I will not comply

I will not comply

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP099 - I will not comply

Last vaccine I took (non COVID) resulted in a horrible auto-immune disease. Bad luck? One in a million? Factually, it doesn’t matter. It destroyed my life for over a decade and I’ve never been the same since.

I now stand to lose all of my freedoms because I cannot participate in vaccinations. Myself, and countless others like me, are being persecuted over their medical status – IN CANADA.

There will be exemptions they shriek at you. Yeah sure, just like my elderly mother who could not wear a mask and was treated like a social leper. She could not buy simple things like food or visit the pharmacy. She was continually harassed and abused. But, there are mask exemptions you say?

I cannot take a vaccine, as such I will not demand others take one to “protect me”. The shear notion of forcing a vaccine into people is absurd. We are quite literally demanding people vaccinate in order to protect the vaccinated. Abject madness.

Just like with masks, I will not be nonsensically forced into anything. I didn’t wear a mask because it was flagrant and obvious scientific absurdity. In a similar way, I would never take a vaccine under coercion, even if I felt the vaccine was safe for someone like me to take, which it clearly is not.

Whether it’s masks or vaccines, I have seen how the government behaves and how they empower the worst people amongst us to behave.

I will not participate in, or condone anything which is forced upon citizens. You can guilt me, shame me, harass me and threaten to continue to strip my civil liberties from me.

I will not comply. I will not obey – and neither should you.

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP099 – I will not comply

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