Heide Pearson propagandist

Heide Pearson – Global News “Journalist” Shames Citizens not wearing masks and Promotes Violence and Harassment

I feel compelled to write a personal message to Heide.

Young lady, I’m not sure which school granted you a degree in Journalism, or even if anyone bothered explaining to you the role of the “free press” and of journalists, are supposed to play in a free and democratic society.

Your job Heide – explicitly – is to provide an accountability layer between the tax paying citizens of this country and our government. Your job Heide is not to promote violence and hostility against tax payers who disobey narratives and behaviours being forced down their throat by a government that’s clearly trending into tyrannical territory at this point.

If you fancy yourself a “journalist” Heide, maybe you should be asking some questions. Maybe you should be asking why Canada is implementing Communist China Public Health policies? Maybe you should be asking if China actually designed and released this virus onto the world – at least according to the brave virologist whistleblower who spoke on Tucker Carlson last night. This amazing and brave woman, who’s trying to speak, even though the media are doing everything possible to censor her? What’s wrong Heide? Asking why China would create and release a virus like this too difficult of a question for a professional journalist to ask? Is it too much to expect a professional journalist to question the logic mandating our children be forced to wear masks at school, even while the Toronto Sick Kids hospital and practically every paediatrician in the world thinks this isn’t appropriate?

Maybe Heide, you little coward – you should do your job as a journalist. And maybe Heide you should, at the very least, stop inciting violence and abuse against Canadian tax payers who either do not want to, or medically are not able to, wear a piece of fabric across their airways?

And maybe Heide – you should go speak to some doctors and medical professionals – you know, try actually investigating your journalism. Maybe ask some legitimate medical professionals and scientists whether a piece of fabric will do anything at all to stop the spread of a virus sized 0.012-0.5 microns.

Look at the Ad, which happened to be embedded, right within your “story” Heide. Are you seriously telling me wearing a mask is about a virus and about public health?

Advertisement from Global News website, embedded in this article

But mostly Heide. Shame on you. Shame on you for vilifying this innocent woman who was standing up for herself. Shame on you for empowering indoctrinated lemmings to harass and abuse innocent people like this. And shame on you for being a mindless, partisan hack. Nothing but a propagandist for a power hungry government teetering on the ledge of tyranny.

Heide can be reached on twitter @hedi_pearson

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