Jagmeet Singh Leader of the NDP - A flagrant Marxist and Communist

Jagmeet Singh – Leader of the NDP and a Flagrant Communist

CH1 Podcast EP006 – Jagmeet Singh – Leader of the NDP and a flagrant Communist

So, I was on Twitter 2 nights ago, and as I’m typically prone to do, I re-tweeted a ridiculous post from a political leader, accompanied by a typical “Andrew” comment – which apparently flew right over the heads of some. In this instance, Jagmeet Singh was my target, after he posted an absurd tweet criticizing Donald Trump for being “reckless” and “dangerous“. Followed of course, by the predictable and mandatory verbiage ensuring people remain terrified of a virus with a current survival rate over 99.7% (and very quickly here, as death rates continue to drop, is approaching a survival rate equal to or higher than that of the flu), and a virus which is pretty much almost exclusively dangerous to a specific demographic. I’ve never been much of a Donald Trump fan, but, I have to tell you, the more his political adversaries open their mouths, and the more ridiculous they become, its becoming completely asinine not to support Donald Trump at this point. Please don’t yell at me and call me names because of this statement. I mean seriously, just imagine how far offside and how far off your collective rockers you insane radicals have become, where Donald Freaking Trump is now the sane voice in the room. Seriously, just think about that for a minute.

What really baked my noodle on this tweet however, was Jagmeet’s proclamation to “trust the scientists”. Well Jagmeet, which scientists exactly? You see, by its very definition, scientists will be divided on many critical issues and beliefs. Which is exactly how we end up in the scenario we have today, where 1000’s and 1000’s and 1000’s of Doctors and medical experts, all over the world, strongly disagree with our current public health policies with respect to our handling of COVID-19, yet these scientists are completely ignored. Rather, what Jagmeet actually means to say is, “trust only those scientists” which Jagmeet wants you to listen to, as they more closely align with his personal, ideological and political objective. Preferably, only listen to those Medical Professionals paid by our tax dollars, and our government. Those who are monetarily and politically motivated to tow the political line.

Apparently, my response created quite a stir on Twitter. I strongly suspect however, since this is not the first time that the Twitterrati mob has been sicked on me, that this particular twitter outage, is likely (and predictably) a response to targeting media people in some of my more recent podcasts. I would like to however, thank all those involved. Not only have you provided me excellent and amazing content for todays article and podcast, but you have given me fantastic exposure. For example, I added a 100 new Twitter followers yesterday and today as a result. My new project and platform (CH1.ca), as well as, my podcasts, have also experienced record setting traffic levels yesterday. We only launched a few short weeks ago, so, I very much appreciate all the exposure you provided me. My sincere thanks and gratitude.

So, in todays article and podcast, lets review the various responses to my tweet. After that, lets review Jagmeet Singh, leader of the NDP. The NDP Party, Their leader, their platform and their followers, are flagrant Marxist/Communists. Their followers, hilariously enough however, appear to be in complete denial.

Here is the tweet I pushed out that started this hilarious nonsense

My retweet of Jagmeet Singh

So, lets review some of these responses.


First up, is @markpi. Mark seemingly failed to grasp the entire point of my tweet, and instead, tried to discredit my credentials as a “scientist”. Although I appreciate Mark pointing out my degree in Human Biology/Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph, that really wasn’t necessary. I pretty much indicate that on my twitter biography for all to see – but, I thank him anyway for reinforcing the validity of my scientific degree and credentials.

The actual point of my tweet @markpi, was to mock Jagmeet Singh for his language used – specifically, “trust the scientists”. This is the type of rhetorical nonsense ideologues use, almost religious in its presentation. Don’t believe your own lying eyes and ears, rather, you simpleton, believe the “scientists”. But, only those scientists and messages which are state approved of course, and only those scientific conclusions which adhere to our political narratives of course. Any “scientist”, disagreeing with our political narratives, will either be dismissed, diminished or just flat out slandered.

Maybe @markpi, and I know it’s confusing for you, as ideologues like Jagmeet work very hard to manipulate the definition of words so as to accommodate their ideological and political objectives.

a person learned in science and especially natural science : a scientific investigator.

Definition – Scientist

You see @markpi, I was merely mocking the notion of a political leader spewing such obvious and nonsensical rhetoric like “trust the scientists”. Which scientists exactly? After all, as I stated, I am a scientist. There are millions and millions of scientists out there. What Jagmeet is doing, is pontificating an almost religious message. He is literally performing a sermon up there, from his twitter pulpit. Its irrational and absurd.


Absolutely correct @centeringpendulum. I am a biologist. More accurately, a Human Biologist. In case theres some confusion here, a biologist, is a scientist. Ironically enough however, a political scientist, isn’t actually a scientist. I can see you’re all turned around here – so, allow me to assist you. I’m not ”lacking a deep understanding of the point I am trying to make” – you, on the other hand – entirely missed the point I was making with this tweet. Based on some of the comments in this thread, you are certainly not alone here. It does however seem the majority of people were clearly able to decrypt the complex coded message hidden deep within my tweet, under multiple layers of advanced ciphertext encryption.

So, I hate to say this, but, as far as being a “purveyor of idiotic tweets” goes – well….


@quarantinebeat, would you mind pointing me to the place I ever said, or typed or posted, that COVID was no big deal? However, since you bring this up, and factually speaking, COVID is not killing a “huge” number of people, at least if you make reasonable comparisons between COVID and all the other causes of death which tend to kill larger, and significant numbers of people. This is not done to diminish the severity of COVID for example, rather, this sort of comparative analysis is often done by scientists and data analysts in order to bring perspective to a discussion. The annual influenza virus for example, kills almost the same number of people, each and every year. Car accidents kill 2-3 times as many people, each and every year. Cancer and heart disease each kill 15-18 times more people each and every year. As a result, if we are adhering to policies which will ultimately result in an excessive death rate of 100,000 people in Canada from cancer and heart disease, in order to save 10,000 lives from COVID, one must at least question the viability of our public health policies.

You see @quarantinebeat – this is what makes me a scientist, and you an irrational germaphobe.


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You see @lazysupper, and I understand this is a foreign concept to the NDP supporters – who got their panties in a bunch here when I correctly referred to their leader as a communist – You know, NDP supporters who typically expect the government to steal wealth from those who generate the majority of tax dollars you want spent on yourself. After all, the tax payers are there to support your every little whim and desire. Quite literally, like a child. But, and despite Jagmeet’s best efforts, this is free market capitalism. You see how this works? I am able to generate revenue, by providing services to the market, and people willingly enter into a financial arrangement with me. I don’t need to steal anyone else’s money to do so. I also, because I am not a coward, do not need to elect people who will use their government authority to steal others money for me.

AND – to answer your question, yes, I did give myself a fantastic deal on these services. Thank you for asking, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to run an ad for my companies services, right within this article and podcast. Very much appreciated.

@upendedmaggie (WEAR A FUCKING MASK)

I had to save the best comment for last. @upendedmaggie (screen name, in caps – “WEAR A FUCKING MASK”) provides an excellent segue into our ultimate topic here today. I find it absolutely hilarious that a flagrant marxist/communist like Jagmeet Singh can openly proclaim his policies and intentions, at the top of his lungs, and yet his followers are hilariously obtuse (and I can only conclude willfully), towards what they are actually supporting. When a political leader outlines a pure Marxist platform and agenda, and pure communist policies, what sort of mindless lemming doesn’t understand what they are signing up for? I guess someone with a twitter screen name, in all caps no less, screaming “WEAR A FUCKING MASK”, is pretty indicative of the type of person we are dealing with here. Its also funny to me that the people who challenge me for calling myself a scientist, seem apparently oblivious to the fact that a “political scientist”, isn’t actually a scientist at all. This is the mess we create when we perpetually allow people to distort the definitions of words. Once again, as I keep saying, over and over again – words, and their definitions matter. They matter a lot.

You see @upendedmaggie, I am in my lane. You are a supporter of a clearly communist party (the NDP), and their leader is a flagrant communist. He doesn’t exactly hide it either. But, for the indoctrinated minions, openly supporting marxism and communism, who are simply too obtuse (wilful or otherwise) to admit it to themselves, lets work our way through this shall we?

Jagmeet Singh-Flagrant Communist

The typical response from NDP and Jagmeet supporters to this tweet, is just because Castro was a communist, he accomplished some “great” things, and he should be recognized for that. This doesn’t mean that Jagmeet is a communist. No no no, how silly of you Andrew. This simply means that he is recognizing some of the good things Fidel Castro accomplished.

For heavens sake, how ridiculous can people be. People in Cuba are willing to climb into a make shift raft, and float across shark infested waters, to get out of Cuba. What exactly did Fidel Castro accomplish for his people? They are literally willing to risk being eaten alive by sharks in order to escape the hell on earth Fidel Castro and his policies created. Let me know when people in Miami start jumping into makeshift rafts, desperate enough to risk almost certain death by drowning and/or being eaten by sharks, to you know, escape into Cuba. Until then, as clearly as possible – you folks have completely lost your minds. The fact the leader of the NDP party is paying homage to a monster like Fidel Castro is horrifying, and you are complete morons if you do not realize that Castro was anything except a monster and a thief.

Fidel Castro, like every Marxist communist revolutionary, utilized the inherent divisions and tensions in society (class being the obvious one in Cuba at the time). He turned groups of people against each other, and was able to initiate a revolution which left generations of Cubans, and still, to this day, in a state of total devastation. The “free” education he offered was nothing more than an indoctrination process, ensuring future generations of Cubans would not rise up against him. The hospitals in Cuba are a scary place, with only the privileged political elite receiving reasonable care. The people live in destitution and abject poverty, yet somehow, Castro himself was worth almost $1 Billion by the time he died. Thats awful big of Fidel, who initiated his revolution by convincing people that the wealthy were oppressing them and that their wealth should be stolen. Funny how he ended up with almost $1 Billion dollars, and everyone else end up destitute and willing to risk being eaten by sharks to escape. This is the man Jagmeet Singh is paying homage to and these are the policies the NDP supporters advocate, whether they know it or not. After all, the evil billionaire free market capitalists are the real enemy, whereas, Marxist/Communist monsters and thief’s are the hero’s who “uplifted the lives of millions”.

Marxism and Communism ALWAYS follow the exact same pattern. You can assign whatever name you want to this. Call it socialism, or democratic socialism, or Mao’ism or Stalinism or Nazi’ism – or soon to be called Jagmeet Singh’ism – its all the exact same fundamental ideology, the same process and the same game. The end result is always the theft of the wealth from the people, with the few at the top accumulating all of the wealth and power for themselves. Jagmeet’s platform is no different than his hero’s (Fidel Castro’s) platform.

Identifying a “movement” as marxist or communist is actually very straight forward. Its surprising to me that so many people are so easily conned. I think this very much speaks to an inherent strength and simultaneous flaw in humans, which is easily exposed and manipulated by Marxist rhetoric. This is exactly why Marxism has been so effective over the last 120 years or so in overturning free societies and stealing wealth and freedom and life from millions and millions of people.

Much like Jagmeet’s “hero”, Fidel Castro, Jagmeet positions his platform as “for the people”. A Marxist movement relies on convincing people to be jealous and envious. To portray them as victims, thereby feeling validated in supporting the theft and heist of wealth that is to come. Jagmeet’s 2019 election platform was actually titled “A new deal for the people”. Jagmeet fails to mention that his platform will ensure that Canadians go homeless and starve, and in record numbers, and he, like every other Marxist propagandist, will walk away massively wealthy after completing said heist – but, meh, semantics.

The next critical element required is to create and promote groups, and divisions within those groups, within the population you are trying to heist. Jagmeet regularly accomplishes this on several levels, but, most prominently, like a good little Marxist propagandist, he focuses on the uneven distribution of wealth within a capitalist society. He relies, on, what Karl Marx referred to, the natural tension created within free market capitalist societies, to generate and perpetuate group conflict. He will use words like “fair”, or “equitable” to describe outcomes. Whereas our constitution and societal norms have always dictated equality of opportunity. Its ironic that equal outcomes were never mentioned in our country for almost 100 years, until that is, people like Jagmeet Singh (and those ideologically aligned with him), started insisting that should be the new standard. Human beings have proven to easily fall for this rhetoric, as typically, and overall, human beings are good, and we want everything to be fair for everyone. Unfortunately, there is no equity to be achieved by stealing peoples after tax earnings and wealth, and then hoarding that wealth for oneself while the population starves. But, I digress.

A singular group apparently is not adequate for Jagmeet, and so he also strives to divide the population into additional groups, based on nothing more than skin pigmentation. Jagmeet, son of immigrants, will shamelessly tell you how discriminatory Canada is, even to the point of racism being “systemic” within our society. Meaning no one can possibly achieve success in Canada if you are poor, and/or, if you have the wrong skin pigmentation. He loudly and shamelessly repeats such messaging, even while he himself, son of immigrants, a person of colour, is leading a major political party in Canada. The “system” is so oppressive and racist against him, that he has become, within a single generation, one of the most powerful people within said system.

You will also notice that the term “systemic racism” is a more recent introduction into Canadian Politics. Previously, “systemic oppression” (racism or otherwise), had a very specific meaning and definition. Tibetan’s and Uyghur Muslims, in China today, are imprisoned in work camps, and are systemically oppressed. Woman and LGBTQ folks are systematically oppressed in Sharia Law Muslim countries today. White Christians, are systematically oppressed in parts of South Africa today. Societies with constitutionally guaranteed equality of opportunity and laws, explicitly forbidding discrimination based on race, gender, religions, etc – are the exact opposite of what “systemic” oppression actually means. Again, words matter, and there are reasons these radical ideologues work so diligently to redefine the words, and their objective and subjective meanings within our language.

Instead of promoting a platform which effectively steals wealth from those who have earned it, and instead of trying to redefine a free market capitalist country as “systematically racist”, Jagmeet could instead choose to develop programs which incent people to gain more education and more skills. He could incent entrepreneurship and generate more wealth for more people – but, how would that benefit him with his heist? It wouldn’t of course. He needs people to suffer, and the more suffering, the merrier for Jagmeet. More suffrage simply increases the size of his army and the number of supporters willing to elect him and facilitate the communist wealth heist to come.

I find it amazing that people cannot recognize Marxism and Communism when they see it. Those perpetrating the heist, don’t exactly hide it. At Jagmeet’s 2019 election concession speech, he was openly leading the chant to “tax the rich”. He actually looked at the crowd, with a tear in his eye – and said – “I’m trying”. Jagmeet is a lot of things, but, stupid he is not. Jagmeet is exceptionally brilliant, and exceptionally well spoken and personable – as most marxist communist revolutionaries are. He is very well aware what wealth taxation means and what the end results will be. He is literally banking on it at this point. I wonder if his hero Fidel Castro said those exact same words, with that exact look on his face, just prior to stealing all the wealth in Cuba for himself and destroying the lives of millions – and doing so generationally.

Jagmeet Singh is openly promoting group and class conflict. He is openly calling for stealing the after tax wealth from those who worked hard and earned their money, and he is openly calling for wealth redistribution in Canada. This ladies and gentlemen, by its very definition, is pure marxism and pure communism.

I myself, am from an off the boat immigrant family. Our family came here with nothing, and we couldn’t even speak the language when we first walked off the boat. I find it shocking that people who have been here for generations can scream about how unfair the system in Canada is. The path to success in Canada is relatively simple. That is why everyone fights so hard to come to the US and Canada. If you think Canada is so unfair, and you demand that wealth be stolen from those who earned it, why not go live in Cuba, or N Korea, or China, or Venezuela for awhile first? Let us all know how that works out for you.

One does not need to look very far to see what is happening in Canada right now. 10’s of 1000’s of businesses are permanently closing each and every month in Canada.

The Canadian Government is literally buying up Hotels and Motels (which they first bankrupted) to house the massive and growing homeless population.


Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was literally caught “red handed” skimming money and diverting large chunks of tax dollars to his family in the WE Charity Scandal.


In order to avoid an election, and in order to avoid an investigation into Trudeaus flagrant theft of Canadians tax dollars, Trudeau has aligned with the NDP and Jagmeet Singh. This is allowing his minority government to operate as a majority government, and allows Trudeau to both avoid a WE theft/fraud/ethics investigation and another election resulting from a vote of no confidence.


Obviously such an arrangement required concessions from Trudeau towards Jagmeets NDP platform and policies. Such an arrangement will push the already far left Liberal Party, who were already trending into ideologically aligned communist territory, further left still into open and flagrant marxist/communist territory. Trudeau is openly discussing wealth taxes, wealth redistribution and introducing 90% tax brackets for high earners. He is also allocating funds based on race and gender, which is explicitly bi-passing our constitutionally guaranteed directives.

I kinda want to elaborate here on what will come next and why. Illustrate how goal posts will be continually moved and wealth will be incrementally stolen. How the ones with real wealth will simply flee Canada, and how all of these “wealth taxes” will simply be pushed down onto the middle class. I would love to illustrate how throughout the process, our debt will continue to soar, our currency will begin to devalue, trapping Canadians with no route to escape, while more and more wealth will continue to be skimmed by our political elite.

BUT – I think I’ll end this here, and leave that conversation for another day

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