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Doug Ford Media Puppet

Doug Ford Media Puppet

CH1 Podcast Episode 001 – In this episode I demonstrate how Doug Ford forms his opinions and positions based on the perspective of our media. I also demonstrate how the media uses “social justice” selectively based on the narratives they are pushing, and completely ignoring social justice when its not convenient towards their narratives.

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critical race theory

Social justice Ideology in a few nut shells

A hopefully digestible short version of the social Justice Ideology for dummies: Social Justice ideology (rooted in Critical Race Theory) teaches that ethnic identity and skin color determine who and what is good and right in our society, Reason, or critical thinking are NOT necessary because of the original sin of “whiteness.” Social Justice ideology positions

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Are we at war with China

Are we at war with China? Would we even know?

What if Communist China is absolutely thriving today, while all WHO membership states are watching their economies collapse? What if Communist China are purchasing the national debt from the countries massively growing deficits from COVID lockdown measures and taking financial ownership positions of WHO membership nations?

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