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It’s Time our Government and our Media Answer some questions about China?

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Anyone who has followed my content and my writing understands that one of my focus topics is Communist China and their flagrant Canadian infiltration.

In the following article, titled “The Communist China Infiltration into Canadian Tech and Canadian Politics”, I discuss cyber security threats and industrial espionage by China with respect to Nortel and the spawn of Hauwei. I also questioned how and why Canada is implementing flagrant Communist China public health policies and speculated on the impact the FIPA agreement originally signed by the Conservative Harper government, and then ratified by Trudeau in 2019 would have and whether China has troops on Canadian soil today.

The notion of Communist China having troops in Canada should be absolutely horrifying to everyone. Ironically enough, I simply cannot validate whether this is the case or not. There are plenty of Facebook rumours indicating as much, but, our media are absolutely silent on this matter. I understand that the Canadian Media are nothing more than flagrant propagandists at this point, however, is it too much to ask for someone to remember what “investigative journalism” actually means and cover this story. Even if these are just rumours and there is absolutely zero validity behind them, do the Canadian people not deserve to know as much? If however, we actually have Chinese soldiers on our shore, should we not be aware of this as well? The only reference I can find to this, is from a fringe News outlet in Australia.

I’ve covered this before, and none of this is exactly new – so, why exactly am I bringing this up again today? Well, today is Oct 1st. Which is China’s national day, commemorating the founding of the People’s Republic of China by the Chinese Communist Party in 1949.

The Chinese Flag was to be raised on the Ontario Legislature yesterday to commemorate the day. I am not sure I can adequately express how insane this would have been.

I have questions, so many questions…

Why are we celebrating the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Canada? Are we not aware that Mao’s revolution came at the cost of 20 Million lives?

Hitler killed 6 Million Jews, are we going to be raising the Nazi flag on our Ontario Legislature Buildings now as well?

Would China raise the Canadian flag on July 1st on their Government buildings?

If we have Chinese troops on our shore, wouldn’t the raising of the Chinese flag on our Government buildings be an indication of surrender?

What’s even more alarming (if that is even possible at this point), is the explanation provided for cancelling the event. The official response from our Government is that the event was cancelled because of COVID, amongst rising infection numbers. According to the following article from the Globe and Mail, there was significant outcry from Canadians about this event. I would suggest my personal outage, and would hope and expect my fellow Canadians outage, is growing because of their flagrantly offensive official position insisting the event was cancelled as a result of COVID concerns. Meaning the very valid symbolic concerns and outcry from Canadians are simply being ignored.

Canadians held hostage by China
Canadians held hostage by China

We have 2 Canadians currently being illegally held as prisoners in China. Mr Kovrig and Mr Spavor. As if it is not adequately offensive that we have allowed China to continue to illegally hold Canadians, effectively as prisoners of war, but, imagine how their friends families feel watching Canadian Government buildings displaying and celebrating Communist China’s flag?

Communism is not something to be celebrated in Canada. The Chinese Canadians I know and love are absolutely mortified. They came to Canada to escape the horrors of the Government of Communist China.

“The Ontario Legislature earlier defended the decision to raise the flag even when Mr. Kovrig and Mr. Spavor remain jailed. Ms. Gordon had said the legislature is apolitical. “Our focus is more provincial. We leave global diplomatic relations to the federal government,” she said. “We focus on the cultural diversity, or mosaic, of this province.””

Jackie Gordon, the sergeant-at-arms at the Ontario Legislature

I must remind Ms. Gordon, that raising a flag of a hostile foreign government has absolutely nothing to do with representing Ontario cultural diversity or the mosaic of this province. Chinese Canadians who have escaped the tyranny of Communist China, certainly do not wish to be reminded of those horrors and the oppression they suffered. I can positively assure you that we can maintain and enhance our cultural diversity and our Ontarian mosaic without celebrating communist atrocities and ideologies. The China Communist revolution was directly responsible for 20 Million deaths. I’m embarrassed that I need to remind our “sergeant-at-arms” of this fact. Whats next Ms Gordon? Should we be flying the Nazi flag? or are deaths of 6 Million Jews not as impressive as the 20 Million deaths Communist China was responsible for?
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