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Marcus Gee – Dunce Propagandist at The Globe and Mail

CH1 Podcast EP005 – Marcus Gee – Dunce Propagandist

Marcus Gee is a columnist for the Globe and Mail. This Toronto born, three time National Newspaper Award winner, just published a piece of content he should be absolutely ashamed of. I want to remind Marcus that his children, grand children and great grand children will look back at this piece of trash he has written with disdain – much like the descendants of Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels do. There is no place in Canada for such flagrant and shameful state driven authoritarian drivel.

Lets dissect this article by Marcus, and hopefully, despite the best efforts of morally bankrupt and socially irresponsible members of the media like Marcus has become, we as a society, can rise above this tyrannical nonsense and maintain the values which define us as Canadian. The values and freedoms which our ancestors bravely sacrificed their lives to provide us with.

The article in question can be found on The Globe & Mail Website here:

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Every vile word, starting from the title of this article, is either a) a flagrant lie, b) hateful rhetoric inciting violence, c) a flagrant misrepresentation of authority in order to achieve an ideological and political agenda or d) all of the above.

Lets start with the title, and opening sentence here

A letter to that maskless guy on the streetcar

Dear man with no mask on the streetcar,

Open letter to a “maskless guy” on the streetcar

Firstly Marcus, lets all be honest here. Just between us boys. There was no “maskless” guy on the streetcar was there? You didn’t take this picture, and even if you did, this picture was taken when exactly? As a person who cannot wear a mask, I am very well aware of what is involved trying to participate in our society right now without wearing a symbolic piece of fabric across my airways. So, before I even begin dismantling the authoritarian and nonsensical venom spewing from behind that forked tongue of yours, lets at least establish a mutual understanding here. I know damned well you were tasked with demeaning and degrading yourself by writing this disgusting piece of propaganda. I also know damned well that you’re deficient in the moral integrity and testicular fortitude required to simply refuse to attach your name to this rubbish. You are also perfectly fine permitting your ideological and political masters the power to leverage your name and your reputation like this. At least Marcus, we both understand that your soul was for sale – but, I for one, am more then a little surprised of just how low that price was.

You and I both understand Marcus, that a seasoned and professional journalist such as yourself, would be much more interested in validating the facts behind the conclusions you are making. Only a flagrant authoritarian propagandist would utilize ideological and political positions to drive division, fear and hate towards anyone who either is unable or unwilling to comply. Again Marcus, just between us boys, I know damned well that you understand your job as a journalist. You are supposed to be the gate keeper, tasked with protecting freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Your job marcus, explicitly, is to provide the layer of accountability between the tax paying public, and the governments who serve them. This piece of content you published is shameful.

And I know that you already know this.

What are you thinking? I am genuinely curious. What is going through your head as you sit there uncovered, wearing nothing on your face but a pair of sunglasses and a casual expression?

Marcus Gee, aspiring psychic

I cannot speak for the mythical man on the bus you imagine you are speaking to in this letter, however, typically, when I am sitting somewhere, wearing nothing except sunglasses on my face and a casual expression, I am typically thinking about all the things going on in my life. Whether I am thinking about the tasks which lie ahead of me, or wondering how my daughter is handling her day. Maybe I am thinking about my company, my team or my customers, and what challenges we are facing. Who knows, just maybe, I am in the middle of a blissful moment, contemplating the joys of life. I can imagine your shock and dismay realizing someone is capable of temporarily escaping the constant fear, hate and division monster propagandists such as yourself work so hard to imprint upon our minds.

You must know that Toronto, like much of Central Canada, is seeing a surge in new COVID-19 cases. You must know that health officials are asking residents to don masks in indoor public spaces. You must know that the Toronto Transit Commission requires everyone who rides its subways, buses and streetcars to wear a mask at all times. There are lots of signs and announcements to underline the point.

Marcus Gee, Propagandist

Marcus, you must know that Dr David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Public Health in Ontario, has clearly indicated that even though raw case numbers are rising in Ontario, they are directly linear and correlated to the number of tests being completed. Meaning, as a percentage relative to number of tests performed, there is fundamentally no change with respect to infection rates in Ontario. You must also know Marcus, that Dr David Williams clearly indicated hospitalization rates and death rates are dramatically dropping and not rising. The fact that health officials are asking (more accurately demanding) that residents don masks is absolutely irrelevant.

Yet there you sit, your arm slung over the empty seat beside you. Unlike some of the needy people who ride the TTC, you show no signs of a mental disturbance that might impair your understanding of the rules. You are neatly dressed in a polo shirt and shorts. I’d guess you are about 40 years old, far past careless youth.

Marcus Gee, observatory practitioner of medicine and psychology

Yet, here you are Marcus, self righteously preaching at those who either cannot or will not obey. Although not earned, I will grant you one small courtesy here. I will apologize on your behalf, to all the “needy people” who ride the TTC. I am very hopeful that Marcus simply mis-spoke and did not mean to say that “needy people” who ride the TTC tend to suffer from mental disturbances. I cannot even begin to describe the level of “tone-deafness” required to make such a statement, especially while considering the public health policies Marcus is openly cheerleading here, are directly resulting in the creation of an alarming number of “needy people” in our society.

Having said this…

I’m sorry Marcus, but, did you even bother asking your imaginary friend if there was a reason he might not be wearing a mask or other piece of fabric across his face? Are your medical credentials and capabilities superior to every other medical professional on the planet? Are you a trained psychiatrist, and without even a single couch session, possess the innate ability to determine the mental health status of that individual and judgementally determine the medical efficacy of forcing that individual to wear a mask or a piece of fabric across their face? Based on what exactly? nothing more than your visual observations? I must admit Marcus, I’m impressed – and I am not an easy man to impress. You actually possess the ability to accurately – medically and psychologically – diagnose a patient, with nothing more than a casual glance? Would you mind if I refer all my friends and family to you for diagnosis? Your approach sure seems simpler vs traditional medicine. Most people I know, really do not enjoy the wide array of tests and procedures required to identify and manage often complicated health issues. I’ve personally never dealt with a psychiatrist to address a mental health issue, but, as I understand it, the process is very involved, and sometimes can take years (if ever at all) to properly diagnose and address mental health issues. Imagine everyone’s delight knowing they can simply bi-pass all of these processes and procedures, and just come sit a few feet away from the magnificent and great Marcus Gee. Marcus after all, can determine the status of both your physical and mental well being, simply by examining your attire and approximating your age.

So why do you refuse to do what every other person on the streetcar is doing and wear a mask? Is it because you think you are invulnerable? You might be wrong about that. A million people have now died around the globe from the coronavirus. Most people in Canada recover, and the death rate has slowed since the early days, but the virus is still very much among us. It spreads through the air, especially in enclosed spaces. You are riding in an enclosed space.

Marcus Gee – Divisive, fear mongering propagandist

Why do you feel you possess the moral authority to even speak to people like this Marcus. Put even more simply for you Marcus, we have privacy laws here in Canada. Maybe you have heard of them? The Personal Information Protection & Electronics Data Act (PIPEDA) and Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) explicitly forbid you to even ask these questions. I would hazard a guess that even your imaginary friend, who you are pretending to write this letter to, is guaranteed the protection granted to Canadians under these federal Privacy Laws. Having said this Marcus, I do understand that 1 Million people have died from COVID globally this year. I also however understand that almost the same number of people die around the globe each and every year from the seasonal influenza virus. I assume this now means that you will also promote these draconian mandatory mask policies during influenza season? I also understand that 2-3x that number of people, around the globe, die each and every year in car accidents. So, let me guess, no more driving folks, its just too risky right? How about the 18 Million people who die globally each year from heart disease? Are you going to force everyone to eat only your prescribed diet? Will you monitor their tobacco and alcohol consumption? And what? strap them to a treadmill and force them to get 30 mins of cardio each and every day? After all, if I’m forced to wear a mask for your health and safety, and since lifestyle based comorbidity’s are the number one contributor determining ones likelihood of surviving a COVID infection, would it not make sense to force people to also be healthy?

Is it because you are sick of all the COVID-19 rules and restrictions? Who isn’t? But is it really such a bother to slip on a cloth or paper mask while you travel on a public-transit vehicle? Millions of Canadians mask up every day without complaint. How are you different?

Marcus Gee, Lemming Propagandist

This is horrifyingly hilarious. This type of group think, hive mind insanity, is exactly, and by definition, the opposite of what freedom means and how free societies operate. Listen Marcus, I don’t care if millions of Canadians “mask up every day without complaint”. This DOES NOT MEAN you can demand that of every Canadian. According to this mindless lemming logic, if millions of Canadians jumped off a cliff, am I also obligated to follow suit?

Is it because you think that masks do no good? On what grounds? Authorities all across the country, and the world, are saying masks can help slow the spread of the virus. The chief public health officers of Canada, Ontario and Toronto recommend them. What makes you think you know better?

Marcus Gee, science denier and flagrant supporter of the French revolutionary minister of public health, Joseph Ignace Guillotin

Marcus, your professional profile indicates your degree was obtained in “Modern European History”. The only practical application of such a degree, would presumably be the acquired objective and subjective perspectives required to linearly draw comparisons between historical and modern social and political climates, in order to identify trends and avoid (AT ALL COSTS), the tragedy’s often associated with the “history repeating itself” phenomenon.

How on earth, can someone who spent 4 years receiving a degree in European History blindly use their mass media platform to shame and force citizens into compliance with “public health officers”. Maybe, when the science doesn’t align with the directives, someone educated in European History would at least mention to Canadians the potential dangers associated with blindly adhering to Public Health Policies when they cease to make sense? I believe there was one such famous example in France, where social medicine began to be driven by ideological and political narratives correct? I believe this resulted in a “public health” office, led by Joseph Ignace Guillotin, implementing socially and politically charged “public health policies”, which escalated to the point of beheading those in non-compliance correct? Now, no one is suggesting that the end result of our current and already asinine public health policies will result in the introduction of the guillotin in Canada. However, one does not need to think very long or hard to see how difficult people like you are already making the lives of others who are unwilling or unable to wear masks across their face. One also does not need to look very far to see the accumulation of dead bodies, directly resulting from our asinine public health policies. But, I digress…

To answer your question however. What makes me think I know better? Well, unlike yourself with your “Modern European History” degree, I invested the time and money and effort to receive my degree in Human Biology – and I actually understand discussions around the subject matter I earned a degree in. Shocking, I know.

I must also wonder out loud Marcus, why the last TWO senior Canadian Medical Public Health Officers, along with 18 of Canada’s top epidemiologists, advised against our current Public Health Policies, and why these expert voices were completely ignored? How is it possible that a renowned and acclaimed “journalist” such as yourself, isn’t even asking these questions? Instead, what are you doing? You’re shaming and insulting people who either cannot or will not comply to these draconian and asinine public health policies.

I find it ironic that our ”Ministers of Public Health” are suddenly ignoring the decades and decades of research completely dismissing the efficacy of wearing surgical masks towards preventing the spread of virus molecules (virons) which are sized as integers of microns. For heavens sake, the warning right on the packaging of these medical masks clearly indicate they will not stop the spread of viruses. To extend this absurdity to fabric or cloth coverings across ones face is laughable beyond comprehension and would require the complete removal of a scientists pre-frontal cortex in order to accept this nonsense as scientifically accurate. Any study, which actually follows the scientific method, would clearly indicate that there is close to zero (if not zero) scientific efficacy with the population wearing masks to prevent or slow a viral outbreak. At best, they would provide a false sense of security. In most scenarios, and especially with cloth and fabric face coverings, but, also with surgical masks being applied, warn and handled improperly, there is a negative health benefit associated with this practice. This science is simply beyond refute.

I wonder out loud how someone who fancies themselves a journalist summarily dismisses the Toronto Sick Kids hospital recommendations, insisting children, in the best interests of their health and safety, be permitted to return to school normally, without the use of masks or even without social distancing. Yet, here we are, with our CHILDREN being masked and their schooling being anything but normal.

So Marcus, ask me again what makes me think I know better? A better question Marcus, is how the hell do YOU not know better?

I would hope and expect that a journalist with a degree in “Modern European History”, would at least be able to identify and comprehend the potential threat to society here. When Ministers of Public Health begin ignoring fundamental scientific principles and begin redefining foundational scientific conclusions in order to meet their ideological and/or political objectives – I would expect a self-proclaimed, and highly recognized JOURNALIST, such as yourself, and especially one apparently educated in “Modern European History” – to at least ask some questions.

In which case you have no idea what rights and freedoms are. Freedom means the right to question and challenge the rules, not flout them. It doesn’t mean the right to act just as you please, even if it means hurting other people. If you really feel that the mask rule is oppressing you, write your MP, wave a placard or join one of those anti-mask groups. Don’t get on the streetcar unmasked and put us all at risk. This is the wrong time to express your rugged individualism.

Marcus Gee, aspiring fascist dictator

Holy cow Marcus, your shear disdain for the english language is astounding. The fact you insist on perpetually illustrating that your degree in “Modern European History” was a complete waste of time and money. AND – although I initially found this humorous, I must be honest with you man, you’re kinda scaring me here.

Marcus, please forgive me for refusing to give up my “rugged individualism” in place of your mandatory and illogical communist like group think mentality. Maybe the definition of “freedom” escapes you Marcus. Allow me to provide you a refresher definition.

absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

Definition – “Freedom”

Considering that our current public health policies directly mirror those of Communist China, and not those typically seen practiced in free and democratic societies. Considering open letters penned by 1000’s and 1000’s of Doctors and medical professionals all over the world, Canadian included, who explicitly disagree with our governments and ministers of public health measures and policies, it is our explicit responsibility, as Canadians, to oppose the subjection to foreign domination, as well as, the demands of our own government and officials who have clearly treaded into despotic territory at this point.

I hate to be the one to remind you Marcus, but YOUR OWN PUBLICATION, just a few days earlier, published this extremely important and revealing article titled “Ottawa failed to recognize value of pandemic surveillance”

Globe & Mail –

Apple News Link –

Essentially Marcus, mere months before COVID spread around the world, originating from Communist China, Our federal government completely shut down the GPHIN (Global Public Health Intelligence Network). We became completely reliant on the WHO (World Health Organization) and Communist China for all of our information and policies regarding COVID.

When it came to the novel coronavirus, this meant prioritizing information provided by the Chinese government and the World Health Organization over potentially valuable clues from “informal” sources that might better indicate how aggressively the virus was spreading, and what steps are needed contain it. Such information, known as open-source intelligence

Grant Robertson – actual journalist providing value to Canadian tax payers

As I am sure you are well aware Marcus, China and the WHO flagrantly lied about the Corona Virus. They lied about its existence. They then lied about its transmission, insisting it wasn’t even contagious to humans. They then lied about its severity and insisted it was racist and xenophobic to refuse travellers from China. They also lied about the appropriate public health policies required to address such an outbreak. Ironically enough, Canada is now a nation in collapse, as a direct result of our public health policies. Our private sector is being decimated. 1000’s and 1000’s and 1000’s of people are being moved to permanent government assistance. Our debt is ballooning into trillions of dollars (and ironically enough, Communist China is buying all of that debt). Meanwhile, Communist China is absolutely thriving.

Canadians are dying Marcus, and at record rates. You do not seem to care about the soaring death rates from suicide, overdoses and murder. You do not seem to care about the 80% reduction in the diagnosis of heart disease and cancer in Canada, which directly means all of these people are not being diagnosed, or treated, and will die – as a direct result of our COVID public health policies.

You have the gall to sit there and preach to us about “public safety” and how selfish we are if we do not obey our public health policies. Meanwhile we are watching Canadians be slaughtered as a result of these public health policies, by an order of magnitude greater than the deaths COVID itself is resulting in. We have already witnessed our elderly and most vulnerable be slaughtered in our nursing homes – as a direct result of these despotic public health policies you are demanding we all obey.

And the best you can do Marcus, is sit there and ignorantly preach to Canadians from your perceived perch of moral authority about wearing a useless piece of fabric across our airways? You’re nothing but a snivelling little coward Marcus. As if everything isn’t already difficult enough for everyone, you want to sick the mob on those Canadians suffering from medical issues, or mental health issues, preventing them from wearing a mask. Your article is nothing but a call to violence against those who are wilfully, or otherwise, not following our ridiculous public health policies. You are empowering and validating the mob to harass and abuse those in non compliance. You know damn well that this will eventually and inevitably lead to violence.

Now Marcus, I have a business to run. Unlike yourself, I actually provide value to Canada and to our society. I have jobs to create and technology and platforms to build and develop. If you don’t mind Marcus, I mean if its not too much to ask, would you mind terribly trying to do your job now? I mean, I don’t think asking you to be an actual journalist is asking too much. Why not try that out for awhile? who know’s, it might feel good. If you continue to act like a gutless and mindless propagandist and continue to be the instigator of the mob, it will not lead you down the path to personal fulfillment and happiness – I can promise you that.

For your crimes against humanity Marcus, and you should thank your lucky stars I’m not the malicious, evil, self righteous prick you are – I condemn you to wear the “dunce cap” (image below), for all time, and for generations of your descendants to witness and contemplate.

Marcus Gee - Dunce Propagandist
Marcus Gee – Dunce Propagandist