommendations from the WHO completely? You will recall that our government already admitted to dismantling our Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN) and becoming completely reliant on the WHO and Communist China for our policies as they relate to our handling of COVID. This explicitly means that since we are now ignoring the advise of the WHO, that the only advise and policies and mandates we are adhering to at this point, is from that of Communist China. It should therefore be of no surprise that our Public Health policies, and now our society, is more closely resembling Communist China, and is looking less and less like the democratic and free country of Sweden for example (or less and less like Canada looked, even a few short months ago).

For heavens sake, the Canadian Minister of Public Health clearly demonstrates her fundamental lack of understanding with respect to even the most basic scientific concepts.

Consider yourself informed: Not only does the health minister not place much value in rapid tests, she actively believes they may spread the infection

John Ivison – National Post

The Canadian Minister of public health, Patty Hajdu, and as a result, her entire Ministry, are actually arguing that rapid test results cause COVID to spread faster. In case you do not understand what this means, allow me to translate. The Canadian Minister of Health is operating on the assumption that positive test results, directly equate to the spread of the virus. She is operating on pure metrics, with absolutely zero comprehension what the metrics actually mean, nor how to translate them into practical applications with respect to public health. In Patty Hajdu’s world, more positive test outcomes, means a larger viral outbreak she needs to manage and account for. She completely lacks the understanding required to comprehend that the raw number of positive results is directly related to the raw number of tests performed, combined with the efficiency with which those tests are processed, is how you derive an infection rate. 1 positive test result in 100, is actually equal to the same infection rate as 10 positive tests in 1000. This notion is completely foreign to the Canadian Minister of public health, rather, she sees managing 1 in 100 positive test results within 1 week, differently then managing 10 in 1000 results within that same time frame. This also means, that as Patty Hajdu sees things, and how she manages things, that if the same 10 infections in every 1000 tests present themselves more quickly – lets say because of rapid testing – that would be indicative of an increase in infection rate and a public health crisis requiring more stringent measures to contain. She literally admits to the fact that such metrics, would mean she is required to force more stringent lockdowns, so as a result, she would rather not even deploy rapid testing. Does everyone inherently comprehend how absolutely insane this is, and how this now translates into ridiculous policies like we are seeing? Does everyone understand who is calling the shots here in Canada at this point with respect to COVID and our associated public health policies? If not, please let me know, and I’ll delve deeper into this element if its required.

Listen @com’on newphie. I am not certain if you still believe your ancestors are watching you here and are applauding your efforts, and if you still believe this is all based on “common sense” or not, but, I assure you, no matter how you skin this cat, there are only 3 realistic possibilities at this point.

  1. Our ministers of public health are either ignorant, or are driven by our corrupt media and their purely foreign influenced political motives – of course, a healthy combination of both is most plausible.
  2. Canada was duped by China and the WHO, and we are now infiltrated and/or strongly influenced, at the highest levels of our government, by Communist China.
  3. mostly likely, both #1 & #2 above are true – the varying degrees of which are certainly open for discussion, investigation and debate.
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