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Alex Newman | Shawn Jason

Alex Newman | Shawn Jason Liberty Sentinel publisher Alex Newman joins us to talk about what is going on in US politics. Later, Shawn Jason from will talk about the silencing of the conservative voice.All of my content is completely, 100%, viewer supported and funded. Thank you for your kindness to keep information like

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Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP048

Everything is now mandatory, except facts

After 10 months of being told that herd immunity was mis-information and a far right conspiracy theory, the media, and their mindless lemmings are now preaching herd immunity. After silencing and censoring the worlds leading subject matter experts, for almost a full year now, the media has finally turned their sights back to herd immunity.

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CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP047 - In the news today

In the News Today

As we laugh our way through the fall of Western Civilization The Times openly discusses how they “fortified” the US presidential election by intimidating and threatening corporate America via waging a Marxist revolution in the streets. As if they weren’t proud enough of this accomplishment, they openly boasted about how they managed t0 influence thoughts

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Interview with Diane Bederman re BDS

Interview with Diane Bederman re BDS

I sat down again with Canadian author Diane Bederman. Today we discussed The American Constitution, their failures and their successes with respect to achieving their stated and intended values and beliefs. We delved into the recent Times article, which outlined exactly how the US election was rigged – errrr – cough – “fortified”. Diane expertly

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BDS: Boycott, Divest and Sanction is out to destroy America

There is an attack on America, today, coming from BDS, Boycott, Divest and Sanction, with the sole intent of destroying the country by attacking her at her very foundation, the Judeo/Christian ethic, which promotes freedom, free speech and free will and underpins the American Constitution. Remember when Obama derided people who hold on to their

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