Open Letter to Patty Hajdu

Open Letter to Patty Hajdu

Dear exalted one, woman of science, Canadian minister of health Patty Hajdu

I understand that fresh air, sunshine and vitamin D will not help stop the spread of a dangerous respiratory virus like COVID-19 – nor will it help me survive if I contract said plague of certain death

Exalted one, woman of science, Canadian minister of health Patty Hajdu, I profusely apologize for my naivety and being so easily fooled by Fake News

I am just a simple man, and was far too easily fooled by those traitorous letches disloyal to our exalted leaders. I so much wanted to believe that myself and my child could enjoy fresh air and sunshine and vitamin D without risking the lives of millions. I now understand the error of my ways and I beg your forgiveness. Never again will I allow such dangerous fake news and conspiracy theories to penetrate my consciousness. I was naive and weak and I’m sorry

I will continue to stay locked in my home and will remind my daughter repetitiously about how critical it is that she stays locked in her room, forgoes all activities and never ever sees her friends again. It’s just too dangerous. I know that now, and again, I’m so very sorry. I will never ever doubt you again

Exalted woman of science Canadian minister of health Patty Hajdu can you please make it perfectly clear to my daughter that she must also wear 2 masks at all times in order to stay safe and save lives? She often complains and struggles to breathe. BUT, I am confident that if she heard the words spoken directly from your mouth, she will resist the urge to leave her room or even venture outside without wearing 2 masks. It’s simply too dangerous for her and everyone else. If possible, please remind her, that if she really wants to stay safe and protect others, she should also wear a mask at all times, even when alone in her room

Thank you so much Patty Hajdu. Without public health officials such as yourself keeping us safe, I just don’t know what would happen to us