Majority of Canadians Support Vaccine Passports?

Majority of Canadians support vaccine passports?

So if the majority of Canadians support white supremacy and the KKK? Should we all wear white hoods, burn crosses on lawns and throw the non-Aryans into internment camps?

Tyrants always justify stripping civil liberties in the name of “the greater good” or “public health”. If you do not freely give up your civil liberties to the will of the mob, you are of course, “selfish” – said every single tyrannical government in the history of time – right before committing massive and unimaginable atrocities.

This is explicitly why we have a charter of rights and freedoms. So atrocities against the individual are not permitted when, and if, the majority lose their collective minds. Guaranteed civil liberties are non negotiable in a legitimately free society. There is no grey area.

Once you allow the suspension of civil liberties, whether that is for public health or otherwise, you no longer live in a free society. You officially live under the boots of tyranny. This doesn’t change because the individuals or group being oppressed are politically or demographically in the minority.

It’s simply astounding that our political and media class so freely promote flagrant Marxist terms like “systemic” oppression when it comes to skin pigmentation or genitalia, while simultaneously creating actual “systemic” oppression based on medical status. The failure of our political and media elite class is representative of clear and present danger and is on open display, for any with eyes to see.

Justify it to yourselves however you like. The disturbing truth of our current situation is glaringly obvious, and it’s ugly.

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